The Life and Death of Ella Grand Duchess of Russia: A Romanov Tragedy

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    "Ella established the first convent community of its kind in Moscow. As the ordained abbess of the Order of Saints Martha and Mary, Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna worked tirelessly with the sick, needy, outcast and untouchable inhabitants of the city’s slum districts. Brutally murdered by the Bolsheviks at the height of the Russian Revolution, Ella was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church as the Holy Imperial Martyr Saint Elisabeth Romanova."

    Will begin reading this asap. :love:

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    Thanks for sharing, DesertStar7
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    Another Royal nun. If memory serves me right, the mother of Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh became a nun
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    I don't know.

    Elisabeth Romanova is/was his great-aunt.
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    Thank you, DS:love:
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    Perhaps this is what I'm remembering
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    I watched this last evening.

    A remarkable woman, Royal or not.

    Some of the content will be shocking, but then Princess Alice was afflicted with bouts of mental illness.

    A brave, courageous lady. Not afraid "to get her hands dirty" -- literally.
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    yes, I was introduced to her while watching "the Crown" very very interesting and Prince Philip seemed embarrassed of her....
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    The things I could say about Prince Philip, but he was her beloved son, so... :censored:
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    The last Empress / Tsarina of Russia, Ella's sister, Alexandra Feodorovna:

    A very excellent short video.

    I'd read (new to the Romanovs) that her eldest daughters volunteered as nurses to wounded soldiers...(and that's enough of spoilers!).
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    A video about Elisabeth, produced by the folks who put together "The Romanov Royal Martyrs" book (, including the (previous post) video about her sister, Tsarina Alexandra:

    The series of videos:

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