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    Yes Edit Stein. Wonderful example for modern women. Her relentless search for truth and her intellectual prowess which never induced pride just humility and finally her love for her fellow man is very moving. I love the Carmelite saints.
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    Isn't God Great!

    The expanse of His Mercy, His saints, His angels is so great! One can get lost in contemplating these beauties of God.

    And trying to find a footing becomes an agony for the soul, because you realise how confined and restrained you are as an imperfect human being, especially when so much is offered by our lavish and benevolent Lord and God!

    I find, when its too much for the senses, Our lord is kind; He leads us back to our pilgrimage on earth, where He requires us to live reality, in an unreal and shadow world, the place where many of His loved children are devoid of this knowledge !
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    She is a great favorite of mine. St Anthony is my dearest friend. I count on him a lot! Our beautiful monastery is St Anthony's so I make a lot of donations!! (Having lost many things over the years and miraculously found them....) Padre Pio has been a stalwart heavenly friend. But I think next to Our Blessed Mother I have to say St Joseph is "numero uno." I am making the Holy Cloak novena too.
    I have to say The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the devotion dearest to my heart. I have pictures and statues everywhere. I have loved this devotion since childhood.

    I have to add I have a great love for and reliance on my Guardian Angel! Also St Michael! How blessed we are with our heavenly family.
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    There is the most beautiful incident from the life of St Teresa of the Andes which I often like to think one.

    One day she went down to the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes shortly before her death. She met the Prioress and it seemed to her that Teresa was in a daze, a state of exaltation.

    Nobody knows what happened but my guess is that Our Lady appeared and told her she was to die very soon, come home to heaven and afterwards be declared a saint.

    I'm only guessing but just imagine if it were true....:):)
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    If there were no abortions the world would not be in the State it's in.

    Abortion is the biggie.

    It is Satanic and opens the Gates of Hell.
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    July 13 is the feast of St Teresa of the Andes .

    An amazing saint.

    Just imagine! She was only 19 when she left this earth!

    "A long life is not necessary for holiness".

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    This is 100% correct. It’s one of the sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. It is so widespread in its scope, too, and satanic. So offensive to the Creator of all life.
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    Will check this out. Thank you.
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    Yes it is Satanic Child Sacrifice.
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    There is another wonder scene from her life.

    The Prioress and the Novicemistress were discussing Teresa who was, really only a young girl. The Prioress declares she is a saint. The Novices Mistress is very sceptical and wonders then why she needed to enter Carmel at all, whever everyone else enters Carmel to become a saint and she already was one?

    I kinda sympathise with The Novice Mistress it does seem incredible.

    But if you listen to some of the things she said and did, well the Prioress was quite right, she was indeed a saint, even before entry.

    Sometimes I suspect it is as wonderful a gift to spot a saint as to be one

    Saints can be elusive.
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    Totally correct! That is exactly what it is. This is how they supposedly get their power.
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    Yes, sacrifices to Moloch
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    One day, as St. Therese the Little Flower was in the Carmel's infirmary, two of her fellow Carmelites were in the yard below discussing her impending death, unaware she could overhear them. The two sisters were sharing their difficulty in coming up with impressive examples to put in her obituary (a standard Carmelite practice). This pleased Therese very much and she laughed to herself about it.:D

    There is a shining example of holiness: unconcern for one's public image. Now there's a facet of my life that still needs a lot of work!:rolleyes::LOL:

    St. Therese, pray for me!
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    Although on the other hand there was a wonderful book I read concerning conversations she had. It seems clear to me that Therese knew she would be raised to the Altars of the Church after her death,that God had raised her to a very high state of holiness.

    I know that this doesn't sound very humble, but humility is about facing the truth. Therese was very very clear sighted and honest
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  16. padraig

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    This is all the more extraordinary in that she lived such an obscure life. Nor do I think she discovered these things through Supernatural means. I believe she simply worked them out.

    She's a Doctor of the Church, she knew what was what
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  17. padraig

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    I think people are too inclined to write St Therese off with the dear Little Flower stuff.

    But she had a heart like a lion, a mind like a razor blade and an inexhaustible thirst for the truth.
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  18. Sam

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    I am a very little soul whom God has overwhelmed with graces. In heaven you will see that I am speaking the truth.

    -St. Therese of Lisieux
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    I can't quite agree with you on that point, Padraig. Therese had supreme confidence in the transforming Love and Mercy of Jesus. Her trust was so deep, she saw the austere, penitential path as non-essential and a leftover from the heresy of Jansenism. Nothing reveals this more clearly, I think, than her letters to an aspiring seminarian named Maurice. In the midst of her Dark Night, during the last eleven months of her life, they exchanged ever increasingly heartfelt letters. They became true friends. Toward the end, Therese would be in great pain and have to break down her letters into portions in order to finish them. Such was her love for him.

    But I don't believe she saw herself as holy, only little. She was indeed confident of obtaining the goal of heaven, for numerous times she promised that the efficaciousness of their friendship and of her prayers for him would bear much more fruit when she would go to be with Her Beloved.

    ...I promise to remain your little sister in heaven. Far from being broken, our union will become a closer one, for then there will be no more cloister and no more grills, and my soul will be free to fly with you to the missions far away. Our roles will be the same. Yours will be apostolic labor, and mine will be prayer and love (2/24/1897: Maurice and Therese, p.85).

    But the greatest treasure found in these letters is when Therese would admonish her friend for beating himself up for his shortcomings. Speaking of Jesus, she tells Maurice:

    "He has forgotten your infidelities long ago. Only your desires for perfection remain to make His heart rejoice. I implore you, don't drag yourself to His feet ever again. Follow that "first impulse which draws you into His arms." That is where you belong and I have decided, now more so than from your other letters that you are forbidden to go to heaven by any other road than the one your poor little sister travels." (7/26/1897: Maurice and Therese, p.189)

    Finally, her last words to Maurice speak volumes about her own self-appraisal: "Your unworthy little Sister of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face. r.c.i." (8/10/1897: Maurice and Therese, p.211)

    Ah, her supreme confidence in the mercy of Christ.
    One might argue that this reflects Luther's belief in justification by faith. Nothing of the sort. Luther had confidence only in God's saving grace, not in Christ's transforming grace. Luther could appease his conscience only by convincing himself his efforts/good works/failures matter not. In fact, I believe he implied once that the more you sin, the more God's mercy is glorified. Ouch! Notice in the quote above, Therese speaks of our "desires for perfection." It is an echo of St. Paul:

    Phil 3:12 Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus. 13 Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

    Oops! Sorry! I'm getting carried away!:rolleyes::censored::love::LOL:
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    Lovely. Therese and Maurice is a favorite book of mine.

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