The great betrayal

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    COVID-19 Implications for the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne Information Updated: 18 November 2021, 5:00pm The following Guidelines are approved by Most Rev Peter A Comensoli, Archbishop of Melbourne, to assist Clergy and Faithful with questions pertaining to specific areas of liturgy and ministry in the Archdiocese of Melbourne during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.






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    Interesting use of language to define this unvaccinated as “unknown vaccination status”. What a crock… it’s clear what their status is and it’s clear they are segregating them. Can you imagine this happening to any of group of people- the outrage would be enormous.

    I doubt this will happen because of the fear and prejudice being applied, but would be awesome if the Masses for the unknowns was overflowing and the others not attended. Would be a huge message. And if logic were intact (it is not unfortunately), the vaccinated should have no problem attending the unknowns/ are they not protected?

    Strange days.
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    Need proof of abortion tainted injection to enter a Catholic church. Surely it won't be long until Christs arrival.
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    Diabolical disorientation on display. Our Lady warned us, buckle up
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    :cry: I feel deep sadness to all this and can only much longer Lord, till you come again?
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    It's hard to comprehend a church participating in this

  9. Come Lord Jesus...
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    Thank you garabandal for posting this.

    I was not aware. But I need to know, to what levels the Lord is continuing to be betrayed here in Australia.

    Yesterday the 23rd November, I was in tears all day and suffered a type of grief, that I think I must have been suppressing.
    I have been crying most days over the last 2 years (yes it commenced about 11 months before the covid outbreak), however I normally have my cry and then pull myself up by my bootstraps and carry on.

    However yesterday, it seemed different, I had a deep soul yearning, like we see in the 4th and 12th stations of the cross where our Lady reaches out with her arms and hands to her son, desperately wanting to alleviate His pain, wanting to stop the torture but she is deprived of this maternal ability and is forced to witness and endure this brutality. I visited the grave of my daughter Erin; so that I could be near her and let my soul communicate to her, I said two rosaries while there and sobbed through each Hail Mary; I walked among the graves of all the other children and asked for their prayers for Australia. It was so strange, as I walked through the graves I felt my daughter calling me back to her grave, so she could mother me! So beautiful amidst my grief.

    On leaving I knelt down and caressed the grass that covers her grave.

    This morning 24th November, I read this post, Garabandal. So unbelievable, so shocking. Lord have Mercy on Australia

    I looked after my 10 week old grandson today (I was alone with him), I sang nearly every hymn I know to him, as I sang, I cried, he smiled at me but mostly he smiled and gooed and gared at something I could not see but he obviously saw over my left shoulder mainly, he looked, smiled and moved his head from side to side (watching I think many things) as I sang and prayed with him, I called down the protection of all the, saints, angels and heavenly hosts.

    It was beautiful. His innocence has been a powerful balm for my soul.

    May God always be praised and adored in His creation of these most helpless, dependent, loving, new souls that He sends to the world, to show us His love and who heal us of our sorrow, especially in our hour of need. Amen
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    Your post brought tears to my eyes.
    But these are the best óf times and the worst of times. We are being stripped of all that we hold dear but a new world of peace and love is emerging. Our mourning will change into dancing in the Lords great plan. We can't see it now but He has told us and His word is true.
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    He is already here Indy he is sitting outside the doors with the unclean (y) Think I might join him ;)

    So when they open the baths in Lourdes will you need a vaccine passport to enter :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Hypocrites :mad::mad:

    "He made a whip out of cords
    and drove them all out of the temple area, with the sheep and oxen,
    and spilled the coins of the money changers
    and overturned their tables,
    and to those who sold doves he said,
    “Take these out of here,
    and stop making my Father’s house a marketplace."
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    Your post was both sad and beautiful josephite…

    but mostly he smiled and gooed and gared at something I could not see but he obviously saw over my left shoulder mainly, he looked, smiled and moved his head from side to side (watching I think many things”……. I believe a angel from heaven was what your infant grandchild was seeing as you sang heavenly hymns to him…

    Im so sorry for your sadness. May our dear Lord use your suffering for His glory.
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    Even Our Dear Lord had His limits with these vipers.!
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