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    Luisa's letter to Saint Annibale di Francia regarding the Hours of the Passion:

    Most Reverend Father,

    I am finally sending you the Hours of the Passion, now written, and all for the glory of Our Lord. I also include another sheet which contains the effects, and the beautiful promises which Jesus makes to anyone who does these Hours of the Passion.

    I believe that if one who meditates them is a sinner, he will convert; if he is imperfect, he will become perfect; if he is holy, he will become more holy; if he is tempted, he will find victory; if he is suffering, in these Hours he will find the strength, the medicine, the comfort. And if his soul is weak and poor, he will find spiritual food and the mirror in which he will reflect himself continuously to be embellished and to become similar to Jesus, our model.

    The satisfaction that blessed Jesus receives from the meditation of these Hours is so great, that He would want at least one copy of these meditations to be present and practiced in each city or town. In fact, it would happen, then, as if Jesus heard His own voice and His prayers being reproduced in those reparations, just as the ones He raised to His Father during the 24 hours of His sorrowful Passion. And if this were done in each town or city at least, by as many souls, Jesus seems to make me understand that Divine Justice would be placated in part, and in these sad times of torments and bloodshed, Its scourges would be stopped, in part, and as though dampened.

    I let you, Reverend Father, make appeal to all; may you complete, in this way, the little work that my lovable Jesus had me do.

    I also tell you that the purpose of these Hours of the Passion is not so much that of narrating the story of the Passion, because there are many books that treat this pious topic, and it would not be necessary to make another one. But rather, the purpose is the reparation, uniting the different points of the Passion of Our Lord with the diversity of the many offenses, and making worthy reparation for them together with Jesus, almost making up for all that the other creatures owe Him. From this, the different ways of reparation present in these Hours: in some sections one blesses, in others one compassionates, in others one praises, in others one comforts suffering Jesus, in others one compensates, in others one supplicates, prays and asks.

    Therefore, I leave it to you, Reverend Father, to make known the purpose of these writings with a preface.
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    “My child, do you want to know what it is that torments Me more than the very executioners? Rather, those are nothing
    compared to this! It is the Eternal Love, which, wanting primacy in everything, is making Me suffer, all at once and in the most intimate parts, what the executioners will make Me suffer little by little.

    Ah, my child, it is Love which prevails in everything, over Me and within Me. Love is nail for Me, Love is scourge, Love is crown of thorns – Love is everything for Me. Love is my perennial passion, while that of men is in time. Ah, my child, enter into my Heart, come to be dissolved in my love, and only in my love will you comprehend how much I suffered and how much I loved you, and you will learn to love Me and to suffer only out of love.”
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    Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

    My good daughter in the Divine Volition,
    Let us thank from the heart the Lord and the Celestial Queen for having consoled you. This is why we should never get discouraged or lose peace, when we are not answered immediately. When there is prayer, the hour of the Lord will come and He will give us more than we ask for. Our part must be to remain always in our place, to always do the Divine Will, because this is the greatest of miracles, and Our Lord will provide and take care of everything; more than that we ourselves would not do. If we always do the Divine Will, our names will be written in Heaven and our salvation, our sanctity, will be secured. Jesus will be all ours; and what will He not give to us? Everything. Therefore, think about making yourself a saint, and the rest will come by itself.

    Thank you for your attentions. Give my regards to the Tantalo’s, whom I remember with affection and gratitude. If you can, tell them to remind their sister who is in Barletta what I had said to her in person. I commend myself to your prayers, and leaving you in the Divine Volition to become a saint – in Which I hope to find you always – send my regards to Angelina from Corato. Most affectionately yours,

    the little spark of the Divine Will

    P.S. I will do the 4 applications as soon as possible.

    Corato,July 5, 1931
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    C8506717-D17E-4B85-A2B8-66F5D4EE2964.jpeg HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUISA
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    "Adorable Goodness, Infinite Mercy, knowing that You are Mercy Itself, I have come to ask for your Mercy - Mercy on your very images Mercy on the works created by You; Mercy on nothing else but your creatures themselves." Book of Heaven, April 16, 1904
    In answer to Luisa's request for Mercy, St. Mary Faustina was born the following year on August 25, 1905
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    Letter written by Saint Annibale di Francia to Luisa Piccarreta}

    Trani, August 28, 1926

    Most esteemed one in the Lord,

    I received the 4th little volume. I am skimming through the 3rd one and I noticed where it begins to speak about the Divine Will.

    I read the exaltation of the Cross, that of Holy Humility, and that of Holy Purity.

    Volume 7 has been reviewed completely.

    Sister M. Cristina, currently Vicar of this House, has the 5th and the 6th.

    Pray the Lord to inspire us on how to do the publication, and do it completely according to His Divine Volition. Amen.

    My thought is that the first print should be done in Oria, and that afterwards the whole printing should pass to Messina, where I reside, under my own eyes.

    In the meantime, continue the 15th in black, in which You started to write what happened to You during your infancy, childhood and youth. Write everything. Write also a faithful and complete narration of the illness – that is, your being bedridden; when it was, how it happened, in what year, the oppositions of the Bishops, of the Confessors, etc., etc.

    Also, in volume 19 write everything – everything that Our Lord reveals, even tiny things in passing.

    Everything for Holy Obedience, great Lady, for the Glory of God, for your mortification and for the good of souls. Be careful not to distort or hide anything!

    I bless You in the Lord with your dear ones, and I say,

    Yours in J.C. Canonico A.M. Di Francia
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    “You should know that I always love my children, my beloved creatures, I would eviscerate Myself in order not to see them stricken, so much so that in the deadly times to come, I have put them all in the hands of my Celestial Mama, to Her I have entrusted them, so that she holds them for Me under her secure mantle, I will give (to Her) all those that She will want, death itself won’t have power over those that will be in (the) custody of my Mama.” Now while he said this, my dear Jesus made me see with facts that the Sovereign Queen descended from Heaven with an indescribable Majesty, and a tenderness all Maternal, and turned in the midst of creatures, in all the nations and marked her dear children and those that should not be touched by the scourges, whomever my Celestial Mama touched, the scourges didn’t have power to touch the creatures. Sweet Jesus gave the right to his Mama to put in safety whom She pleased. How moving it was to see the Celestial Empress turn in all the parts of the world that she took between (her) Maternal hands, she assembled them to her breast, hid them under her mantle, so that not one evil might be able to harm those people that her Maternal goodness held in her custody, guarded and defended. Oh! If everyone might be able to see with how much love and tenderness the Celestial Queen did this office, they would cry from consolation and would love She who so very loves us.” Vol. 33, June 6, 1935
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    It is wonderful that Lusia requested God's mercy, like so many souls before her!

    Saints like Cornelius, Pope, and Cyprian, Bishop, and in reality all saints and even many, many souls have requested the mercy of God to be made manifest; it is not nor has it ever been a lone request of a one favoured soul!

    Let us Thank God For our Great Saint Faustina, whom God gave to mankind, due to the many prayers and requests of many souls before her!

    Unleashing God’s Mercy

    Monday, September 16, 2019

    Monday of the Twenty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

    Readings for Today

    Saints Cornelius, Pope, and Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs – Memorial


    “Lord, do not trouble yourself, for I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof.” Luke 7:6b The continual call of all the faithful Catholics down through the ages

    These specific words are spoken by a wealthy Roman centurion. His servant was ill and messengers were sent to Jesus to ask that He come heal the servant. However, this centurion deeply sensed his unworthiness before Jesus. As Jesus was arriving, the centurion sent his friends to humbly greet Jesus, profess his unworthiness, and profess his faith that Jesus could heal his servant from a distance. Jesus does just that after stating publicly, “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith” (Luke 7:9).

    One profound truth this passage reveals is that humility, faith and mercy are intertwined. The centurion knew the humble truth of Jesus’ greatness and his own unworthiness. The humble profession of that truth was an act of great faith on his part. The result was that mercy was sent forth upon the centurion and his servant.

    The example set for us by this centurion is a powerful one. Too often in our life of prayer we pray as if we have a right to God’s grace. This is a profound mistake. We must seek to follow this centurion’s example by understanding that we do not have a right to anything from our Lord. This humble acknowledgment is the necessary foundation for the reception of the abundant mercy of God. Mercy is a gift, not a right. But the good news is that God’s heart burns with a desire to pour forth that gift. Acknowledging mercy as an absolute gift, to which we have no right, unleashes its power in our lives. Understanding this humble truth is a profession of faith in God’s mercy and delights His heart abundantly.

    Reflect, today, upon those inspiring words of the centurion. “Lord, I am not worthy…” Say them over and over and allow them to become the foundation of your relationship with our Lord. In this humility, you will be richly blessed and in answer to our common prayer of Christs faithful we find this in "the lesson of St Faustina"

    Lord, I am not worthy that You would come to me. I am not worthy of the precious gift of Holy Communion or of Your mercy in my life. Please Lord, help me to continually see that all You give is a gift of Your unlimited mercy. I thank You, dear Lord. Jesus, I trust in You.
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    Blessed Be God in His Angels and His Saints. Amen
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    Domine, non sum dignus, ut intres sub tectum meum.
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    FROM THE LETTERS OF LUISA; To Mother Cecilia

    J.M.J.A. – Fiat
    I.V.D. D.G.

    My good and Reverend Mother,
    You will forgive me if I didn’t write to you, but be sure that I don’t forget you before Our Lord – that He may give you strength and grace in the most delicate office He entrusted to you. I hope that your first act may be to feed your novices with the bread of the Divine Will. However, in giving it, you have to spice it with a strong dose of love, with a kindness all celestial, with the sweetness of Jesus on your lips, so that they may find such taste in it that a few words may be enough for them in order to become saints. Nor will they look for long discourses, which, while attracting the hearing, leave the souls starving.

    Dearest Mother, tell them on my behalf not to pay attention to specks and straws, but to the celestial bread that sweet Jesus wants to give them through you – that is, the bread of the Supreme Fiat. Nor will Jesus ask them for any other account than this: that His Divine Will be accomplished in everything.

    My good Mother, as you know better than I, everything is in denying nothing to the Divine Will. To deny something to It, not letting oneself be dominated by It, means to break the sanctity, to tear it to shreds, in such a way that we ourselves will not be able to make head or tail of anything, in order to really become saints. We would be like a body from which arms, feet and heart have been detached; and – oh, poor sanctity, without the whole life of the Divine Will. Therefore, my Mother, let us love It very much; let us always do It, even at the cost of our lives. A more beautiful life will be given back to us. And let us interest ourselves in making It loved by others.

    Now let’s come to our case. I don’t believe that. There has never been a shadow of huffiness between us. You wanted to make a joke, which served to make us laugh and maybe to spur me on to write you.(*) If I didn’t write you before, it is because I didn’t see the necessity of it, and I was waiting for an opportunity to write you; nor did I know that Sister Maria Concetta came to Oria. Had I known it, I would have written you. I knew it only went she came back. Therefore, forgive me, and let us remain always friends and united in the Divine Volition.

    My sister kisses your right hand and tells you many, many things. All the Community sends you regards from the heart. Don Benedetto blesses you. I conclude by asking you: ‘And how are you doing?’ Give the confidence of a Mother to your daughters; be open with them, but so much as to attract them with filial trust to open up with you, so that you may apply the necessary remedies to their weaknesses, doubts, fears, etc. Mother, draw everything from sweet Jesus, and He will be generous to you. Don’t get distressed about anything; do not fear, because Jesus will take care of everything. I leave you in His arms, locked in His Divine Heart; and kissing your right hand with all my esteem, I commend myself to your prayers.

    Your most devoted and affectionate servant,
    Luisa Piccarreta

    Corato, February 25, 1933
    (*) Note added by the Confessor, who copied the letter: “Obedience provided Luisa with paper and pen in order to make the good M. Sister M. Cecilia content. I bless you in the Divine Will. Fr. Benedetto Calvi.
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    “This is our great hope and our invocation: ‘Your Kingdom come!’ a Kingdom of peace, justice and serenity, which will re-establish the original harmony of creation.” Pope John Paul II, Papal Address on Psalm 97, Nov. 6, 2002

    “The love story between God and man consists in the veryt tact that this communion of will increases in a communion of thought and sentiment, and thus our will and Gods Will increasingly coincide: God’s Will is no longer for me an alien will, something imposed on me from without by the commandments, but it is now my own will, based on the realization that God is in fact more deeply present to me than I am to myself. Then self-abandonment to God increases and god becomes our joy.” Pope Benedict XVI, ENCYCLICAL LETTER, DEUS CARITAS EST

    “I said the “triumph” will draw closer. This is equivalent in meaning to our praying for the coming of God’s Kingdom.” Pope Benedict XVI, Light of the World, p. 166, A Conversation With Peter Seewald
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    New and Divine Holiness of union with Divine Host.
    Luisa Piccarreta. 1847-1965.
    Rev. Hannibal di Francia.1851-1927.

    Mystical Incarnation:
    Conchita de Armida, 1862-1937.
    Archbishop Luis Martinez. 1881-1956.

    New and Divine Indwelling.
    Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity. 1880-1906.

    The Assumption of Souls in Love.
    Rev. Maximilian Kolbe 1894-1941.

    The Divine Substitution .
    Dina Belanger. 1897-1929.

    Divine Will and Living Hosts,
    Padre Pio. 1887-1969.
    Faustina Kowalska. 1905-1938.
    Mother Teresa of Calcutta. 1910-1997.
    Rev. Michael Sopocko. 1888-1976.

    Living Tabernacles.
    Vera Gritta. 1923-1969.
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    May 1st begins The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. For those who desire to honor Our Blessed Mother by reading Her words, I have attached a copy the book below:

    Attached Files:

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    A message from God given to Matthew Kelly sometime around 1994 (from the book "Our Father")

    "These times are harsh and so the only answer is saints! Saints greater than ever to see the will of God done on earth as it is in Heaven. Saints who want for nothing else but My will. Holy men and women prepared to sacrifice everything of a temporal nature to see My most Holy Will done."
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    Letter from Luisa: Most Reverend Father, Jesus says ‘thank you’ for your goodness in writing me. What consolation did it bring to my poor soul and to my confessor Don Benedetto! All of us went through sad times. Jesus Himself cried bitterly, and it broke my heart to see Him crying. It was a great demonstration of love, to reveal to us what the Heavenly Queen was about to begin, how much She loves us, how much She cared to teach us how to live in Divine Will, how to grow in It, and how She wanted to feed us with the food of the divine Fiat. When the book “The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will” was published in Italy, this good Mother took the first step to let us comprehend how much She loves us; so much so, as to take us onto her lap, to give us this gift of which She is the bearer. But the machinations of the enemies of her little book hindered her step, and She was sent back into the heavenly regions. From there, with invincible patience, She is waiting for a change of times, of people and of conditions, in order to continue her way, and give us that which is now despised.
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    For everything, let us give glory to our blessed Lord!

    And now, I cannot do without commending myself, warmly, to your prayers before our blessed Lord Jesus, for the work, for the strengths, and for tranquillity of spirit and of mind in order to publish – or better, to compile, to reorder and to publish – these most precious writings, according to the enlightenments which I seem to have received by our Lord, that He may want to restrain the infernal legions with His Divine power, so that they may not succeed in destroying me. And for this, also commit the power of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, that She may keep Lucifer and his demons in chains, and may keep me sheltered under her maternal mantle.

    Know that I no longer occupy myself with almost anything of the other things of my Institutes, since I dedicated myself completely to the great Work of the Divine Will
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    "Nothing is lost for us if we really want to live from the Divine Will. This Life exists within us, it did not escape; however, one must not abandon it, but make it grow and nourish it." Luisa Piccarreta
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