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    Feast of Corpus Christi
    Book of Heaven

    Volume 12 - October 24, 1918
    The soul must invest herself with Jesus to be able to receive Him in the Sacrament.
    I was preparing myself to receive my sweet Jesus in the Sacrament, and I prayed that He Himself would cover my great misery. And Jesus told me: "My daughter, in order to allow the creature to have all the necessary means to receive Me, I wanted to institute this Sacrament on the last day of my Life, so as to line up my whole Life around each Host, as preparation for each creature who would receive Me. The creature could never have received Me, if she had not had a preparing God, Who was taken only by excess of Love for wanting to give Himself to the creature. And since the creature was unable to receive Me, that same excess of Love led Me to give my whole Life in order to prepare her, so It placed my steps, my works, my Love before her own. And since within Me there was also my Passion, It placed also my pains in order to prepare her. So, invest yourself with Me; cover yourself with each one of my acts, and come."
    Afterwards, I lamented to Jesus because He no longer makes Me suffer as He used to; and He added: "My daughter, I look not so much at the suffering, but at the good will of the soul - at the love with which she suffers. Because of it, the tiniest suffering becomes great; trifles take life within the All, and acquire value, and the lack of suffering is even greater than suffering itself. What a sweet violence it is for Me, to see a creature who wants to suffer for love of Me. What do I care if she does not suffer, when I see that not suffering is for her a more transfixing nail than suffering itself? On the other hand, lack of good will, things which are forced and without love, as great as they may be, remain small. I do not look at them; on the contrary, they are a weight for Me."
    Sacred heart of Jesus may your kingdom come! Blessings to all now and forever!
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  2. Wow. I’ve been away for a bit and now
    Breaking my silence to say here that this book is beautiful, powerful and approved. I am very grateful to own a copy and would not have known that it even existed had it not been for this thread. So, thank you Lynne and, now, Mary. ~AN
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    Mary Crowder Principalities

    Volume 22 – June 17, 1927
    After this, I found myself outside of myself, and while looking for my sweet Jesus I encountered Father Di Francia. He was all cheerful, and he told me: “Do you know how many beautiful surprises I found? I did not think it would be so when I was on earth, though I thought I had done good by publishing the Hours of the Passion. But the surprises I found are marvelous, enchanting, of a rarity never before seen: all the words regarding the Passion of Our Lord changed into light, one more beautiful than the other – all braided together; and these lights grow more and more as creatures do the Hours of the Passion, so more lights add to the first. But what surprised me the most were the few sayings published by me about the Divine Will: each saying changed into a sun, and these suns, investing all the lights with their rays, form such a surprise of beauty that one remains enraptured, enchanted. You cannot imagine how surprised I was at seeing myself in the midst of these lights and these suns – how content I was; and I thanked our Highest Good, Jesus, who had given me the occasion and the grace to do it. You too, thank Him on my behalf.” Sacred Heart of Jesus May your Kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!!! Blessings to all now and forever!
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    Volume 23 – February 28, 1928
    And do you think that the memory of father Di Francia, his many sacrifices and desires to make my Will known, to the point of initiating the publication, will be extinguished in this great work of my Divine Fiat, only because I brought him with Me to Heaven? No, no; on the contrary, he will have the first place, because by coming from far away, he went as though in search of the most precious thing that can exist in Heaven and on earth, of the act that glorifies Me the most, or rather, will give Me complete glory on the part of creatures, and they will receive complete goods. He prepared the ground so that my Divine Will might be known; so much so, that he spared nothing, neither expenses, nor sacrifices; and even though the publication did not have its completion, by even just initiating it he prepared the ways so that one day the work of my Will in the midst of creatures can be known and have life. Who will ever be able to destroy the fact that father Di Francia has been the first initiator in making known the Kingdom of my Will? – and only because his life was extinguished, the publication did not have its completion? So, when this great work becomes known, his name, his memory, will be full of glory and of splendor, and he will have his prime act in a work so great, both in Heaven and on earth. In fact, why is there a battle going on, and almost everyone yearns for victory – to win in withholding the writings on my Divine Fiat? Because he had brought the writings with himself in order to publish them. Had it not been so, who would have talked about it? No one. And if he had not made others comprehend the importance, the great good of these writings, no one would have interested himself.

    Therefore, my daughter, my goodness is so great that I reward justly and superabundantly the good that the creature does, especially in this work of my Will, which I so much care for. What will I not give to those who occupy and sacrifice themselves in order to place in safety the rights of my eternal Fiat? I will exceed so much in giving, as to make Heaven and earth astonished.” Saint Father Annibale, De Francia, help us to be like you and occupy and sacrifice ourselves with living the The Divine Will, and teaching others about it! Sacred Heart of Jesus, May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Blessings to all now and forever!
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    The Gift...

    Yesterday (Sunday, March 11, 2012) during Adoration before Mass, I was reading the Second Reading by St. Augustine in my Liturgy of the Hours about the Samaritan woman drawing water from the well and Jesus saying to her, "If you knew the gift of God and who it is that is saying to you, 'Give me a drink... I [​IMG]looked up at the Blessed Sacrament and felt tremendous love and felt myself being drawn towards Jesus. I began to feel obsessed with giving Jesus a drink of water and thought about what that water represented. It is impossible for me to explain in words what transpired in my heart and soul, but this overwhelming feeling stayed with me during the entire Mass and all day. Even today (Monday) I [​IMG]am still thinking about Jesus' words — and believe that the water represented an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the coming of God's Kingdom

    During Mass was thinking to myself that perhaps Jesus, as He usually does, would confirm to me my thoughts. They read the First and Second Readings and the Gospel, but no words about water. While following in the Missal during the Gospel reading, I happened to look over to the facing page for next Sundays Reading — it was about Moses striking the rock to bring forth water for the Israelites in the desert after they had been complaining. This brought light to what I had been contemplating during Adoration.

    Then after Mass, we went to breakfast with friends of ours, and one of them told me about a dream she had the night before and asked me if knew what it meant. She told me she dreamt she and her husband were in China and there was of a very large river of water where many, many people were floating. She said the people were not only Chinese, but of many different races —just floating alive down this river. I asked her if the water was rough and if it was dark in color, and she told me it wasn't. (l asked this because of what I shown many years ago (with my eyes), I saw a large body of water, very calm with little ripples, and felt very much at peace upon looking at it. I remember it made me smile. Then suddenly the water turned very dark and a large dark figure came up from the center of the water which was very frightening, and I shut my eyes and it disappeared.)

    As continue to contemplate about what I experienced yesterday and what my friend told me about her dream, feel that this water represents an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and our giving Jesus a drink (our wills) in exchange for the “Gift of God” – His Divine Will. LB
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    Lynnfiat, Your experience before the Holy tabernacle, made me think of this:
    "I Thirst": Mother Teresa's Devotion to the Thirst of Jesus
    Just put yourself in front of the tabernacle. Don't let anything disturb you. Hear your own name and "I Thirst." I thirst for purity, I thirst for poverty, I thirst for obedience, I thirst for that wholehearted love, I thirst for that total surrender. Are we living a deeply contemplative life? He thirsts for that total surrender![​IMG]
    What should our response be to Jesus' thirst for our love? When a suffering person in Ethiopia or India experienced torturing thirst, Mother Teresa would quickly bring water to satiate that thirst. In a similar way, Jesus thirsts for our love, and Mother Teresa desired to satiate His thirst by promptly responding to His will, by making sacrifices for Him, by loving Him in the people she served and by entrusting her entire life into His hands. "This is Jesus' word, 'I thirst' — for love, for souls not water."

    We can begin to satiate God's thirst for our love by being generous with Him with our time, by giving Him attention throughout our day, by spending more of our lives with Him in prayer. Mother Teresa also taught that we satiate Christ's thirst by loving Him in our neighbor — those people He places in our lives, especially those in most need of our care and attention.

    Most of all, Jesus thirsts for our lives to be completely surrendered to Him. He ardently desires that we be intimately attached to Him in such a way that we will not thirst for anything in this world that will lead us away from Him, the only "true and living fountain." This satiating Christ's thirst entails more than mere avoidance of sin; it involves a total yielding of our lives to Him — truly pursuing His plan for our lives. He thirsts for our entire lives to be surrendered to Him so that they may be used for His purposes.

    Many of us, however, are hesitant. We are afraid to entrust ourselves totally to Him. We cling on to our own plans. Meanwhile, Jesus waits for our response as he continuously says to us, "I Thirst".

    One small vignette from Mother Teresa's life exemplifies this point. She once told a religious — apparently someone who was hesitant to take a certain next step of faith in walking with the Lord — that Jesus "has a deep and personal longing to have you for Himself. Let Him do it." Like this religious, we, too, face moments when the Lord is inviting us to do something difficult, to step out into the unknown. He wants to act in our lives, but we, in our fear, sometimes hesitate or even turn our backs on the path where He is leading us. Mother Teresa inspires us in those moments to consider our life choices in the context of Jesus' thirst — as opportunities to satiate His thirst for our love: "Have we experienced His thirst? . . . Jesus came into this world to draw souls closer to His Father. . . . Just think, God is thirsting for you and me to come forward to satiate His thirst."

    Perhaps Lynne, He was letting you know He thirst's for the Divine Will to be made known, and for us to fully live in it! I agree with you about the about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the Divine Will. When I read the dream, I thought of China Dams collapsing. Many people will die if that happens. I have been feeling for a while this might happen in China, no dreams of it though. I also believe the Divine Will and the 24 hours is the answer for our times to lessen these great chastisements that are coming for the world. Sacred Heart of Jesus May Your Kingdom come, and Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Blessings to all now and Forever!
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    This is what I understood from that experience posted above. I wrote this back about a year ago. Please be sure to read what I wrote on May 13, 2020 - scroll down below the writings from the Book of Heaven:

    “I Thirst”

    "Afterwards, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, said: I thirst." John 19:28

    “Jesus is God, therefore His Love and His Thirst are infinite. He, the Creator of the universe, asked for the love of his creatures. He has thirst for our love … These words:

    “I THIRST” … Do they echo in our soul? Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    “My good daughter! The Pain that most transfixed Me on the Cross was My ardent Thirst. I felt I was burning alive since all the vital humors had gone out through My Wounds, which were burning and wanted to quench, like many mouths, Their terrible Thirst. I just couldn't contain Myself anymore, so I shouted: ‘I Thirst!' This, ‘I Thirst,’ remained and is always in the act of saying: ‘I Thirst!' I never stop saying it. With My open Wounds, with My burnt Lips, I am always repeating: ‘I am burning—I Thirst! Please, Give Me a little drop of your love to soothe My ardent Thirst.'

    “In everything the creature does I keep repeating with My Mouth, opened and burned: ‘Let Me drink. I'm burning of Thirst.' My dislocated and Wounded Humanity had only one cry: ‘I Thirst!' Therefore, as the creature walks, I shout to her steps with My dry mouth, ‘Give Me your steps—done for love of Me, to quench My Thirst.' If she works, I ask for her works—made only for love of Me, to cool My burning Thirst; if she speaks, I ask for her words; if she thinks, I ask for her thoughts—as many little drops to refresh My ardent Thirst. It wasn't just My mouth that was burning, but all My Most Holy Humanity felt the urgent need of a refreshing bath for the ardent Fire of Love that burned within Me; and since it was for the creatures that I was burning in Excruciating Pains, only creatures, with their love, could quench My ardent Thirst and give to My Humanity a refreshing bath. Now, I left this cry: ‘I Thirst!' inside My Will and I made the commitment to make the creatures hear it over and over again—to move them to compassion for My burning Thirst; to give them My Bath of Love and receive theirs—though being just little drops—to quench My devouring Thirst. But who is listening to Me? Who has compassion for Me? Only the one who Lives in My Will. All the others play deaf and even increase My Thirst with their ingratitude—making Me restless and with no hope of refreshment.

    “And not only My ‘I Thirst,’ but all that I did and said in My Will, is always in the act of saying to My Sorrowful Mother: ‘Mother, here are Your children.' I place Her at their side as help and Guide, to be loved by her children; every instant She feels Her own Son close to all the children. O! how much She Loves them giving them Her Maternity, to make Myself Loved as She Loves Me. Not only this, but by offering Her Maternity She offers Perfection also among creatures, so that they Love each other with Maternal Love, which is a constant, sacrificing, unselfish Love. But who receives all this Good? Only the one who Lives in Our Fiat feels the Maternity of the Queen. She feeds Her children with Her Maternal Heart, to let them suck and receive the Maternity of Her Love, Her Sweetness, and all the riches of Her Maternal Heart.

    Book of Heaven, Vol. 36, April 20, 1938
    If the agony in the Garden was in a special way for the dying, the agony on the Cross was for help at the last moment, at the very last breath. They are both agonies, but one is different from the other: the agony in the Garden, full of sadness, of fears, of anxieties, of frights; the agony on the Cross, full of peace, of imperturbable calm. And if I cried out ‘I thirst!’, it was the insatiable thirst that all might breathe their last in my last breath; and in seeing that many would go out of my last breath, out of grief I cried out ‘Sitio!’ [‘I thirst!’], and this ‘sitio’ still continues to cry out to all and to each one like a bell at the door of each heart: ‘I thirst for you, oh soul! O please, never go out of Me, but enter into Me and breathe your last in Me!’ Book of Heaven, Vol. 9, July 4,1910

    “My daughter, poor daughter, courage, the privation of Me excites the desire more, and in this excited desire the soul breathes God; and God, feeling more ignited by this excitement of the soul, breathes the soul. In this breathing each other - God and the soul - thirst for love ignites more, and since love is fire, it forms the purgatory of the soul, and this purgatory serves her, not as just one Communion a day, as the Church allows, but as a continuous communion, just as the breathing is continuous. But these are all communions of most pure love – only of spirit, not of body; and since the spirit is more perfect, as a consequence, love is more intense. This is how I repay, not one who does not want to receive Me, but one who cannot receive Me, depriving himself of Me to content Me.” Book of Heaven, Vol. 5, Dec. 5, 1

    Lynne Bauer May 13, 2020
    From my notes, Aug. or Sept. 2019

    While praying the 33 day Consecration (33 Days to Morning Glory, Day 21), after reading something that was quoted by Mother Teresa and the Offertory verse (Psalm 68:21) for the Feast of the Sacred Heart, I seemed to understand what my mission was! Several years ago, I was told by Jesus during Adoration that I had a mission to accomplish (as we all do). Remembering an experience I had just after coming into the Catholic Church; I had stopped in the Adoration chapel just before Mass (St. Paul of the Cross, No. Palm Bch. FL) and as soon as I walked in the chapel door, my heart burst out with the words, “I live to console You!” This was not even in my thoughts, but the words just welled up in my heart and it was impossible to hold them in – there was no holding them back. All these years I have not understood what this “mission” could be until I read the words of Mother Teresa, “Be the one.” Be the one to console Jesus by satiating his burning thirst for love. She writes, “Tell Jesus, I will be the one. I will comfort, encourage and love Him...Try to be the one to share with Him, to comfort Him, to console Him. So, let us ask Our Lady to help us understand.” And the Psalm that day was, “My heart had expected reproach and misery. And I looked for one that would grieve together with me, and there was none: and I sought one that would console me, and I found none”.

    It goes on to say, “But what exactly does this mean? What does it mean to satiate the thirst of Jesus? Two things: to console Jesus the Head of his Mystical Body and to console him in the members of his body.” The prayer for that day was, “Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary, Help me to ‘be the one’ to console Jesus with Mary.

    Now, as I sit here in Adoration, I feel this is where I can console Jesus – in His Temple (the Church) and I, like Mary and Joseph go in search for Him and can always find him here – in his Temple. I feel like Mary Magdalene crying tears at his feet and Veronica wiping his Sacred Face. This is consoling the His Divine Heart. When I offer my acts united with his, offered through the Heart of Mary, I console Him. When I bring everyone, all of humanity, to the Mass and Adoration with me, I console him. When I pray the Hours of the Passion and read his words in the Book of Heaven, offering every word back to Him for the salvation of souls, I console Him. When I visit the sick and the dying, then do I console him. When Jesus says, “I thirst’, I console Him, Head of His Mystical Body, and I console Him in the members of His Body.

    I ask Our Lady to give me Her Heart to console the Heart of Her Son and tell her, I will be the one!”

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    Wow Lynne! I love your post. Simply beautiful!!! I did not read your previous post, but it is interesting so see the Holy Spirit leading us to similar thoughts. Again, thank you so much for sharing! I found your words to be very profound and inspiring! May God Bless all now and forever!
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    Beautiful Lynne!
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    To “do” an Hour of the Passion means to read it attentively, meditating on it, contemplating it, making it one’s own life… It is not just remembering and compassionating the sufferings of Jesus as something that happened many centuries ago in a far away place; but rather, it is, first of all, to enter into the Divine Will, in which everything is present and in act, and to participate in the interior acts and sufferings of Our Lord, which are present and in act at this precise moment, so as to repeat His life within us, to grow in His likeness, and to pour upon everyone the infinite value, merits and effects of His Passion.

    Jesus Himself explains this very important difference: “To repeat my Passion in act in the creature, is different from one who only thinks of my pains and compassionates them. The first is an act of my Life, which takes my place in order to repeat my pains, and I feel I am given back the effects and the value of a Divine Life; while in thinking of my pains and in compassionating Me, it is only the company of the creature that I feel. But do you know in whom I can repeat my pains, in act, of my Passion? In one who has my Will as center of life. (October 24, 1925 Vol. 18)

    One can comprehend, then, how the Hours of the Passion are not just a reading, and not even a devotion, but a formation of life: the interior life of Jesus. In this way, day after day, we will feel more and more that Jesus is truly living in us – not just our life, but His very Divine Life. Sacred Heart of Jesus. May Your Kingdom come, And Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Blessings to all now and Forever!
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    Thank you both for the above truthful acknowledgements!

    Our Lady, followed by St Joseph hold the highest places of sanctity in heaven, under God.

    It is reality that St Mother Theresa of Calcutta and St Louis De Montfort are both very great saints, as proven by the Church, and like all the saints and martyrs in heaven, they have attained the beatific vision! God Be Praised.

    Any persons claiming that they and/or their followers have even now a holier status than canonised saints in heaven, need our constant prayer; (this would include the followers of the current English translations of Lusia Piccaretta writings). May the anomalies and aberrations in these writings be corrected. Amen.

    Let us pray for the grace of meekness and humility for all souls......Oh Jesus meek and Humble of Heart make our hearts like unto thine. Amen

    Let us therefore, Praise God for our Holy Immutable and Inerrant Catholic Church's unchanging magisterium and teachings!, And additionally for the Apostles witness to the end of public revelation and for the truth of the Catholic Catechism!

    May Truth always be Praised and Glorified!
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    Truth, Josephite. Thank you.
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      Preparation before each hour:
      Lord Jesus Christ, prostrate in your divine presence, I implore your most loving Heart to admit me to the sorrowful meditation of the 24 hours in which for love of us You wanted to suffer so much, in your adorable body and in your most holy soul, unto death on the Cross. O please, give me help, grace, love, deep compassion and understanding of your sufferings, as I now meditate the __ Hour.
    And for those which I cannot meditate, I offer You my will to meditate them, and I willingly intend to meditate them in all the hours in which I have to apply myself to my duties, or sleep.
    Accept, O merciful Lord, my loving intention, and let it be beneficial for me and for all, as if I effectively and in a saintly way accomplished what I wish to practice.
    Meanwhile, I give You thanks, O my Jesus, for calling me to union with You by means of prayer. And to please You more, I take your thoughts, your tongue, your Heart, and with this I intend to pray, fusing all of myself in your Will and in your love; and stretching out my arms to hug You, I place my head on your Heart, and I begin. Now begin your hour.
    Thanksgiving after each hour:
    My lovable Jesus, You have called me in this hour of your Passion to keep You company, and I have come. I seemed to hear You praying, repairing and suffering, in anguish and sorrow, pleading for the salvation of souls in the most touching and eloquent voices.
    I tried to follow You in everything; and now, having to leave You for my usual occupations, I feel the duty to say to You, ‘Thank You’ and ‘I bless You.’
    Yes, O Jesus, I repeat to You ‘Thank You’ thousands and thousands of times, and ‘I bless You’ for all that You have done and suffered for me and for all. I thank You and I bless You for every drop of Blood You shed, for every breath, for every heartbeat, for every step, word, glance, bitterness and offense which You endured. In everything, O my Jesus, I intend to seal You with a ‘Thank You’ and an ‘I bless You.’
    Please, O Jesus, let my whole being send You a continuous flow of thanks and blessings, so as to draw upon me and upon everyone the flow of your blessings and thanks. Please, O Jesus, press me to your Heart, and with your most holy hands seal every particle of my being with your ‘I bless you’, so that nothing other than a continuous hymn to You may come. Sacred Heart of Jesus May your Kingdom come and Your Will be done on earth as it is Heaven! Blessings to all now and forever!
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    Mary Crowder Principalities

    First Hour
    From 5 to 6 PM
    Jesus takes leave of His Most Holy Mother

    O Celestial Mama, the hour of the separation is approaching, and I come to You. O Mother, give me your love and your reparations; give me your sorrow, because together with You I want to follow, step by step, adored Jesus.
    And now Jesus comes to You, and You, with heart overflowing with love, run toward Him and in seeing Him so pale and sad, your Heart aches with pain, your strengths leave You and You are about to fall at His feet.
    O my sweet Mama, do You know why adorable Jesus has come to You? Ah, He has come to say the last good-bye, to tell You the last word, to receive the last embrace!
    O Mother, I cling to You with all the tenderness of which my poor heart is capable, so that clinging and bound to You, I too may receive the embraces of adored Jesus. Will You perhaps disdain me? Isn’t it rather a comfort for your Heart to have a soul near You, who would share its pains, continued…s
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    Mary Crowder Principalities

    Second Hour
    From 6 to 7 PM
    Jesus departs from His Most Holy Mother and sets out for the Cenacle
    My adorable Jesus, as I have shared in your sufferings together with You, and in those of your afflicted Mama, I see that You are about to leave to go there, where the Will of the Father calls You. The love between Son and Mother is so great as to render You inseparable, so You leave Yourself in the Heart of your Mama, and the Queen and sweet Mama places Herself into yours; otherwise it would have been impossible for You to separate. But then, blessing each other, You give Her the last kiss to strengthen Her in the bitter pains She is about to suffer; and giving Her your last good-bye, You leave.
    But the paleness of your face, your trembling lips, your suffocated voice, as though wanting to burst into tears in saying good-bye – ah, everything tells me how much You love Her and how much You suffer in leaving Her!

    But to fulfill the Will of the Father, with your Hearts fused into each other, You submit Yourselves to everything, wanting to repair for those who, unwilling to overcome the tendernesses of relatives and friends, and bonds and attachments, do not care about fulfilling the Holy Will of God and corresponding to the state of sanctity to which God calls them. What sorrow do these souls not give You, in rejecting from their hearts the love You want to give them, contenting themselves with the love of creatures!
    My lovable Love, as I repair with You, allow me to remain with your Mama in order to console Her and sustain Her, while You leave. Then I will hasten my steps to come and reach You. But to my greatest sorrow, I see that my anguishing Mama shivers, and Her pain is such that, as She tries to say good-bye to Her Son, Her voice dies on Her lips, and She is unable to utter a word. She is about to faint, and in Her swoon of love, She says: “My Son, my Son! I bless You! What a bitter separation – more cruel than any death!” But the pain yet prevents Her from uttering a word, and makes Her mute. Continue…..
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    Mary Crowder Principalities

    Third Hour
    From 7 to 8 PM
    The Legal Supper
    O Jesus, You now arrive at the cenacle together with your beloved disciples and You begin your supper with them. How much sweetness, how much affability You show through all your person, as You lower Yourself to taking material food for the last time! Everything is love in You; also in this, You not only repair for the sins of gluttony, but You impetrate the sanctification of food.
    Jesus, my life, your sweet and penetrating gaze seems to search all of the Apostles; and also in this act of taking food your Heart remains pierced in seeing your dear Apostles still weak and listless, especially the perfidious Judas, who has already put a foot in hell. And You, from the bottom of your Heart, say bitterly: “What is the utility of my Blood? Here is a soul so favored by Me – yet, he is lost!”
    And You look at him with your eyes refulgent with light and love, as though wanting to make him understand the great evil he is about to commit. But your supreme charity makes You bear this sorrow and You do not make it manifest even to your beloved disciples.
    And while You grieve for Judas, your Heart is filled with joy in seeing, on your left, your beloved disciple John; so much so, that unable to contain your love any longer, drawing him sweetly to Yourself, You let him place his head upon your Heart, letting him experience paradise in advance.
    It is in this solemn hour that the two peoples, the reprobate and the elect, are portrayed by the two disciples: the reprobate in Judas, who already feels hell in his heart; the elect in John, who rests and delights in You.
    O my sweet Good, I too place myself near You, and together with your beloved disciple I want to place my weary head upon your adorable Heart, praying You to let me experience the delights of Heaven, also on this earth; so that, enraptured by the sweet harmonies of your Heart, the earth may no longer be earth for me, but Heaven.

    But in the midst of those most sweet and divine harmonies, I hear sorrowful heartbeats escaping You: these are for lost souls! O Jesus, o please, do not allow any more souls to be lost.
    Let your heartbeat, flowing through them, make them feel the heartbeats of the life of Heaven, just as your beloved disciple John felt them; so that, attracted by the gentleness and sweetness of your love, they may all surrender to You.
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    This book was in church and now, I'm trying to follow this thread and have read parts of it as well. A very long thread but it has my interest.
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  19. Hi, TinNM.

    This book is quite profound.

    There’s no question: this book is approved in English.

    I’ve been praying with this book of which I own a copy a little each day before the Blessed Sacrament and have been touched by sweet graces.

    This book is in no way interfering with either my usual Scripture reading or my usual prayers. It has, in fact, enhanced my prayer life even when I’m not formally “praying” at other times of the day.

    As always, May God’s Will be done!

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    Marie-Michel Philipon, OOP. (a great spiritual theologian who wrote many books on some of the greatest saints such as St. Therese of Lisieux and St Elizabeth of the Trinity) and Editor of Conchita, A Mothers Spiritual Diary, wrote: "To depart from the spirit of the Gospel and from the teachings of the Cross would be to deny Christ. We are speaking in the same sense Therese of Lisieux spoke of a "wholly new way. " We are incontestably jn a new era of spirituality, What constitutes its newness is:

    1) A calling of all, even of the laity, even of married people, to the greatest holiness.

    2) Through transfiguration of daily life, the sanctification of the profane, divinization by faith, by love and by the spirit of sacrifice in ordinary life.

    3) The greatest holiness. Transcendence of the message of the Cross. Even the most banal [​IMG](smallest) actions are made of value to the infinite by the offering of Jove in union with Christ, in imitation of the last years on earth of the Mother of God, in the service of the nascent (early) Church, (Excerpts taken from Conchita's Diary "A New Type of Holiness" pgs. 244-245)

    Pope Benedict XVI:

    'The love story between God and man consists in the very fact that this communion of will increases in a communion of thought and sentiment, and thus our will and God's will increasingly coincide: God's will is no longer for me an alien will, but is now my own will, based on the realization that God is in fact more deeply present to me than I am to myself. (Encyclical Letter Deus Caritas Est)

    Pope Benedict XVI

    "Thus,” the Pope said, "Jesus tells us that it is only in conforming one's own will to the Divine Will that the human being attains his true greatness, that he becomes 'divine'; it is only by going out of himself — only in his 'yes' to God — that the desire of Adam and of us all is fulfilled [​IMG]that of being completely free. This is what Jesus accomplishes in Gethsemane: by placing the human will within the Divine Will the true man is born, and we are redeemed. " (General Audience 2012)

    Pope John Paul Il speaks of a 'New and Divine Holiness’:

    In 1997 on the centenary of the founding of the Rogationist Fathers, in a letter to the Rogationists the Pope spoke about their founder, Saint Hannibal di Francia, saying, "The modern means that human sciences and contemporary technology make available and that you rightly try to use in your apostolic work will only be effective if they are sustained and guided by the original charismatic inspiration of the blessed founder (now Saint), who saw in the Rogate (in English — pray) the man God Himself had provided to bring about that "new and divine" holiness with which the Holy Spirit wishes to enrich Christians at the dawn of the third millennium, in order to "make Christ the heart of the world. "

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