The Illumination will be tough on Protestants.

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    Google Images has a lot to offer. That's where I get mine. Search with "Sacred Heart of Jesus / Mary" or "Virgin Mary" or "Blessed Mother of God", etc. Choose an image, save it to your computer or gadget, then upload it via "Upload a File" at lower right hand corner of the posting field. :)

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    I believe that in addition to the use of the sacramentals, we can use Psalm 91 as a form of protection during the 3 days of darkness, I believe that if we recite it every day at the end of the 3 mysteries of the Holy Rosary, we will be able to memorize it completely during the 3 days of darkness.
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    Well, there's a coincidence. I watched a Patrick Coffin discussion with the exorcist Fr. lampert today, and Fr. Lampert gave the same advice for protecting ourselves from falling into despair during these lockdowns. He recommended Mass, the Sacraments, the Rosary and Psalm 91. I was about to look up Psalm 91 when I read your post. He also recommended the St. Michael Chaplet.
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    How church is losing the faith and becoming more like Protestants....then the three days of darkness happens and they’ll be back.....
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    Jump in anytime.....everyone else does! Some post are so old that the posters forgot their own post! Worry not!
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    Dear Christy Beth,

    We are all a work in progress! So glad your here at MOG. Personally, I’ve learned quite a bit from some very learned folks will too. Don’t be too hard on yourself....coming from a Protestant background, it may be some time until things click for you...but eventually they will.

    Some very good folks here....and were blessed to have you join MOG!
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    Here are some free online Catholic bible studies that you might find helpful:

    I like the look of the first one.

    Here's a link to a playlist of Catholic bible study classes on youtube:

    When searching for bible studies, I came across a Catholic website which has links to some free eBooks and thought you might like this book on how to read the parables:
    The 3 days of darkness and illumination of conscience being from private revelation, we aren't bound to believe in them but there's no harm in having blessed candles on hand just in case. I got my candles blessed on Candlemas Day. Some priests will arrange to bless all candles at Mass or immediately after Mass on that day. Bring your candles to Mass and if there's no announcement ask the priest to bless them after Mass. February 2nd is Candlemas Day. If the public are excluded from Mass in your area, phone the priest and arrange to drop off your candles for the blessing and collect them afterwards.
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    Imelda Lambertini was a young girl.
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    Thanks!! I'll definitely check out the bible studies. I need all the help I can get at a time like this. I thought I'd see if Fr. John could come over and bless several things I have been wanting to get blessed. I had my home blessed at one point, but have gotten a few other things that I think need to be blessed. I know that if information comes through private revelation, I'm not required to believe it. But I think, at the same time, if there is a warning there, then it might be wise to be prepared. I think my biggest preparation is making sure I'm ready to stand before the Lord at the end of time. So I'm trying to get my act together.
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    The 3 days of darkness are at the end of the tribulation. The last punishment before an era of peace. The warning or illumination of consciousness is much earlier, that's for sure in my opinion. Until recently I thought it was very close, but right now I'm not so sure.

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