The Matchless Pearl

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    This is a nice story posted on Spirit Digest, for those who have not read it yet, here is the beginning of the story (URL at the bottom of the message).

    A pearl diver rejected Jesus because it made no sense but God knew the perfect way to get to him

    David Morse - American missionary to India - became great friends there with the pearl-diver, Rambhau. Many an evening he spent in Rambhau's cabin reading to him from the Bible, and explaining to him God's way of salvation.


    Rambhau enjoyed listening to the Word of God, but whenever the missionary tried to get Rambhau to accept Christ as his Savior - he would shake his head and reply, "Your Christian way to heaven is too easy for me! I cannot accept it. If ever I should find admittance to heaven in that manner - I would feel like a pauper a beggar who has been let in out of pity. I may be proud - but I want to deserve, I want to earn my place in heaven -- and so I am going to work for it."

    To continue reading, here is the URL:

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    Jay, David Morse's example of perseverance is a second pearl of great price in this story! :cool: Thanks!

    Safe in the Flames of the Sacred Heart!
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    I want to thank you for this bump.

    I have been witnessing to a young father fighting with his estranged wife over custody of their only son. He was baptized Catholic, but never raised one. Currently he leans toward the 7th Day Adventists. This story will touch his heart I'm sure. Thank you for resurrecting it.

    Safe in the Flames of the Sacred Heart!
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    You are very welcome, Terry.

    I have been thinking lately about the current great solar minimum and how it might relate to the anniversary of the Dancing Sun the 100th in October.

    Any thoughts?

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    Earthtoangels once included a theory in the Signs thread, I believe, that spoke of increased galactic cosmic rays (see the 3 min. mark on the above clip) as a cause for the cooling of the planet experienced from 1500-18oo AD. The claim was that we are once more entering a similar time that will negatively affect food production and the like.:eek:

    However, I'm not sure if the intensity of the current solar minimum will play a short-term role in the Chastisement which we have entered, unless it goes on for longer than we think.:unsure:

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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    It just occurs to me that when God choose the Sun as His Instrument to Dance He had His reasons. As Einstein pointed out God does not do dice
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