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    (This article was posted elsewhere but was promptly deleted so I thought maybe users of this forum might like it. Hopefully anyway!)

    What I am wondering is to what extent do people on this forum think that the powers that be in the world are into the Occult?

    I was just struck by this question when looking at reports of a recent promo for Match of the Day on BBC obviously. For some reason they overlaid the usual clips of footballers etc with images like this which seem blatently Occultic to me:

    Why would anybody want to do that? How do they get away with it? Match of the Day is incredibly popular and the BBC is a hugely influential television station obviously, do you have to be in a position of some power to orchestrate that?

    Anyway for political leaders we have this of Obama and Enda Kenny:

    A picture of the previous President and his wife:

    And going back a little further here is a video of the funeral of former first lady of the US, Lady Bird Johnson:

    Here is a picture of the recent nuclear security conference in the Hague:

    and this is from the Ukrainian currency 500 unit note:

    I won't bore you with detailing how old and established these symbols are in Occultic and Satanic circles, but they definitely are as you can see in these early 18th century paintings of Irish Hell Fire - i.e. Satanic - clubs:
    (You can also see there the Satanic 3 sixes being displayed with the fingers.)

    Of course its all a conspiracy theory and they never happen blah blah blah, to be honest I've heard all that before and I'm sure you have too! Years ago people were trying to prove that NSA et al kept and analysed full recordings of all phone calls made in a target country, not just ones targeted at 'terrorists' or just the data that listed the names of the parties connecting etc, and were dismissed as conspiracy theorists of course (an example would be Brian Nugent, Orwellian Ireland (Co. Meath, 2008), p.66.).

    Not so long ago one of the silliest conspiracy theories around was that the much loved broadcaster Jimmy Saville was secretly some kind of mysterious character who assisted paedophilia among the elite etc etc, and that was even said about Cyril Smith, again a much loved roly poly Liberal MP. Just the usual conspiracy theory stuff you understand!

    But the interesting thing is that if you dig a little deeper into the Saville story you will find the kind of Satanic and Occult goings on that I think people should be conscious and wary of:
    Of course they didn't, they frequently don't in cases like this because obviously they don't believe in silly conspiracy theories! Men in robes and chanting, I mean I ask ye!

    So what happens in fact is that this issue becomes a kind of self fulfilling non virtuous circle: the police don't waste time on these kind of 'conspiracies' because they haven't heard that this is a serious issue, because it doesn't get aired much in the media, and they aren't highlighted by the media because the police often do not pursue these cases through the courts, hence its the blind leading the blind.

    But I wonder if people should not take this a bit more seriously and watch out for this kind of stuff, and its obvious symbolism, in future?

    (When you talk about this anywhere you can attract endless talk about aliens and lizards, which is what happened so to address that I posted this:)

    Ok lets approach this logically step by step:
    1) Are we saying that Satanists do or don't exist? Obviously there are Satanists, its just a belief system like Scientologists or Buddhists or whatever.

    Hence if I walk down the street and see an alien, I would say thats remarkable, if I see a walking talking lizard, I would say thats very remarkable, but if I see a Satanist well actually thats no big deal.

    It follows then that if you are in that zone of looking at this issue in the same light as talking lizards or aliens then you have gone over the top in your sceptism.

    2) Ok, following it along logically, are the symbols described recognised Satanic symbols or not? Well if you research the thing at all you will find that they are very much Satanic, have been so for centuries as you can see in the paintings, so you can check that box and a cursory bit of research on the net can confirm it for you if you like.

    3) Now the next obvious point is what are these symbols doing in the middle of a promo to Match of the Day etc? Is it some kind of accident, or coincidence? I don't think that makes sense at all? And, to take a simple analogy, if you saw flashed across your screen subliminal images of the Buddha would you consider that maybe some high up guys in the BBC were Buddhists? Then why not Satanists?

    Actually it does look like a logical explanation if you really think about it.
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    FYI - the hand sign used by George and Laura Bush, and at the Johnson funeral, is the sign for "hook 'em, horns" of the University of Texas. Their mascot is the longhorn cow.
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    Well that's what they say Kathy, they have a load of explanations on hand for this but I remain unconvinced I have to say. Was Mrs Johnson that much of a fan that all the celebrating Ministers and congregation at her funeral have to salute this football team? Maybe but I don't buy it!:)
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    Yes Indy and they also did nuclear war games at that summit which is also a bit disturbing.
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    At Mrs. Johnson's funeral, they all made the hand sign as "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You" was played, which is the school song of U.T.

    As the mother of Texas A&M graduates, I'm no fan of U.T. And I'm not saying the enemy doesn't love their sign, but this is definitely a Texas thing.
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    Yes, it is big in Texas to do that for the longhorns, so that I think is a non-issue. I believe the sign Obama is making is a Hawaiian thing, meaning "hang loose" or something like that. I think he was trying to look cool or fit in. The other pics are suspect though. Especially the BBC one during the sporting event. Was that recent?
  8. I can assure you that the police depts. take satanism very seriously. I volunteered at one back in the 90's. They know that on satanic high feast days more events happen that are harrowing. More Catholic Churches are broken into and the Eucharist is stolen...(doesn't happen at protestant churches!) and at prisons (and this was in the paper where I used to live), there were 18 'skinned' cats found in the dumpster the day after halloween. Thankfully an investigation went on and a guard 'provided' the cats to inmates who were satanists within the prison for 'favors'...God have mercy...

    These symbols are indeed ancient. In a Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church in Joseph Terelya's town in Ukraine in the Carpathian mountains there is a wonder old church which has 'the all seeing eye of God' symbol on about every painting, including the St. Michael the Archangel painting which dated back to early 1800's...

    Many occult symbols have been hijacked so as to 'mock' the things that are holy...including the all seeing eye of God. The freemasons are famous for this. Including using as a facade for the 'Shriners-who are the 33rd Degree satanists' St. Judes Hospital for Children and the Shriner's Circus....who would doubt their love for children???

    Many satanic rituals include the black mass which is a mockery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and takes the words and does things backwards etc. So, even the host which has a symbol on it usually of a cross is now suspect in some circles as being evil.

    They definitely are getting much bolder. Freemasory being advertised on billboards and on the radio now!

    I would say to everyone. Be very careful looking into all of this. It is scary. Life is scary enough. Its very deep and horrific. It is worse than you can even imagine and you will have a terrible time trusting ANYONE afterwards. Its that mind-numbing.

    Curiosity is a wonderful thing, but darkness is some place that few can go to and not be harmed forever. In some degree. THAT IS WHY IT IS BETTER TO LET OUR LADY HANDLE IT...and SHE WILL!! Its important to be smart, but its better to have a pure heart and EVERYTHING you put into your senses you will be responsible for spiritually...and many times you NEVER get rid of what you have seen, heard, felt etc...
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    Thanks Kathy, really looked like the sign of the' Goats Head' a favourite with the Heavy Metal crowds..[​IMG]Had no idea about the longhorns.
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    A good friend of mine, Raymond de Souza, world renowned as an apologist and evangelizer told me a story about a Satanist who went up to communion. She did not consume, but kept in her hand till she left after Mass. He went up to her after Mass and said, "don't I know you" She said, I don't think so, I am not from around here. He said, perhaps I saw you in California... yes, I lived there she said? Is your name Eve? Why yes, how did you know? The story went on, but Raymond knew right away when she said her name was Eve that she was a Satanist. She had taken the host to give it to someone who would desecrate it in a black mass. He told me he went to a 'black mass' once and cannot remove it from is mind. It was to horrible for him to repeat. It still haunts him many years later. Yes, they are for real. They are not to be taken lightly. They are Satan's puppets.
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    Goats and sheep don't mix. At the end of time they will be permanently separated forever.

    Better to focus on the spiritual truths of the faith for our own edification. And yet we need to be aware of the tactics of the enemy.

    I have always felt that abortion is a satanic blood rite. Those who participate are satans minions and somehow it increases his power in the world. There can never be peace whilst there is abortion.

    Always, always call on the precious blood of the lamb for protection and have sacramentals at home. Holy water is powerful and also holy pictures and relics. The sign of the cross - I find myself quite naturally blessing myself dozens of times each day and it is a great protection and an act of faith.

    We are in a spiritual battle like never before since the enemy has been granted extra powers hence we are in the end times scenario. But God has sent our rescuer, our Lady of Humility and she will crush his head when she triumphs.

    The Church must do all that it can to consecrate the world anew to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Russia needs to be named specifically. I think we have the Pope who is brave enough to do that.

    God's blessings.
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    I always think that the one place satanists are really at work is in advertising industry. I find ads horrible but they are everywhere and they make horrible things like satan and the occult seem normal and everyday. They lull us into this sence of them not being something to worry about. I dont buy papers or magazines or watch TV now. I prefer to just Pray. Being honest I wish I could give up work and just Pray all the time. I find at this time satan is realy strong and brazen and so many people keep saying not to worry he's not real. But he is but if you tell them that they don't listen.

    I think a lot of people are in the occult. They just don't know it.

    I try to do what MS7 says. I try to focus on God. He has to finish satan off once and for all. Thank God for the Blessed Virgin. We are so lucky to have her. If we just keep praying we will be alright.
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    Garabandal, about abortion I read somewhere that a woman who had a NDE said that everytime there is an abortion a cheer goes up in hell. That thjust chilled me tothe bone.
  14. garabandal

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    The irony is that satan hates mankind.

    Yet so many enter willingly into a contract with him.
  15. My personal favorite and soooo informative! Not too scary, but I'm better educated now. I used to sit in my mini van with my husband and drink beer and listen to ART Bell on coast to coast am back in the day...its all we could afford for a date with 7 kids!

    Don't look at the picture on youtube...I don't know why they have to do that...but I love to listen to interviews while I surf the web. I think more people learned more about the Catholic Faith on Art's shows with Fr. Malachi Martin than we know. Despite what you may think of him, his graciousness, kindness and clear ability to communicate the faith made him Art's #1 most favorite guest on his show, which had a following all over the world and on every continent. He also covers the secret of Fatima. Father Martin 'suffered a stroke' and died days after this interview. The facts are sketchy and those who love him think there were definite problems with how he died.

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    A Redemptorist priest told us a story when I was about 13 which nearly scared all us kids to death and which of course we loved.:D It was during Confraternity as a part of a sermon on the devil so I have no reason to think he made it up.

    No one preaches about the devil anymore, or hell..a Sign of the Times . Anyway here's what he said.

    One evening a priest was sitting in his presbytery when a man comes in confesses he was a Satanist and tells the priest he wants to get out and come back of the Faith. He told the priest something of his life as a Satanist and one of the things they did from time to time was to Sacrifice new born babies. The babies were given birth by women in the coven in secret for the purpose of sacrifice. They killed the babies by throwing them on red hot coals on an altar. He sad he would never forget to his dying day the screams of the baby.

    So the priest invited the man to place his hand in a bowl of holy water and bless himself. They guy had a real struggle getting his hand in the holy water but when he did so all the lights in the presbytery dimmed, went out and came back on again!

    Well you can imagine the impression this had on a 13 year old boy , myself and my brothers were horrified and delighted. They certainly don't tell them like that anymore. :D

    An exorcist told me another story. A little old devout Catholic lady used to go mass every day. She was one of these perfect dears always turned out perfect and her house was immaculate. But suddenly she stopped going to mass.

    The priest called around to see her to see if she was alright. The lady was very reluctant to let him in which amazed the priest as she was kind of a super Catholic if you know what I mean.

    She was dirty and dishevelled and her little palace of a house was a big mess. He could see for instance tins of beans lying about which she had been eating from by hand.:eek:

    Anyhow she seemed uncomfortable and said she felt reluctant to go to mass. After some persuation the priest got her to agree he could bring the host around to her house.

    He did so and all went well until he stretched out his hand to put the host on her tongue. Then in a huge deep bass , male voice , the lady shouted all at once,

    'Take that f*****g thing away from me!'

    The poor priest must have nearly had heart failure. So the exorcist told me what had happened was that as a girl the ladies parents had both died and her uncles and aunts taken over her care. These people were all Satanists and dedicated her to Satan from an early age. In fact some of the demons were actually her dead uncles and aunts who had died.

    I have not the least difficulty believing all these things, I have seen too much myself. I have to say any priest worth his salt should believe in them, I would be distrustful of one who did not.

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    I came across this guy some years ago and was in email correspondence with him for a while. He became involved in Satanism through a girlfriend and tells some hair-raising stories about his experiences with demons. He came to the point of deciding on suicide when he was rescued by Anglicans who carried out an exorcism on his girlfriend against her will. He subsequently became a Pentecostal but has been in various denominations. I tried to persuade him to consider Catholicism but after some discussion, he stopped replying. He has all the usual anti-Catholic prejudices, 'they rely on works and not faith', 'they worship Mary', 'their beliefs are unscriptural' etc. Listen anyway, it's fascinating and frightening.

  18. I took my daughter's IPOD away from her for the last two weeks. She wanted it back yesterday. I told her she had to listen to this video that you had on fulton sheen and read one of Mark Mallett's writings on 'the Restrainer' and explain it all to me. At 13 she did a good job!! Thanks for the video! ;)
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    Fulton Sheen was a diamond
  20. padraig

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    I remember reading a criminologist one time who said all you need to control a city is to have the Coroner in your pocket. The Coroner is just one person and it sounds a weird thing to say but when you think about it...

    One evil individual can do great harm. Organised groups of individuals such as the Mafia, the Triads and al quaeda. can do huge harm.

    But imagine a world wide organised group that has been in existence for thousands of years, totally dedicated and wicked beyond belief. A group that had members everywhere especially in the higher echelons of society.

    What would not a group be capable off?

    We Christians are organised. It is the natural and logical thing to do. Humans are a group species.

    Why on Earth would anyone suppose Satanists have not done as we do and organised? They'd be crazy not to.

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