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    Mark is a wonderful person. He's smart, well read and has answered the call of the Lord. He is filled with the Holy Spirit and I've seen and felt it meeting him personally. He has sacrificed his and his families own financial security and put all his trust in Jesus. How many here can say the same?

    He is not superhuman and not infallible. Not everything he writes hits the mark but his batting average is way better than most. If you read him you must be channeling the spirit yourself to get any benefit from them. If you are reading thinking and looking for errors or things you don't agree with the whole time you might as well not bother. He helps and is helping 1000's of people (possibly 100's of thousands) and he is a very conservative Catholic.

    But what separates him from many Catholics is he is open to discerning the spirit as God speaks to and through the flock. This is always risky because many don't even understand what he is doing. Many think that mentioning a seer that turned out not to be approved makes him in error and misleading people. We are called to test the spirit. I could make up messages from God and likely convince many here they are from God because they align with scripture and church teaching. These may not be from God but they sure aren't from hell. If CTTK drops a seer it doesn't bother me at all. I understand what they are doing. Many here throwing stones continually just don't get it.

    No one living is going to be 100% in line with the Holy Spirit all of the time. Personally I might waver between 60-80% and often fall well below 50% sadly. More often than not reading Mark Mallett gives me a boost back up from where I was. So many things I forget while navigating this world, getting lost often in thinking things in this world are more important that my faith in Christ. It's a battle and MM's writing so often pull me back to my true calling, so many times I can't even number them.

    He may not have this affect on others so it's really just a personal testimony.
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    I'm sure Mark is a exceptional Catholic Christian. You the thick of things...we all get a bit bonkers with all the goings on. I think if we where all at a private party...we would all have a chance to talk with each other...I'd find you all with such likeable as it were. is only one well as you all.
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    I disagree! If/when God wants to get our "attention," He does. At Fatima, for example, how many "cautious" Catholics were left, after the Miracle of the Sun? With St. Juan Diego, in Mexico, who could be disbelieving, after he showed his cloak and roses (in winter)! Even, with St. Faustina, He showed His power with a "great sign," a Light in the Sky, before World War...
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    It is something to be careful of, I think, of saying anyone is/will be a "saint." Not, I am saying, he/family are bad, but, we cannot know these things, we can be disappointed. When I was younger, I thought Fr. John Corapi was a "saint," many good people said so, too! (Also, here on the blog, some people said, Charlie Johnson is for real, see the disappintment today, even you said Johnson was for real, Padraig, I remember that.)

    I worry for Mark, he may lack "discernment," since he lets himself appear with other visionaries who are not approved. His followers, if they believe in Mark, they also believe in these others.
    If Mark has "unease" now about the new website, he should turn away.

    I like his essays, but I cannot say they are locutions, I believe. He mixes in politics, etc. Right now, for locutions, I believe the monk/priest who wrote "In Sino Jesu," these words "feel" true to me. Those locutions, they stick to one topic, they are about holiness, not politics, they are simple. God's words are always simple and straight-to-the-heart!

    These are just my thoughts...
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  5. 90% of what he reads and brings from his writings are false locutions, from Charlie Johnston to Vassula and Locutions to The World etc. And he often quotes texts from Popes or the magisterium out of context, forcing the interpretation that best fits his locutions. In fact, his texts are paraphrases of different locutions, in which he tries to justify by placing church doctrine in the middle of them. His style of writing is beautiful, but full of errors. It seems he has some fetish by the most unknown and the craziest possible Locutions ( "a soul" "anonimous soul" jenifer, caroline etc.) that type of long and endless locutions that even talk about football games or other futilities.

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