The little girl is raised, the church is renewed

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    Christian Division and the Church that was Regarded as Dead

    Recently we read the beautiful Gospel that shows the parallel healing and resuscitation: the healing of the woman who had had hemorrhaging for 12 years and the resurrection of the 12 year-old girl. I had always heard these Scriptures for many years now, even into these many years that I have been pondering Apocalypse and Salvation History in general, but it had never occurred to me that there would be an incredible spiritual meaning to this text, that is, until now! What, then, if the scene is a proto-expression of the Two Witnesses discourse? May sound crazy, but it is entirely apropos. Come along and see.

    The Two Females, the Old and New People’s of God

    To begin, obviously, there are two females, one old, one young: the hemorrhaging woman and the 12 year old girl. Well, firstly, God’s People are female, because they receive from God into their inner being truth and grace, just as a woman receives a man into her body. Relatively speaking, though there is only One People of God at any one time, and in particular, the Church is the true People of God now, there is still an alternative beloved People who, in the New Covenant, are separated from Christ but will accept him at the end, the Jews.

    Why is one female older than another? Well, the Jews are older spiritually since they entered covenant with God some three ages before the Christ came, who inaugurated the Church. Hence, the hemorrhaging woman is the Jews, and the girl is the developing Church.

    A parallel development is also suggested since they both traverse the same period of time, 12 years; that is, at the time that the woman here encounters Jesus, she has been internally bleeding for 12 years, and the girl, at this time, is 12 years old also. 12, of course, is like the fullness, as in 12 Tribes or 12 Apostles. Hence, a certain sense of an epic event that brings fullness would be meant here. We will deal with this momentarily.

    Note, too, this is like the parable of the prodigal son, which is about the Jews and the Gentiles according to some Fathers. Which one is the prodigal son? Okay, well, like above, each son represents a People that are born into the Kingdom of God. The Jewish people were born into God's Family first through Abraham so they are older. The Gentiles are not born into God's family until many centuries later with the coming of Jesus, and so are younger. So then obviously, the older son is the Jews and the younger son is the Gentiles. This gives us an added support to interpret the two females of our Gospel scene in question.
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