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    " evil and bad as a creature might be, if she has the fortune of letting one act of my Will enter into herself, even at the point of death, since my Will is life, It sows the seed of life in the soul. And as she possesses this seed of life, there is great hope that the soul may be saved, because the power of my Will will be careful so that this act of life of Its own, which has entered the soul, may not perish and turn into death."
    Book of Heaven, Vol. 19, May 23, 1926
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    Jesus: "...just as I did not get tired of going around the centuries and the entire earth in order to find the littlest one, so as to place in her littleness the great deposit of the knowledges about my Divine Will, so will I not get tired of going around the earth, over and over again, to find the true disposed ones, who will appreciate, as life, what I have manifested about the Divine Fiat; and these will make any sacrifice in order to make It known." Book of Heaven, Oct 2, 1929

    "To be His, one must remain little - little like a drop of dew! Oh, how few are the souls who aspire to remain little in this way!" St. Therese of Lisieu
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    "I must live within Mary, imitating Her virtues and Her love of the Most Holy Trinity.

    "The mystical incarnation puts the soul in contact with the Three Divine Persons. In Them and in Mary, I must find my life, not only my spiritual life but also my maternal life, letting it vanish in the offering of the Son to His Father. I must, centering everything on this same offering, eat, sleep, find joy, suffer, and simplify my whole life in this continual offering which glorifies the Holy Trinity. I must spend my whole life in union with Mary, without leaving Mary, imitating Her love for Jesus, Her total submission to the Father, acting only under the impulse of the Holy Spirit"
    (Diary, Oct. 27, 1925).

    Conchita spent her whole life in perfect obedience to her Directors and to the extent she advances toward the perfection God asks of her, she becomes more and more docile.

    She wrote: "I want to carry out the advice my Director gives me, raising everything to the supernatural plane, persons and things, making ideal my practical life with the splendid clarity of heavenly light, seeing in all creatures and events God's love, the trace of God, God Himself.

    "I will fully penetrate the Divinity as Jesus wants. I will not close my eyes before the unfathomable secrets of the Most Holy Trinity. He teaches me. I will penetrate as much as He wants the divine mysteries, God's happiness, the eternal generation, the love of the Holy Spirit, these comings and goings of mercy and of goodness, the intimate communications of the Divine Persons, His attributes, His so perfect Unity, the inner Sanctuary of the Trinity, when He will wish it and so long as He will wish it.

    "Oh, what a unique union! What a singular relationship! What a unity in the three Persons! What a unique infinite God in this Unity of the Trinity
    " (Diary, March 11, 1933).
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    "Three things I recommend to you: firmness in good, perennial peace, filial trust. Trust will make you live like a little baby in the arms of her mama, and Jesus and the Celestial Mama will take care of all the things you need. They will tell you with facts: “Think about living from Our Will, and We will take care of everything, even the salvation of your brothers.” Aren’t you happy?" From the Letters of Luisa
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    Hurrah, my dear, dear sister whom my parents named me after! I was born on her birthday!

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    "We, poor creatures, are nothing; and so He calls us; He wants us in His Will to receive everything, even Himself, from His beloved creature. Everything else is nothing – it is just little drops. So, if we want to love Him very much, let us live in His Holy Will, and – oh, how many surprises we will find! First among all, the Divine Will operating in us, which will form seas of love, of light, of sanctity and of surprising graces; and we will be involved in such a way as to be unable to leave."
    From the Letters of Luisa, #101
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    You must know that the sanctity of living in the Divine Will is nothing other than a birth which the Divine Sanctity makes in the creatures. It is the greatest miracle It can perform in the creatures; it is the miracle which can give all to God, which can love Him for all, even for those who do not yet exist, and which can receive all from God. In fact, finding His Most Holy Will in us, He finds the space in which to place His Sanctity, His Goodness, His Beauty, His graces, and also His divine works. So, He is able to form His own Divine Generation in all our acts. Oh, how glorified and loved is God, in seeing the generation of His Divine Life in our tiny acts – even in the breath, in the motion, in the step!

    The Sanctity of living in the Divine Will is symbolized by the Sun, which does good to all, gives Itself to all, denies Itself to no one, and while almost holding the earth on Its lap (giving to each plant, to some color, to some sweetness, to some fragrance – things which are all different and distinct among each other), yet, while doing so much good, the Sun never says a word; It allows Its light to be trodden by our steps; It follows us everywhere, and all the glory and honor is of God, who made It Sun. Such is the soul who lives in the Divine Will, whom the Lord uses to do good to all, and from whom He receives glory and honor, as if all had loved Him.

    Therefore, love very much that the Divine Will be known in order to form His divine Generation upon earth, that He may abound even more with His beloved creatures. He feels so much the need to love and to be loved, but does not find His Will; His Love remains hampered, and He is not able to give or receive what He wants… The Divine Will has such surprises in the soul that the Heavens are astonished and the Angels remain mute in seeing our Creator enclosed in our tiny act.
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    Excerpt from a speech by Father Stefano Gobbi

    June 24, 1996 in San Marino, Italy

    "Dear Mother (Father Gobbi turns to the statue of Our Lady next to him), forgive me, I am not pleased that the serpent is here but I am pleased that You crush its head—crush it!

    "Finally, the power of the serpent will be broken, it will be powerless, it will no longer be able to seduce creatures to say no to the Divine Will. The creatures will say YES to the Divine Will of God.

    "In this complete fulfillment of the Divine Will the creation will be almost transposed into an original state, in a state of a new earthly paradise, in which all creatures will say YES to the Divine Will of the Heavenly Father.

    "Here in Italy, a certain woman named (Luisa) Piccarreta, [Servant of God,] whose beatification is in progress, wrote a great book about Divine Will. Once when I was in Mexico, I was shown passages of the book, which related to so many topics about which our book [To the Priests: Our Lady 's Beloved Sons] also speaks.

    'Let me cite a passage from this book [The Book of Heaven] by [the Servant of God, Luisa] Piccarreta. She says that 2000 years after creation came the Great Flood so that the water would cleanse mankind; and 2000 years later, came the flood of the Blood: the Redemption; and still 2000 years hence, there will be the flood of fire—a spiritual fire, I believe—and finally the Kingdom of [the] Divine Will will come upon this world: because every creature will fulfill the Divine Will of God in a complete way.

    "This is what I think, that the Second Coming of Christ in glory will bring this Kingdom of [the] Divine Will.

    "Every creature will fulfill the Will of the Father completely and the Heavenly Father will be glorified in His children, who will say YES to His Divine Will. Christ will bring His Kingdom, the Kingdom of holiness and of humble obedience to the Will of the Heavenly Father."
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    I love this message!
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    Excerpts from "He and I" - words of Jesus to Gabrielle Bossis:

    "Repeat this often: 'Father, may Your will be done. May Your will be done'. Can you imagine a world where God's will is done everywhere"

    "When I have first place, the first place in every soul, then it will really be Corpus Christi."
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    "Do you want to know how to grow in the FIAT? By calling it in everything you do, whether natural or spiritual. In fact, everything belongs to the Divine Will; therefore It wants to love together with you, and if you call It, It gives you Its Love in your power in order to be loved; It gives you Its sanctity to make yourself a saint, Its light to allow you to know yourself and to eclipse weaknesses, miseries and passions, so that they may no longer have life in you, but only Its Will, which lays and forms Its life in your little act… If you do so, It will feel as a Queen in my daughter who is so far away – but a ruling Queen. You will give It much to do, and whatever you do, It will do. It will not leave you one instant; on the contrary, It will form your breath, your heartbeat, motion, step, and, even while you sleep, It will form your rest and will rest together with you. But all Its contentment will be to feel as the Queen and Mother of Her daughter and mine…"
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    "If then the knowledge and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ are to come into the world, they will be but a necessary consequence of the knowledge of he Most Holy Virgin Mary who brought Him into the world for the firs time and will make His second advent full of splendor." St. Louis Marie de Montfort, True Devotion No. 12-38

    "Now, as the Kingdom of Jesus Christ consists principally in the heart or the interior of man - according to the words, 'The Kingdom of God is within you" - in like manner the Kingdom of our Blessed Lady is principally in the interior of many; that is to say, hos soul." Fr. Gobbi, Marian Movement of Priests

    From the Divine Appeal in the Book of Heaven:
    "If you will give Me your will, all will be done just as I have said; and you will make Me happy, and you will be happy too. I long for nothing else than for My Will to reign among you. Heaven and earth will be smiling at you. My Heavenly Mamma will be sure to be a Mother and Queen to you. She knows the great good that the Kingdom of My Will will bring to you; and, in order to satisfy My ardent desires and to stop My weeping, and because She loves you as Her true children, She is traveling amongst the people of the nations disposing and preparing them to receive the dominion of the Kingdom of My Will. It was She who prepared the people for Me so that I could descend from Heaven to earth. And now I am entrusting to Her, and to Her Maternal Love, the task of disposing the souls of our people to receive a Gift so great."

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    Letter of Luisa to Sister M. Emiliana

    J.M.J. – Fiat!!!

    In everything you do, kiss and breathe the Divine Will. It will make you breathe Heaven, the balsamic air of peace, and will put all concerns, fears and doubts out of your heart. The Divine Will will be the true Sun for you, which will make the night of troubles disappear, forming the smiling spring of the most beautiful flowers.
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    "Simplify you spirit. Remove all complications coming from creatures and thing. Love Me in Unity; live, breathe, act, bring above that all virtues and all dispoilings of yourself, tend toward this Unity....You must live in this essential Unity, in this Unique God, bringing together your spiritual life in one only Love: Him; in one only Will; His. In this capital point of unity of wills consists the perfection of this Unity." Excerpt from Conchita, A Mothers Diary - Bl. Conchita de Armida

    Jesus speaks to Conchita about this "Unity":

    "Listen. There are many progressive degrees in the transformation. The highest degree on earth corresponds to a transformation of the creature not only in its manner of thinking and of acting which becomes divine, but which, in a certain sense, causes it to disappear an annihilate itself to give place to Me.

    "This degree is the work of the Holy Spirit alone who becomes the soul of this soul and the life of this body.

    "This point which leads to union, even more, to unity, is the point of perfection which approaches most the Trinity.

    "The creature left to itself would be incapable of attaining this degree without the most powerful aid of Him who is the inexhaustible Source of graces, the Holy Spirit. The mystical incarnation attracts the Holy Spirit, loving, mighty and divine of the Word who possesses the soul. Transformation is in the innermost part and the most noble of the creature"
    (Diary, Aug. 6, 1912).

    Jesus to Luisa: November 1, 1910 “My daughter, the supreme unity is when the soul reaches such tightness of union with my Will as to consume any shadow of her own will, in such a way that it is no longer possible to discern which one is my Will and which one is hers. Then my Will becomes the life of this soul, in such a way that whatever thing It may dispose over her as well as over others, she is content with everything. Anything seems to be suitable for her; death, life, cross, poverty, etc. – she looks at all of these as her own things, which serve to maintain her life. She reaches such an extent, that not even chastisements frighten her any more, but she is content with the Divine Will in everything, so much so, that it seems to her that if I want something, she wants it too; and if she wants it, the Lord does it. I do what she wants, and she does what I want. "
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    The Glory be….

    May 1, 1920 - “My daughter, for one who lives in my Will, her Sanctity has only one point - it is the continued ‘Glory be’, followed by ‘as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.’ There is nothing which does not give glory to God - complete in everything, always stable, always the same, always queen, without ever changing. This Sanctity is not subject to setbacks, to losses – It is to always reign. So, Its foundation is the ‘Glory be’, Its prerogative is the ‘as it was in the beginning, etc.’”

    March 2, 1926 - I prayed Jesus to give me the grace to fulfill His Most Holy Will. And my beloved Jesus, as though wanting to cheer me, came out from within my interior, and squeezing me tightly to His Most Holy Heart, infused new strength in me. At that moment, the Heavens opened and I heard everyone say, in chorus: “Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit”. I don’t know how, but it was my turn to answer: ‘As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.’ But who can say what was happening? In the word “Father” one could see the creative power flowing everywhere, preserving everything, giving life to everything. The mere breath of this word was enough to maintain everything He had created intact, beautiful and ever new. In the word “Son” one could see all the works of the Word, renewed, ordered, and all in act of filling Heaven and earth to give themselves for the good of creatures. In the word “Holy Spirit” one could see all things being invested with a speaking, operative and vivifying love. But who can say everything? I felt my poor mind immersed in the eternal beatitudes, and my adorable Jesus, wanting to call me back into myself, told me: “My daughter, do you know why it was your turn to say the second part of the ‘Glory be’? Since my Will is in you, it befitted you to bring the earth up to Heaven, in order to give, in the name of all, together with the Celestial Court, that glory which will never end - ‘world without end’. Eternal things, which never end, can be found only in my Will, and one who possesses It is in communication with Heaven. This soul takes part in everything they do in the celestial regions, and she is as though in act together with the celestial Blessed.”
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    “My daughter, I did nothing other than give Myself prey to the Will of the Father. So, if I thought, I thought in the mind of the Father; if I spoke, I spoke in the mouth and with the tongue of the Father; if I worked, I worked in the hands of the Father; even my breath I breathed in Him, and everything I did was ordered as He wanted. Therefore, I could say that I carried out my Life in the Father, and I was the bearer of the Father, because I enclosed everything in His Will and I did nothing by Myself. My main point was the Will of the Father, because I did not care about Myself, nor did I interrupt my course because of the offenses they gave Me, but I kept flying more and more toward my center; and only when I fulfilled the Will of the Father in everything - then did my natural Life end.

    The same for you, my daughter. If you give yourself prey to my Will, you will have no more concern for anything."

    Book of Heaven, Volume 12, Aug. 14, 1917
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    “And even if it should take years and years, It will know how to dispose everything so that Its absolute Will be accomplished. The time in which they will come to light is relative and conditional upon when the creatures dispose themselves to receive a good so great, and upon those who must occupy themselves with being its criers, and make the sacrifice so as to bring the new era of peace, the new Sun which will dispel all the clouds of evils. If you knew how many graces and lights I keep prepared for those whom I see disposed to occupy themselves with them! They will be the first to feel the balm, the light, the life of my Fiat. Book of Heaven, April 2, 1928
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    From Ven. Conchita’s Diary (Conchita de Armida):
    Jesus: “Listen. There are many progressive degrees in the transformation. The highest degree on earth corresponds to a transformation of the creature not only in its manner of thinking and of acting, which becomes divine, but which, in a certain sense, causes it to disappear and annihilate itself to give place to Me. This degree is the work of the Holy Spirit alone who becomes the soul of this soul and the life of this body.”
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    From “To My Priests”, by Blessed Conchita di Armida:

    “…they ought to live my interior life itself, all oriented to my Father, and to have the loving and holy passion that moved me to work solely for Him. This was my life on earth, and this has been and is my life in Heaven: to love, to venerate and to gratify the wishes of my Father, and to have one sole will with His; and this is the perfection of love of man, the supreme end of transformation into Me. In this loving act of supreme abandonment to the will of my Father, there is perfection, the highest and complete sanctity. And why? Because it reaches unity, the finest of the unity, the consummation in God of the greatest that man may have, of what is his, of the human will united to the Divine Will. Then there is no longer two wills, but one sole will, that of God, which has absorbed in a certain sense, the will of the creature.”
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