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  1. josephite

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    Sorry AN,
    I didn't realise you visit the authorised site, which informs how Luísa was chosen to communicate her messages. I now understand why you have been targeting me.
    My misunderstanding.
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  2. Bull’s-eye!
    (That’s my jab at;)
    Thank you for writing this response, Josephite.
    In Jesus, Mary and St.Joseph,
  3. Mario

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    Could you inform me which site is authorized. Thank you.

    Safe in the Father's Arms!
  4. :)
    Of course!

    Here is a recent, healthy perspective from the website:

    And a quote from 2010 as a way of some background:
    “By decree of the Arch. Mgr. Giovanni B. Pichierri of June 13, 2010, the Pious Association was erected as a public association of faithful called "LUISA PICCARRETA ASSOCIATION - LITTLE CHILDREN OF THE DIVINE WILL" and it was provided with a new Statute with the aim of accentuating the ecclesial impression.”

    I hope you find this a good place to go, Mario. :)
  5. Christy1983

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    It is the website of the archdiocesan association formed to support Luisa's cause. (Not to promote her written volumes, as yet.)
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  6. Christy,

    There is more there written on her spirituality and some of the prayers she composed.

    But no Volumes.

  7. HeavenlyHosts

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    I feel like Roy Rogers singing Happy Trails to You :whistle::whistle::whistle:
    I love happy endings :love:
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  8. :LOL::ROFLMAO::p!!
  9. josephite

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    Thank you for providing the official website. After reading some of the information, I'm afraid I will need the theological notes to understand the following excerpts from the sites discourse on Luísa spirituality.

    Luisa, "merging" herself into the Holy Will of Jesus constituted, as a gift, by a single will with Jesus like Mary she repeats the same acts of Jesus' Humanity.
    By living in the Divine Will, the creature assumes the Divine Will as "something of his own", as to "have It at his disposal”.
    In this way of living, Luisa Piccarreta is "the origin", "the first" that many others will follow. Living in the Divine Will of Jesus, as and with Mary and Luisa, they will do again all the acts of creatures in order to give the glory to God on behalf of all.

    I suspect, the promised the theological notes, is for simple (maybe thick) souls like myself.
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  10. In my estimation, Josephite, if and when things get “firmed up”, I suspect clarity, simplicity and profundity will be the hallmarks of what the Church presents to us.

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  11. josephite

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    I hope your right.
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    Thank you AN, for the link to this wonderful website.

    The book that is showcased there is the one that the Archbishop of Trani had approved and said we could read, "The Sun of My Will " is the first official biography of Luisa Piccarreta. It is signed by Maria Rosaria Del Genio."

    I am going to see where copies are available, and if so, shall share the location.

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  13. Mmary

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    Kudos to all involved in this lengthy exchange. Charity exemplified.
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    Aren’t you a sweetheart:love: thanks !
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  15. You are most welcome, Booklady!
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  16. Very kind of you to say that, Mmary. Thanks!
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  17. lynnfiat

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    This is the book I suggested anyone interested in learning about Luisa should read.
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  18. Thank you, Lynne! ~AN
  19. Booklady

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    Yes, you did, Lynn, thank you. This book has the complete approval of the Archbishop, and we are encouraged to discuss this.

    May I ask, where did you obtain a copy of this book, for I am searching for one?
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  20. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    You may call Kathy Fahy at 423-566-5178 or go to: I believe she still has some available. God bless you. Lynne
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