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  1. Josephite,

    I had made some brief posts back a bit about Mr. O’ Regan’s words. My take away with him is that I don’t accept what he reports as completely factual. I know he has followers but I am not one of them. The way he has “reported” on certain things, for me, puts his motives into question. So, I do not consider him a trusted source of the information I am after.

    Please note: I am not going to debate this. This is MY take. Others can read the things he has written and come to their own conclusions. But I didn’t want to leave this thread without letting at least Booklady know this .
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    Just to clarify an earlier exchange:

    I previously agreed with the idea that the Archbishop of Trani had authorized Fr. Iannuzzi's work to be publicized. I've since read other information that makes me less certain of that. Emmett O'Regan has an update detailing problems with Fr. Iannuzzi's account of correspondence with the Archbishop of Trani. It is well worth the read. I don't trust Fr. Iannuzzi's account because of his puzzling recourse to secular lawyers. I also wonder about Fr. Iannuzzi's close association with Daniel O'Connor and Mark Mallett. I do not believe either is a reliable source. We'll have to agree to disagree. [I wrote this while you posted your message!]

    An excerpt:

    Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi OSJ has recently publically announced that he has attempted to take a civil action against me, dating back to 11th April, 2017, which he issued shortly after I originally published a letter I had received from the late Archbishop Giovan Battista Pichierri, of the Archdiocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie. This was made in an attempt to force me to take down my earlier blog post (here) in relation to this letter, in order to suppress the following important information. Archbishop Pichierri sadly passed over into the Lord's care on July 26th, 2017 (please pray for the happy repose of his soul). Just over a month before his death, Archbishop Pichierri had sent a note to Fr. Iannuzzi's attorney on 11th June, 2017, confirming that Fr. Iannuzzi's diffusion of the writings of Luisa Piccarreta properly belongs with that detailed in his third communication of 2012:

    Dear Attorney Eric L. Hearn,

    I received your letter of May 22, 2017 in which you refer my attention to the article that Mr. Emmett O’Regan posted on the internet in relation to Rev. Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi.
    On May 3, 2017 the Archiepiscopal Curia and I welcomed Rev. Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi who explained to me the specifics contained within Emmet’s letter. In this regard, I desire to indicate that that which I am to share with you about the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta is all contained already in the Communcation n.3 which I hereby attach. Therefore Rev. Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi’s work of research and diffusion undertaken in relation to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta is properly understood in light of this declaration [Communication] of mine to which, to this day, I have made no additions, as there have not been any new developments to the Cause of Beatification and Canonization that are underway at the Holy See.
    Moreover since Fr. Joseph is not canonically affiliated with this archdiocese, I am convinced that his good reputation, which I have never called into question, will be best reaffirmed by his legitimate Superior.
    I assure you of my prayers in your esteemed work, and I extend to you my warm greetings.

    Giovan Basttista Pichierri

    There are a number of things which can be gleaned from the Archbishop's letter to Fr. Iannuzzi's attorney. Shortly after I posted Archbishop Pichierri's letter to me here on this blog, Fr. Iannuzzi sent me a threatening legal notice in an attempt to force me to take down my blog post and suppress this information. At around the same time, he demanded to have an audience with Archbishop Pichierri and his Curia, which was granted on 3th May, 2017. During this audience, Fr. Iannuzzi explained the exact specifics of my letter, and while we do not know exactly how Archbishop Pichierri responded in this meeting, we can be assured that the outcome was not a happy one for Fr. Iannuzzi. The fact that Fr. Iannuzzi chose to resort to communicating to the Archdiocese of Trani through the medium of a civil attorney shortly afterwards strongly suggests that he did not get what he was pushing for during the course of his audience (which obviously was for the Archbishop to refute the fact that he had violated the moratorium). Also the very fact that he attempted to use a civil attorney to intervene in an affair which is solely to do with ecclesiastical law, seems quite a desperate reaction, and against St. Paul's instructions in Sacred Scripture...
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  3. Yes, Christy, we will agree to disagree.
    May God bless you,
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    For myself. I knew about Luisas writings before I knew about Medjugorje - and many others I know would say the same thing - especially those who got Luisas writings from the Vatican archives. This has nothing to do with Medjugorje or any other seers
    Sorry that you don't understand
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    When was the public permitted to get Luisa's writings "from the Vatican archives?" I thought Cardinal Ratzinger allowed the Archbishop of Trani to remove volumes on Luisa to work on her cause in his archdiocese--not to open the floodgates of publications on Luisa's works without supervision. I cannot imagine these copies have any nihil obstat or imprimatur.
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    So you don’t promote Medjugorje or post its messages?
  7. josephite

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    Advocata Nostra,

    I believe, Mr O'Regan is being completely factual, going so far as to be scrupulous with wording and dates!
    He tends to be by the book in all his writings, an added incentive for his scrupulosity could be the threat of civil action!

    It is interesting to note that Mr O'Regan has no vested interests (financial or otherwise) in seeking the Archbishop's clarification!
    I believe the same can't be said for the others involved, in this matter.
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    Just putting this out there. It and one other post by Emmett O'Regan show the controversy continued. From O'Regan's blog, Unveiling the Apocalypse:

    Thursday, 15 March 2018
    Update on the Heretical Ministry of Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi

    "Just a few days after my last blog post concerning several questionable elements of the ministry of Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, the superior general of the Oblates of St. Joseph (OSJ), Fr. Michele Piscopo, issued a letter to clarify that he actually does have permission for a leave of absence. This letter appeared on a website run by a group called the "3rd order of Benedictine Oblates of the Divine Will", which is basically a front for the Divine Will Movement.

    "This is quite a turnaround from the email concerning Fr. Iannuzzi's ministry which was written by Fr. Giacondo Antonio Bronzini, the secretary general of the OSJ, which was sent to Prof. Robert Fastiggi of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Prof. Fastiggi has given me permission to reveal that he was the academic source who had received the below email from Fr. Bronzini, which detailed how problematic Fr. Iannuzzi has been for the OSJ during the course of several years:

    Egregio Signore, pace e bene.

    P. Joseph Iannuzzi ha chiesto più volte l'esclaustrazione, passando da una diocesi (o comunità religiosa) a un'altra, rendendo praticamente impossibile controllarne la condotta. Da parte sua, da anni non dà ai Superiori relazione delle sue attività. Attualmente è fuori comunità senza permesso. Distinti saluti, p. Giocondo A. Bronzini, segretario generale OSJ.

    Dear Sir, peace and goodness.
    Fr Joseph Iannuzzi has asked many times for exclaustration, moving from one diocese (or religious community) to another, making it practically impossible to control his conduct. For his part, for years he has not given the Superiors report of his activities. He is currently outside the community without permission.
    Yours sincerely,
    p. Giocondo A. Bronzini, OSJ general secretary.

    "Fr. Piscopo's response to this revelation from Fr. Bronzini is rather a rather curious contradiction of the above communication received by Prof. Fastiggi, and shows that there are some mysterious goings on in the OSJ concerning Fr. Iannuzzi's problematic ministry. It is of course impossible to know what is going on behind the scenes here, but it seems likely that Fr. Iannuzzi was either only given permission in retrospect, or Fr. Bronzini was simply unaware that he was actually granted permission from Fr. Piscopo to leave the community. Either way, Fr. Bronzini's response to Prof. Fastiggi is rather telling that Fr. Iannuzzi is viewed as a major problem by the highest ranking members of the curia of his religious congregation.

    "I have it on high authority that Fr. Iannuzzi is not currently on the directory of priests in the USA, so he is currently operating without faculties away from his religious congregation, and he basically answers to no one. This explains why he is promoting the works of Vassula Ryden with impunity, even though the CDF have issued a notification against her writings. There is still the glaring problem that his various books and seminars promote an heretical concept of the Millennium of Rev 20 which adopts the millenarian eschatology of Medieval Abbot Joachim de Fiore, whose works were condemned by the Church - most notably by St. Thomas Aquinas..."

    Fr. Iannuzzi apparently is associated with/runs a Divine Will website, which does not include contact information, or information on his current residence or the diocese in which he works. The website is:
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  9. Dear Josephite,

    I have read enough of both sides to know that I will continue to read Fr. Iannuzzi’s from this point forward. I have found his words to be filled with the Holy Spirit when having written on Luisa Piccarretta and the Divine Will. As a matter of fact, the link that Booklady posted earlier should be read by anyone needing clarification as to what the devotion is, and more importantly, is NOT. I have heard him speak on it. He is a gifted and intelligent priest, and I find his words refreshing and his sincerity crystal clear.

    I really don’t know what else is being expected of me to say and I thought I was being clear earlier.

    In Christ Jesus,
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  10. Christy,
    What would you do if, after having read two different versions/sides of an issue, BOTH of which have facts, and then you see/feel/know/sense that one is problematic and the other one is not? You’d have to make a decision. I have made a decision and I have done so prayerfully.
    In Her Immaculate Heart!
  11. Christy1983

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    The additional information from Emmett O'Regan adds to the general pool posted on this thread. It was not posted to put pressure on you. I know you make up your own mind:)

    Personally, I have no idea what the Church will decide on Luisa once the translations and analysis are released. Whatever it is, I will follow it. I find Divine Mercy speaks to me much more. However, I'm surprised it is so hard to get information on Fr. Iannuzzi's status. That should be straightforward.
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  12. Thank you, Christy. I, too, will follow the Church on this as only She is our surest and ultimate Guide. Peace to you!
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    You called into question Mr O'Regan credibility and motives, stating you don't think he can be trusted!

    I replied that I find his facts believable. After all he is the one, abiding by the Archbishops ruling! That's a measure of credibility in my books.

    Why would you believe there is something expected of you?
  14. Your words indirectly addressed my comments (you just confirmed this fact),
    and as such, I responded.
  15. HeavenlyHosts

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    This is what makes me think twice about the credibility of Fr. Iannuzzi.
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  16. josephite

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    Advocata Nostra, it was you who addressed me and expressed among other things your distrust of Mr O'Regan's motives, you end by stating you wanted Booklady to know this!

    If you wanted to communicate your disapproval of Mr O'Regan to booklady, why address your post to me?

    I am obedient to the Archbishop's current declarations.

    Peace and prayers
  17. I am informed by a different set of facts which hold more weight for me than for you, and which are not in any disobedience. However, I stand by my last comment and, thus, why I replied.
  18. josephite

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    I hope your informant.... of your different set of facts, understands the inconsistency this has, with the teachings of Holy Catholic Church! I also hope the weight you speak of, may not be an eternal weight!

    You state, you stand by your last comment of your previous post; which was "your words indirectly addressed my comments:" In light of the indisputable facts posted in this thread, I wonder how this comment is seen as innocuous!

    Obedience to declarations of an Archbishop, appointed by Christ Himself, is paramount!

    My prayers will continue for you and all those that follow the unauthorised editions of Luísa Piccaretta.

    Peace and prayers continue.
  19. Words have been put in my mouth, Josephite, by writing this the way you have here, and I will defend myself against this here and now, and then we will end this.

    I do not—NOT!—read nor place my trust nor propagate UNAUTHORIZED versions of the writings (Volumes) on the Divine Will. There is an AUTHORIZED site on the internet from where I will continue to read about Luisa’s life and how she came to be the individual chosen to communicate the message. If you do not understand this much, I cannot help you past this point.

    Also, a picture has been painted here that I am disobedient to a bishop. Hogwash. Please stop this spin. It serves no good purpose.

    Lord Jesus, have mercy!
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