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    Jesus to Blessed Conchita (The Diary of Conchita di Armida):

    This is much more than spiritual marriage. It is the grace of incarnating Me, of living and growing in your soul, never to leave it, to possess you and to be possessed by you as in one and the same substance. It is I who communicate it to your soul in a compenetration which cannot be comprehended: it is the grace of graces… It is a union of the same nature as that of the union of heaven, except that in paradise the veil which conceals the Divinity disappears…
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    Volume 33, June 6, 1935 – “You should know that I always love my children, my beloved creatures, I would eviscerate Myself in order not to see them stricken, so much so that in the deadly times to come, I have put them all in the hands of my Celestial Mama, to Her I have entrusted them, so that she holds them for Me under her secure mantle, I will give (to Her) all those that She will want, death itself won’t have power over those that will be in (the) custody of my Mama.”

    Now while he said this, my dear Jesus made me see with facts that the Sovereign Queen descended from Heaven with an indescribable Majesty, and a tenderness all Maternal, and turned in the midst of creatures, in all the nations and marked her dear children and those that should not be touched by the scourges, whomever my Celestial Mama touched, the scourges didn’t have power to touch the creatures. Sweet Jesus gave the right to his Mama to put in safety whom She pleased. How moving it was to see the Celestial Empress turn in all the parts of the world that she took between Her Maternal hands, she assembled them to her breast, hid them under her mantle, so that not one evil might be able to harm those people that her Maternal goodness held in her custody, guarded and defended. Oh! If everyone might be able to see with how much love and tenderness the Celestial Queen did this office, they would cry from consolation and would love She who so very much loves us.
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    "One who praises Me, however humbly and simply, trusts Me, and for the one who trust Me, there is nothing that I will not do."
    "Even when you find yourself alone, My own prayer enters your and your prayer enters Mine. In this is My Father glorified. Pray always. Do not lose heart. To pray is to believe in My love for you. To pray is to allow Me to work in the wonders of My love in your soul. To pray is to open the Church to a renewing and purifying wind that cleanses all things and fills the earth with a divine fragrance that originates in heaven."
    (Excerpts from In Sinu Jesu, Nov. 16, 2011)
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    Perfect message for me as I'll be going to Adoration this evening!

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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    Jesus to Sr. Natalia of Hungary, "Everything in Scripture must be fulfilled before the end of the world comes. Humanity is on the verge of such a bright future that will resemble Paradise where the first human couple lived. After humanity will be reborn by My cleansing grace, the happiness of Paradise will await all those who convert and live in the sprit of the Sermon on the Mount. To prepare and pray for this day to come soon:
    1. live always in the holy Presence of God;
    2. experience as true reality that I live in you;
    3. and at every moment of your life, meet Me as I meet you."
    (The Victorious Queen of the World)
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    Volume 6 - August 5, 1904
    Jesus, Ruler of kings and Lord of lords.

    Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for just a little, in the act of ruling and dominating everything, and of reigning with the crown of King on His head and with the scepter of command in His hand. While I was seeing Him in this position, He told me (though in Latin, but I will say it according to what I understood): “My daughter, I am the Ruler of kings and the Lord of lords. To Me alone is this right of justice due, which the creature owes Me; and by not giving it to Me, she denies Me as Creator and Master of everything.” While saying this, He seemed to take the world in His hand and turn it upside down, so that creatures would submit to His regime and dominion. At the same time I could also see how the Lord ruled and dominated my soul, with such mastery that I felt all submerged in Him. From Him came the regime of my mind, of my affections, of my desires; many electric wires passed between me and Him, through which He directed and dominated everything.
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    Do you know how it will be for your Creator with regard to this sanctity of living in my Will? It will happen as to a king who has no offspring. This king never enjoys the affection of a child of his own, nor does he feel like lavishing all his paternal caresses and his affectionate kisses, because in no one does he see his own progeny, his own features, someone to whom to entrust the destiny of his kingdom. Poor one, he lives always with a nail in his heart; he lives always surrounded by servants, by people who do not resemble him, and if they remain around him, it is not out of pure love, but out of self-interest, to gain riches and glory, and maybe even to betray him. Now, suppose that a son comes to the light for him after a long time – what is not the feast of this king? How he kisses him, caresses him - he cannot remove his gaze from his son, in whom he recognizes his own image. Just newly born, he gives him his kingdom and all of his goods as inheritance; and his complete joy and feast is that his kingdom will no longer belong to some strangers, to his servants, but to his dear son. So it can be said that what belongs to the father belongs to the son, and what belongs to the son belongs to the father.

    Now, one who will possess the Kingdom of my Will will be for Us like a child born after about six thousand years. What joy, what feast will not be Ours in seeing Our image in him, intact, beautiful, just as We delivered it from Our paternal womb. All the caresses, the kisses, the gifts, will be for this child; more so since, having given in Creation the Kingdom of Our Will to man as his special inheritance, and since this Kingdom of Ours has been in the hands of strangers, of servants, of traitors for so long a time, in seeing this son who will possess It as a son and will give Us the glory of the Kingdom of Our Will, Our inheritance will be placed in safety on the part of this son. Is it not right that We give him everything, even Our very Selves, and that he enclose everything and everyone?” While Jesus was saying this, I became concerned and I said to Him: ‘How can all this be possible, my love?’ And Jesus added: “My daughter, do not be surprised. By possessing the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, the soul will possess a divine, infinite, eternal Will, which encloses all goods; and one who possesses everything can give Us everything. What will be Our contentment, Our happiness and his, in seeing the littleness of the creature in this Kingdom of Ours, taking from Us continuously as the owner - as Our true child! And since what he takes from Us is divine, he takes the divine, and the divine he gives to Us; he takes the infinite, and the infinite he gives to Us; he takes immense things from Us, and immense things he gives to Us; he takes light from Us, and light he brings to Us. He will do nothing but take and give to Us. We will place all Our things at his disposal, so that, in the Kingdom of Our Will, given to him by Us, nothing extraneous to Us may enter any more, but only Our own things, and We may receive the fruits, the glory, the love, the honor of the Kingdom of Our Will. Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in Our Volition be continuous.”
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    This theme of giving back to God only what He has given us also runs deep in the Liturgy of Holy Mass, within the Collects. For instance:

    O God, who have prepared for those who love you good things which no eye has seen, fill our hearts, we pray, with the warmth of your love, so that, loving you in all things and above all things, we may attain your promises, which surpass every human desire, Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son...

    Such a beautiful sequence: God promises, God prepares, God fills, the promise (of living in the Divine Will) becomes a reality in our daily lives, surpassing every human desire.

    Moment by moment, day by day, on into eternity!

    Safe in the Divine Will!
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