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    Regarding the prophecy of the year 2000:

    In his letter of clarification, Fr. Gobbi acknowledges that the prophecy can also retain its first meaning – that the triumph did occur during the great Jubilee Year. He points to three very important events which took place during the Jubilee Year and which are related to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

    1) The beatification of the shepherd children, Jacinta and Francisco, by the Pope in Fatima on May 13, 2000.

    2) The publication of the third secret of Fatima in the month of June.

    3) The solemn act of entrustment to Our Lady of Fatima which the Pope made on Sunday, October 8th, with the bishops who were present for their Jubilee, in which he consecrated the Church and humanity at the beginning of the third millennium.

    In these events is seen another triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the fact that the whole Church has, in a special way, reaffirmed the importance of the message of Fatima and the consecration to Our Lady. Remember that it is at Fatima that she said, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” And those who are in her Heart will share in this triumph of hers.

    “The triumph will be realized through a new birth of Jesus in hearts and souls. “(cf. #890)
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    No one in their right mind could possibly think the Triumph has already happened.

    The good Father Gobbi has failed to hit any of his so called prophecies. Using his “messages” to validate faulty translations of Luisa only confirms the problems instead of validating.
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    I’ve posted this once before on the forum, but I think it merits posting again:

    It is from Servant of God Fr. Hardon who personally asked Fr. Gobbi:

    From the Q&A section:

    Is Fr. Gobi getting authentic messages or has he gone astray? I met Fr. Gobi about ten years ago, and I must have mentioned him to you on some previous occasion. When I questioned him he told me, my broken Italian, he knew almost no English. We talked about an hour and a half maybe almost two hours. He told me, a very high compliment, the questions you are asking me are those the Holy Father has been asking me too. How do you know your revelations are from God? He said I don’t know. I don’t know. Well then you shouldn’t tell people they are from God. Right? In any case, I think Fr. Gobi, I don’t want to use the word has gone astray, but I think Fr. Gobi’s fertile, pious, imagination sometimes carries him away.

    One of my jobs for the Church is meeting mystics, sometimes appointed by the Church, to pass judgment on the authenticity of mystics. Met one in Chicago last Friday. And find out, are they genuine? Pray for Fr. Gobi.”
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    Christy, Fr Gobbi meant as the Catechism teaches, “in Mary, the Holy Spirit fulfills the plan to lead us into all truth and will GLORIFY Christ. He will prove the world wrong about sin, righteousness, and judgment.”
    “According to these promises, at the “end time” the Lord’s Spirit will renew the hearts of men...he will gather and reconcile the scattered and divided people’s.....and God will dwell there with men in peace.”
    Then the era of peace Fr Gobbi speaks of, as well as, the many approved apparitions are true.
    “In Mary, the Holy Spirit fulfills the plan of the Father’s loving goodness.”
    “ In the fullness of time the Holy Spirit completes in Mary all the preparation for Christ’s coming among the people’s of God. By the action of the Holy Spirit in her, the Father gives the world Emmanuel, “God-with-us” (Mt 1:23).” Our Lady according to the Catechism, is the image and beginning of the Church as it is to be perfected in the world to come.”
    “She is a sign of certain hope and comfort to the pilgrim people’s of God.”
    This is the triumph Fr Gobbi spoke of. Her triumph.
    Now the TRIUMPH OF CHRIST and the kingdom being fulfilled will not come during Our Lady’s triumph of the Church, as told in the Catechism, but will come about with “one last assault by the powers of evil.” The glorious Messiah’s coming will come when the “full inclusion” of the Jews ...and the “full number of the gentiles” is recognized. And that will be towards the end of the world. We are not there yet.
    It matters little if you believe Fr Gobbi’s locutions or not, what matters is that he was able to proclaim as a member of the Church and a humble priest what our Catechism teaches that Our Blessed Mother “is invoked in the Church under titles of Advocate, Helper, Benefactress, and Mediatrix.”
    And for this most of us humble shepherds are totally grateful. We don’t reject Fr Gobbi’s locutions because they have brought us so much grace and love in our lives. The hope that Our Mother is helping us through these dark times in the Church keeps us praying.
    Much love always Christy and Heavenly, and may the Holy Spirit guide us at all times.
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    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I still disagree, however, that Fr. Gobbi's words can be made to comply with the Catechism. I also don't believe that his error in claiming the Triumph of the Blessed Mother would take place before the new century can be explained; it was a false prophecy. This is not to say he was not a good man and helpful to many, especially in bringing devotion to Our Lady. Still... I think Fr. Hardon nailed it.

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  6. Hi, Frodo.

    The link you provided takes me to a general page of instruction but not to q&a’s. Do you have the link to the page where the actual question was asked/answered? I would like to read it in its fuller context. This would be helpful to me.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. Frodo

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    The link is correct. It’s the fourth paragraph down under the “Questions and Answers” section (seventh paragraph up from the bottom of the page). I usually Ctrl +F to search form terms on pages that have a lot of content - and this page does.

    I don’t think you’ll find a whole lot more that I didn’t post. It’s clear that Servant of God Father Hardon is not a fan of Fr. Gobbi’s messages and it gives context for the CDF’s guidance that these are not to be taken as heavenly messages. Being that Father Hardon is an expert in this field and has been tapped by the Vatican for evaluations of seers I find that it to holds a lot of weight.

    Hope it helps.
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  8. Thank you for your prompt response.

    I never doubted Fr.Hardon’s great reputation. I even have a book of his somewhere on one of my shelves, I’m sure of it. I also understand the argument you have made based on his opinion/personal assessment of Father Gobbi. Had I been inclined towards doubt concerning the veracity of Fr. Gobbi’s messages, then Fr. Hardon’s opinions would certainly have more weight for me in that case. But, as it is that I currently stand where I do regarding those messages, Father Hardon’s opinion on this topic becomes diminished. This remains the best explanation I have.
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    From the Letters of Luisa:

    "Don’t lose heart because of the difficulties and the circumstances of life; they are steps which make us go higher in the Divine Volition."
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  10. lynnfiat

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    From the Letters of Luisa:

    Try as much as you can to make the Divine Will known to everyone; in this way you will obtain the grace to know It more yourselves.
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    From the Letters of Luisa:

    "For who is with Him, all things, even the most insignificant things, the everyday chores, the sacrifices, are like prayers, acts of adoration, acts of love. You feel your heart to be the tabernacle. You feel Jesus living in you."
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    Yes, Lynne, to walk in His Will in the fullest sense means never to say, "When I'm done this task, I'll pray!

    Safe in the Divine Will!
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    From the Diary of Blessed Conchita di Armida:

    The Mystical Incarnation is a Grace of Transformation into the Crucified

    "The mystical incarnation is a grace of transformation in view of an assimilation of the creature with its model Jesus, who I am. It is a transforming grace of union which is not repugnant in any way to My infinite mercies. The Incarnate Word takes possession most intimately of the heart of the creature. He takes life in it to bring about this transforming union. Nonetheless it is always He who communicates life, this life of assimilative grace, especially by way of immolation. Jesus becomes flesh, grows and lives in the soul, not in a material sense but through sanctifying grace, which is unitive and transformative. It is a most special favor. The soul which receives it feels, more or less periodically, the stages of the life of Jesus in it. These stages are ever marked by suffering, calumnies and humiliations, in sacrifice and in expiation as it was the life of your Jesus on earth. When the Holy Spirit takes over a soul in this way, He fashions in it, little by little, the physiognomy of Jesus, in the sense I have already indicated to you. To speak of the mystical incarnation, is then to consider the soul as entering into a phase of graces of transformation which will bring it, if it corresponds, to the identification of its will with Mine and to simplify itself in order that its union with God come to the most perfect likeness possible. Such is the purpose of the mystical incarnation which the Holy Spirit gives as a gift to certain souls.

    "In the concrete, the mystical incarnation is nothing other than a most powerful grace of transformation which simplifies and unites to Jesus by purity and by immolation, rendering the being in its entirety, as much as possible, like to Him. Because of this likeness of the soul to the Incarnate Word, the eternal Father finds pleasure in it, and the role of Priest and Victim which Jesus had on earth is communicated to it, in order that it obtain graces from heaven for the whole world. That is why, the more a soul is like Me, the more the Eternal Father hears it, not due to its worth but due to its likeness and its union with Me and in virtue of My merits which constitute what counts for obtaining graces" (Diary, Dec. 11, 1913).
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    I read something this morning that reminded me of a former post by Lynn. She posted a message where Luisa writes the following about the importance of the number 40 in God's plan:

    This is what Our Lord told Luisa about the number 40 (Book of Heaven, Oct. 10, 1928)
    “My daughter, do you think that my keeping you imprisoned for forty years and more has been by chance, without a great design of mine? No! no! The number forty has always been significant and preparatory to great works. For forty years the Jews walked in the desert without being able to reach the promised land, their fatherland; but after forty years of sacrifices they had the good of taking possession of it. But, how many miracles, how many graces, to the point of nourishing them with the celestial manna during that time. A prolonged sacrifice has the virtue and strength to obtain great things from God. I Myself, during my life down here, wanted to remain in the desert for forty days, away from all, even from my Mama, to then go out in public to announce the Gospel which was to form the life of my Church – that is, the Kingdom of Redemption. For forty days I wanted to remain as risen, to confirm my Resurrection and to place the seal upon all the goods of Redemption. So I wanted for you, my daughter: in order to manifest the Kingdom of my Divine Will, I wanted forty years of sacrifices. But, how many graces have I not given you! How many manifestations! I can say that in this great length of time I placed in you all the capital of the Kingdom of my Will, and everything that is necessary in order to make creatures comprehend it. So, your long imprisonment has been the continual weapon, always in the act of fighting with your very Creator, to have you manifest my Kingdom. Now, you must know that everything I have manifested to your soul, the graces I have given you, the many truths you have written on my Divine Will, your pains, and everything you have done, has been nothing but a gathering of the materials in order to build; and now it is necessary to order them and to get everything settled. And just as I did not leave you alone in gathering the necessary things which must serve my Kingdom, but I have been always with you, so will I not leave you alone in putting them in order and in showing the great building which I have been preparing together with you for many years. Therefore, our sacrifice and work is not finished. We must go forward until the work is accomplished.”

    This morning, someone in another forum posted a link to a document by Klaus Schwa b in which he talks about the reset etc and in it he talks about the number 40. The word quarantine comes from the word forty. Others have probably already know this, but I hadn't clued into this yet. I guess I'm just realizing that there is biblical meaning for us in this of forced quarantines in our homes during repeated lockdowns. Could we be forced into quarantines for 40 months or another time related to forty? Here is the quote, even if I don't agree with everything he says:

    Coming from the word quaranta (which means “forty” in Italian), the idea of confining people for 40 days originated without the authorities really understanding what they wanted to contain, but the measures were one of the first forms of “institutionalized public health” that helped legitimatize the “accretion of power” by the modern state.[1] The period of 40 days has no medical foundation; it was chosen for symbolic and religious reasons: both the Old and New Testaments often refer to the number 40 in the context of purification – in particular the 40 days of Lent and the 40 days of flood in Genesis.

    Also FYI, some say that the above document insinuates that they will change the dating system in the reset, removing references to the birth of Jesus. BC and AC could become before covid and after covid. See pages 11- 12 of the document.
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    The archbishop in charge of Luisa's cause has told Catholics not to publish from the books of her writings. There is not yet an approved English translation of her works. He also said unauthorized books have caused misinformation to be spread about Luisa, harming her cause. This was covered extensively a few pages back in this thread.
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    Excerpts from the Diary of Blessed Conchita di Armida (told also to Luisa as Living in the Divine Will)

    "You must live in continual contact with the Trinity, united to the three Divine Persons by the grace of the mystical incarnation: with the Father offering Him His Word, with the Son, giving delights to the Father, with the Holy Spirit accepting Him for your spirit, the inspirer of your feelings and of all that you are, transforming you since you are possessed by Him.

    "You must live, breathe, labor, in the bosom of these three Divine Persons. They must constitute your atmosphere, your breathing, your existence. Thus, you will sanctify your life and what you are, divinizing your whole being and each of your steps to heaven."
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    Regarding the number 40, perhaps you would like to read something I put together awhile back. I will attach the file when Jesus helps me to figure out how to do it.
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    I will private message it to you.
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    Fr. Bucci and us at meeting in Atlanta.jpg
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    From the Diary of Bl. Conchita di Armida:

    "The Holy Spirit will reign the day when My sacrifice of suffering will also reign: the Cross in hearts. In so far as the Cross will not reign in souls, the Holy Spirit, He too will not reign" (Diary, May 26, 1901).

    May Mary, the Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church, intercede that this prodigy of Pentecost be renewed, and that the Church, this "people brought together by virtue of the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit" carry out the design of love which springs from the Father: may She truly be a Holy Church!
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