the Pope's Exorcist

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  1. from Mysticpost, actor Russell Crowe will play Father Gabriele Amorth in a film called the Pope's Exorcist.
    Shooting for the film will begin in the autumn in Ireland and will be based on two of the most important volumes written by Father Amorth himself, the memoir books entitled “New tales of an exorcist” and “An exorcist tells his story”.

    A film about Father Amorth: Father Amorth was the main exorcist of the Vatican (hence the title of the film, which focuses both on the role of the priest and also on his closeness to the Holy Father) and, during his pastoral mission, he practiced more than 100 thousand exorcisms.
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    Wow :)
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  3. AED

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    Hmmm. Well I hope they are well fortified with Holy Water and daily Mass. Stories about what happened on the set of The Exorcist back in the 70's were very unsettling.
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  4. Frankly

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    Since not just a few ? - believe that this pope and indeed the Vatican as well - are not walking along the straight and narrow path...

    A question lit is - How effective was Amorth?
  5. padraig

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    I believe the good Father will be declared a saint. I suddenly realised this one day when I saw a video of him walking into a Church to do an exorcism and everyone started to stand up and clap.

    It was like the time after Pope St JP2 died and everyone started calling, 'Subit0' (quickly) make him a saint. There are moments when, suddenly you just know.

  6. Ananchal

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    Based loosely on what Fr Ripperger has said - the power and the strength of the exorcist chiefly comes from the Belief of the Church. As the Church weakens it takes longer and longer for an exorcist to exercise a demon. I imagine there are quite a few flying around Rome.
  7. BrianK

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    Is Russell Crowe Catholic? I’ve always liked his roles and movies.

    Edit to add:
    I did a quick search. There’s no positive indication he practices any faith, but there’s this:
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    They say there are no coincidences. Sounds like Russell might just be getting the call...
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    He's certainly improved on the attitudes of his parents.
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