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    It’s just sickening, but God does have a plan in all of this. We must look only to Him for help and not to man.
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    We have Epoch News for the true news, but that’s about it. The MSM is owned by the left.
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    Aside from whatever is going on with his health, he is now using the latest narrative to tighten the vise. I’ve noticed others in Administration also using it during the last few days. They are trying to equate these experimental mRNA “vaccines” to traditional ones given for measles, rubella, etc. These are vaccines that are developed through tried and true methods and technologies and are truly FDA approved. And manufacturing is also closely monitored. This is far from the EUAs and completely rushed FDA “approved” mRNA. This technology may in fact one day be shown to be safe and effective, but right now it can’t meet that test. So once again, the disingenuous narrative equating tried and true vaccines to these new ones is really atrocious
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    Thank you for the much needed reminder!
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    The solution to a Govt created crisis is always more Govt. So the Governor of Mass. is going to pull CDL licensed drivers from their daily jobs to staff buses to take kids to school which also requires additional training. So much for that shipping crises. These people are out of their minds and they just keep doubling down on it.


    National Guard to drive kids to school amid bus driver shortage in Massachusetts
    By Tori B. Powell

    September 14, 2021 / 7:20 PM / CBS News

    As a bus driver shortage sweeps across the nation, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has deployed National Guard personnel to address the problem in his state. Beginning Tuesday, up to 250 Massachusetts guard members were made available to drive students to and from school to address the lack of staff.

    "The safe and reliable transportation to school each day is critical to our children's safety and education," Baker wrote on Twitter Monday.

    National Guard personnel will drive students in special school transport vans called 7D vehicles, and they will undergo vehicle training before becoming temporary drivers, the governor's office said in a statement. On Tuesday, 90 guard members began preparing service for school districts including Chelsea, Lawrence, Lowell and Lynn.
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    The whole situation is outrageous. Driving a school bus in Massachusetts should come with hazard pay, especially in those communities. The behavior on school busses is dreadful, and complaints to the schools about unruly students are ignored. We don't even live in the Boston area, and all of my grandchildren must be driven to school because of bullying on the bus. In their school district kindergarten through middle school ride the busses together. The last straw for my daughter was when she discovered that older students were taking photos of the little ones and posting them on social media. :eek: After the prolonged school lockdown, bus drivers realized they can find better paying, safer jobs elsewhere. The bus situation has been going down hill for years, Charlie Baker should have been concerned about 'safe and reliable' transportation long ago.
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    Shaking my head.
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    Good post.
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    Societal decay of the highest magnitude
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    I recall reading a book Forensic Criminology years ago and they stated that if you wanted to take control of a City all you had to take control of a City all you had to do would be to take control of the Coroner's Office. This takes a little thinking about but if you control the Coroner you can kill anyone you want without it being spotted. If you can kill anyone you want you control everything. Intelligence Agencies of course have know this for years and use undetectable killing methods to achieve this.

    The Devil is totally brilliant but does not think like God because the bottom line with Satan is Pride. So he attacks top down. He goes for the ones with most Control and high on that list is the media. He controls the media he controls pretty well everything else.

    The media control us by telling lies. The only thing with constantly telling lies is you get caught out and then folks don't believe you anymore. So constant lies like all sin ends up counterproductive.

    You sink your own boat.

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    You can say that again.
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    I saw that story here too:

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  17. Beth B

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    Wow..I had no idea! This is horrible…
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    I think that he does this kind of thing as a wind-up. Confident that the Pope will cover for him, he likes to widen divisions in the Church, driving faithful Catholics away from unity with the Holy See. Satan loves division and will use any means to foment it. Using a perverted priest as an instrument by twisting Scripture to paint evil as good while at the same time making the faithful doubtful about God's promise to the Church is a very clever Satanic tactic. The priest's tweets are best ignored. God will deal with him and any prelates failing in their duty to correct him.
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  19. Don_D

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    I didn't intend it that way but it is kind of funny now that you point it out. :D
    It really is a great example of how ones passion blinds them to the truth and leads them after their own ends. Later in the thread he backpedals a bit after taking some heat for spewing such heretical nonsense. I hope he still gets that occasional urging that he is on the wrong road. I would bet he goes back at some point and deletes it regardless.
    I shouldn't be surprised I suppose to see this kind of thing posted but the manner in which it twists the scripture I admit was upsetting to me. I have read some incredibly twisted occult ramblings in my day and that sort of thing ranks right up there with them.
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