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    I have said that I will not post from Luisa's writings anymore, so I do not understand the problem here and why these negative posts are continuing. I will be out of town for the next two weeks, but will resume my posts from other writings when I return home.
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    I think the point is you are not supposed to publish things online regarding Luisa on your own authority. Reading and studying are supposed to be done under the direction of a bishop/with his approval.

    This is not "negative," just a restatement of the Church position. Another poster asked a question.
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    This is the answer to where we stand right now with the process in the Church regarding Luisa.
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    In my experience the push to promote Living in the Divine Wlll here in the UK stems originally from some pilgrims returning from Medjugojre and probably connects back to U.S. followers of the seer.

    I was sent unsolicited literature to read many years ago and still get requests to promote the seer’s claims, and I know people personally actvely involved and encouraging others to do likewise. Birds of a feather.

    Not content with the living the messages given by Our Lady at Medjugorje, they still want more. They still feel the need to ‘chase the dragon’. Yet they are never satisfed completely and in their desire to ‘share’ their new experience, encourage others to join the ranks.

    It appears to me that if these people truly recognised the gifts offered to them by the Holy Spirit at Medjugorje, they would not be attempting to take on the messages of another seer. The Medjugorje seers warned about this very early in the history of the appartions.

    A popular Franciscan pastoring at Medjugorje once told me: “Everyone who comes here has a need – some more than others!

    Never saisfied with all they were given at Medjugorje, or unable to reconise God’s special graces, they form prayer groups on their return home (a request of Our Lady), but then some groups expand their interest to the claims of other seers and their messages, and so the simple Medjugore message becomes diluted and false seers and their false messages become part of the norm.

    I don’t dispute there are questions raised about the validity of the Medugorje messages. The Chuch, in its own good time will provide a final answer on this.

    As for living in the Divine Will, try praying the Lord’s Prayer, and ponder especially the words: “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.
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    Thanks Christy1983, that has set my mind more at ease.
    I do feel though that for someone to declare on this forum that the writings are forbidden leaves very little wiggle room. If they are, nobody should touch them. Period! ( I love that word)
    But if they are not, why state that they are?
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    What do you want me to do? I answered to the best of my knowledge. Things are put on relative hold, Border Collie. I was trying to recall what EWTN published. My apologies. But it’s not a wide open situation like people seem to think. Things are on hold!
    Please forgive.
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    Below is the actual letter of the communication Number 3, by the Bishop of Trani in 2012, that still stands today.
    Items 5, 6, and 7 pertain to the prohibition of the current English translations.

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    So, is transmitting the writings on this forum considered forbidden as per #7?
    Are people who do so being disobedient?
    If so, this vindicates what I previously posted on this thread. If not, I’m okay with that.
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    I am not the brightest tool in the shed, but I find Luisa’s writings to be brilliant. The little I’ve read I love. But I can see Christy’s, HH, and Josephite’s views. They are just looking out for us, and going by the book so to speak. One of our most holy priest in our community is quite an admirer of Luisa Picaretta. So, I am pretty much on the side line here. I have read Fr Gobbi’s book on the Marian Movement of Priests, and I do remember the criticisms against it years ago. But much of what he said back then, seems to be happening right now. God does have His time. The era of peace described by Fr Gobbi, reminds me of Luisa Picarreta’s version of an earthly garden of eden. “On earth as it is in heaven,” may very well be what it’s all about. And wouldn’t that be awesome. Peace and much love always to all of you here. We are fortunate to have each other.
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  12. I have been saying this lately to my husband about the themes within many of the messages I remember from Father’s Blue Book some time ago. When we’d read from it back then, certain things seemed so cryptic. But, boy oh boy, do they ever make sense now!
    Thank you for pointing this out, Byron. It is good to know I wasn’t alone in this view.~AN
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    Thank you Josephite, for sharing the letter of the Archbishop of Trani . Most informative and timely.

    I would also like to share an eleven page letter by the Rev. Iannuzzi, which supports what the Archbishop of Trani has said. And provides an answer to Heavenly Hosts concern.

    Created using , a Free PDF Creation service (

    PROPER CATHOLIC PERSPECTIVES ON THE TEACHINGS OF LUISA PICCARRETA by Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi – 2005 © Missionaries of the Holy Trinity

    As a priest completing a thesis in theology for the Pontifical University of Rome on the correct interpretations of Luisa Piccarreta’s writings with the approval of my ecclesiastical superiors and the endorsement of G.B. Picchieri, the Archbishop of Trani and Postulator of Luisa’s Cause for Beatification, I receive many requests to address errors1 of modern Divine Will presentations at conferences, retreats and cenacles. I received such requests during my authorized travels to teach and preach the Divine Will in over 13 countries and 45 American states.

    This letter therefore has one aim: to assist the faithful in the proper interpretation of Luisa’s writings. 2 I write this letter with deep respect for my brother priests and for those laity that are devoted to Luisa, and pray that my words may be received in the spirit in which they are written – a spirit of unity and openness to the truth that Jesus Christ revealed to the Apostles 2,000 years ago.


    In June 2005, the Archbishop of Trani H.E. Mons G. B. Pichierri stated publicly that “all” editions of Luisa’s volumes that are available to the public today (“pro-manuscripts”) contain “errors.” And this is a matter of theological concern to Vatican officials in this period pending her beatification. For such errors have led promoters and devotees, possibly in good faith, to misinterpret Luisa’s writings and to publicly spread these misinterpretations at conferences, retreats and cenacles. While the diffusion of Luisa’s “pro-manuscripts” is permitted simply to allow the faithful to continue being nourished by her spirituality, only those theologians conversant with Luisa’s theology and authorized by the local ecclesiastical authority “in writing” may instruct the faithful on the correct interpretation of Luisa’s writings.


    In charity, yes, you are correct. As Fr. Iannuzi states those studying Luisa's writings : "While the diffusion of Luisa’s “pro-manuscripts” is permitted simply to allow the faithful to continue being nourished by her spirituality, only those theologians conversant with Luisa’s theology and authorized by the local ecclesiastical authority “in writing” may instruct the faithful on the correct interpretation of Luisa’s writings." Someone like Fr. Iannuzzi, perhaps.

    Note that Fr, Iannuzzi's own dissertation is considered to be a "pro-manuscript."
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    Heavenly Hosts, as women of a certain age, I pray that this critical interpretation by the Archbishop of Trani is completed before I am placed under a headstone. o_O
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    Well said, Byron.
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  16. Booklady,
    I much appreciate the link to the PDF—thank you!
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    What you've posted in regards to Fr Iannuzzi personal exemption, to obey the Archbishop Pichierri of Trani's, detailed third communication of 2012, with an apparent allowance of "pro-manuscripts" diffusions, is news to me.

    Emmett O'Regan, of Unveiling the apocalypse who is intimately involved in the specifics of this matter regarding the Archbishop of Trani and Fr Iannuzzi's pro-manuscript, reports the following....

    Just over a month before his death, Archbishop Pichierri had sent a note to Fr. Iannuzzi's attorney on 11th June, 2017, confirming that Fr. Iannuzzi's diffusion of the writings of Luisa Piccarreta properly belongs with that detailed in his third communication of 2012:

    Dear Attorney Eric L. Hearn,

    I received your letter of May 22, 2017 in which you refer my attention to the article that Mr. Emmett O’Regan posted on the internet in relation to Rev. Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi.
    On May 3, 2017 the Archiepiscopal Curia and I welcomed Rev. Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi who explained to me the specifics contained within Emmet’s letter. In this regard, I desire to indicate that that which I am to share with you about the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta is all contained already in the Communcation n.3 which I hereby attach. Therefore Rev. Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi’s work of research and diffusion undertaken in relation to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta is properly understood in light of this declaration [Communication] of mine to which, to this day, I have made no additions, as there have not been any new developments to the Cause of Beatification and Canonization that are underway at the Holy See.
    Moreover since eFr. Joseph is not canonically affiliated with this archdiocese, I am convinced that his good reputation, which I have never called into question, will be best reaffirmed by his legitimate Superior.
    I assure you of my prayers in your esteemed work, and I extend to you my warm greetings.

    Giovan Basttista Pichierri

    The fact that Fr. Iannuzzi chose to communicate to the Archdiocese of Trani through the medium of his attorney shortly after he had a private audience with the Archbishop and his Curia strongly suggests that he did not get what he was pushing for during the course of this meeting (which obviously was for the Archbishop to refute my claim that he had violated the moratorium).

    So the relevant facts run as follows:

    (A) Archbishop Pichierri told me that Fr. Iannuzzi "did not receive from me any authorization, permission or warrant of any kind and in relation to publications both in reference to their study and diffusion".

    (B) He stated in his letter to the attorney that Fr. Iannuzzi's diffusion of Luisa Piccarreta's works corresponds to that in communication n. 3, issued in 2012.

    (C) Communication n. 3 explicitly states "the said writings are exclusively the property of the Archdiocese..."and that "any and every publication of the writings is absolutely forbidden at this time. Anyone who acts against this is disobedient and greatly harms the cause of the Servant of God.” (Communication of May 30, 2008). All effort must be invested in avoiding all “leaks” of publications of any kind.

    Therefore by directing Fr. Iannuzzi's attorney to communication n. 3, Archbishop Pichierri implicitly confirmed that his works did indeed violate the moratorium. But in respect of the fact that the Archbishop of Trani holds no canonical jurisdiction over Fr. Iannuzzi, Archbishop Pichierri ultimately left it to the hands of his responsible ordinary, who has still yet to weigh in this whole sorry affair.
    Given the above information, I am sceptical about whether anyone, including priests, have been given a personal exemption from obeying the third and last communication of 2012, of His Excellency the Archbishop Pichierri of Trani. May he Rest in Peace. Amen
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    Pardon, Josephite, but, I don't know anything about O'Reagan, sorry.

    Regardless, I think the big picture for all of us from the Archbishop and from Fr. Iannuzzi, is that for those of us who want to read Luisa's writings we need to have patience and wait for the critical edition to come out from the Archdiocese of Trani. Hopefully it will be soon.
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  19. fallen saint

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    Ive been reading lynfiat for years. And divine will is probably a great example of the life of saints.

    Its pretty basic concept but very difficult spiritually to attain.

    As for the seer...who knows. It could be all spiritual candy but one wrong statement or idea makes it all crash.
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    All I know is what transpired in 2017;

    Initially, Mr O’Reagan, noting the availability of many books and publications on the writings of Luísa Piccaretta, wrote to the Archbishop seeking clarification regarding any apparent changes or updates to his declaration of the third communication of 2012. Archbishop Pichierri wrote back to Mr O’Reagan and stated that he had not given anybody authorization, permission or warrant of any kind to study or diffuse the writings of Luísa, stating that the moratorium of the third communication of 2012 had not changed!

    On April 11, 2017, Fr Iannuzzi announces he will take a civil action against Mr O’Reagan for publishing Archbishop Pichierri reply (highlighted above)

    On May 3 2017 Fr Iannuzzi has a private audience with the Archbishop and his Curia.

    On May 22, 2017, less than 3 weeks later, Fr Iannuzzi gets a legal team to write a letter to the Bishop.

    On June 11, 2017 Archbishop replies to Fr Iannuzzi legal team, and reiterates that there has been no changes to the declaration and everything is already contained in the Communication n.3 with no additions or changes made. The bishop is cordial to the legal team and indicates that Fr Iannuzzi is best reaffirmed by his legitimate Superior as he is not canonically affiliated with this archdiocese.

    Food for thought.
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