The Next Pope?

Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by padraig, Nov 29, 2020.

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    Amen, particularly very old books, there is something about the smell of a book that is so comforting...
    I'm a librarian, so I may be prejudiced:p
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    I went to a Charity Shop a few months back. I don't know quite why, but I suspect a lot of books and stuff from Catholic Priests are coming in.

    Well anyway their was the most ancient 3 volume huge book edition of the 'Mystical City of God ', of Venerable Mary of Agreda there in a glass case. For next to nothing.


    I hesitated.

    Gone in an instant.

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  3. padraig

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    Sigh , beautiful huge volumes, to die for.

    three huge big dusty books

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  4. padraig

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    One thing I would really love to do before I die is to wander around the Vatican Library, especially the locked up part where you need special permission.

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    Me too, Padraig. But it is too late for me to go. But still I enjoy the virtual tours. I was fortunate enough to visit the library and archives of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in Spain. My mother and I were touring Spain and just by chance we shared a coach with one of the Priests of El Escorial who was in charge of the archives. After learning that I had just graduated as a librarian, he gave me and Mom a wonderful tour of the books. All incunabula, works of art. But the smell was astonishing, you were transported to a different time. I also got to see the choir books still chained with thick chains to the floor. I'll never forget the experience.
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    I have honestly wondered about that. I have always sensed that Pope Benedict plays a hidden mystical role in all this. But I have not trusted my judgement in this either. Still, there is something profound being acted behind the stage curtain. We only see the shadows.
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    Aww . I visited the museum in the Holy Land of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I found it weird because as a Catholic who believes the Catholic Mystics I can very well agree that the Essenes where the Spitiual forebears of Jesus and Mary.

    To see the scrolls for me was to see the latest BC, written , direct accounts of the Advent, the coming of Christ. The last written before Jesus was born.
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    The anti Christ is not to come until the End of The World. The Final Battle.

    This is not the End but the Great Tribulation. A fore shadowing of the end.

    A trail match if you like, with trial anti Christs.

    It is like shadow boxing of the End.

    Very,very severe indeed. but not things wrapping up for good.
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  9. An Guilbneach

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    I read somewhere that the Blessed Virgin's Father was one of the Essenes for a number of years, very holy man.
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    I love reading Blessed Catherine Emmerich's writings on the Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    In many ways the times leading up to Our Lady and when she lived seem to me to resemble our won times when there are two Churches. The False and that of the Hidden Remnant, the 'Anawem', the little , humble ones.

    The Anawem lived the Spirit of the the Chosen people hungering for the Coming of the Messiah. Their response to God's Calling was deeply spiritual, inner, holy.

    The False Church was that of the Law, of Power, of Pride, of the Spirit of the World, of the Establishment.

    Its the same thing today. Things change and things remain the same.
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  11. padraig

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    One thing about the times of Mary compared to today is that the line of Mary, the 'Church' if you will had organised itself secretly. They had their very own way of doing things.

    I think today when we see a True and False Church side by side that we need to do as they did in Marian times and get ourselves organised too. To have hidden Masses and be organised into groups as they were in the time of Mary.

    This needs to happen quickly.

    It is very clear that the False Church is growing more and more Satanic with each passing day.
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