The Future of the United States of America.

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by padraig, May 5, 2010.

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    HOW can it be plain when it is filled with angels!
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    Sorry! You are correct!(y)
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    Sadly there are many situations that could cause the great division and walking out of Congress. Could be CRT in public schools and the military, vaccine mandates and passports, race, Afghanistan, etc. I personally think it may be the domestic war on terror the dems want to start. They will treat trump supporters and conservatives like we did al Qaeda. I am not sure how this would pass congress without getting rid of the filibuster. I also personally do not think trump is the great leader of the icons. Don't think we have seen that person yet but will probably emerge when Congress divides. I have no idea who it is but we need a leader so badly. I am not sure the US or world will survive over 3 years left of Biden!
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    Archbishop Sheen said that the word, 'Demonic' , stems from the Greek, 'Diabolos', to rend or to divide. I can't help think that the Devil is very actively working to divide the American people at this time.

    For instance I follow everyday a Conservative voice every day, Dave Rubin. Dave is an Agnostic , Jewish homosexual who is #married with a, 'husband'. He is very well off and successful, but would not I would guess be a person of prayer and a person who does not pray would be wide open to demonic suggestion.

    I am naturally very, very Conservative I would guess even further to the Right or of even Dave himself. But a lot of what he says fills me with unease. He tends to be very , very partisan indeed,viewing everyone on the Left as pretty much bad people. There is a shrillness a harshness to his tone when talking about his political opponents that fills me with unease. It is not just Dave of course you find it all over the place in the USA. This kinda trashing of and dehumanising of the opposition. On Fox News for instance. Things have taken a really, really nasty turn.

    Perhaps being an outsider I can see this better. This dehumanising of people happens just before we get the guns out to shoot them.

    Worse than this it seems even to be happening within the Church in America itself. Catholics talking about Catholics often in a really cruel way.

    It's very,very sad.

    I don't follow the left very much but I would guess it is the same or even worse in their side too.

    It is all fighting talk and bodes ill for the Union.
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    It is clearly of the devil. And its seductive. It would be so easy to hate those cooperating in the destruction of our Church and our countries---most of them through a kind of brainwashing ignorance but some through sheer malice and corruption. But we must not go down that road. Ever. Despite what we see them do and suspect what we don't see we must pray for them and hold no malice in our hearts. Jesus died for them too.. There is no other way. That is how God has constructed it. " If you forgive others your Heavenly Father will forgive you."
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    I am inclined to be very uncharitable myself, often. I think getting older can sometimes make folks a little crabby too.:rolleyes: Maybe the virus and lock downs have made people more than a little short fused too. This coming winter if there are yet more lock downs and dreadful new forcing laws, it may be an explosion waiting to happen.

    This is especially true for those who do not pray. No prayer, no patience or tolerance.

    But at least if I cannot control other people, I beg God to grant me the grace to be Mr Cool and

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    I also am strongly conservative and I refuse to hate anyone. I have noticed that the left is much more vocal in its hatred and they get away with it. An English comedienne made a ‘funny’ remark about throwing not eggs but battery acid at a political figure that she hates. She got away with it as the BBC also hates this man. Hilary Mantel talks about how she fantasised about killing a former prime minister. This level of visceral hatred is in my opinion more common on the left. I have had to unfollow old university friends on Facebook because of their spiteful comments about politicians they hate, which extends to their spouses.

    We have few right of centre voices on UK TV that there is little to compare. I think a lot of anger in the US is due to a feeling of powerlessness among conservatives who believe their electoral voice was silenced.

    One of Padraig’s comments in the Icons was that nothing has worth unless it is rooted in love of God; not love of country, spouse or anything else. I think there is a lot of food for prayerful meditation here. America is so divided and the pot simmers. It will boil over into civil war if people forget God.
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    There was a reading on this from St Paul at Mass a few days ago which had me thinking. He was writing of the importance of praying for our Rulers. Our Governments are the glue that bind is all together.

    1 Timothy 2:2

    A Call to Prayer
    1First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered for everyone— 2for kings and all those in authority— so that we may lead tranquil and quiet lives in all godliness and dignity. 3This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior,…
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    Yes, the division among Americans is bad. Our leaders are actively promoting hatred towards the unvaccinated, so we know that the devil himself is in the mix. When I am out driving I often listen to local talk radio, it is an unedited window into the heart and soul of Americans. The majority of those who call in are brutally honest, and I can say with certainty that Americans are fed up. The protests are building in NYC, and hundreds of nurses are taking a stand against the hospitals that impose vaccine mandates. There was a nursing shortage before all of this, now it is a crisis situation. These hospitals are totally insane, which of course is in tune with the illogical agenda, or should I call it diabolical disorientation. We are a simmering pot that is coming to a rapid boil. :(
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    You have spoken truth.
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    Civil Disobedience falls perfectly within the spoke of Catholic Moral Teaching, though I would guess a big breath for prayer and discernment would be needed before taking such a big, big step.

    Not something to do lightly.

    'If in any point [human law] deflects from the law of nature, it is no longer a law but a perversion'
    of law” (ST I-II Q. 95 A. 2).

    St Thomas Aquinas also states that '... an unjust law is not a binding law. (ST I-II Q. 96 A. 4).

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    I wonder if Joe is down with you know what...? God might have sense of humour.

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    Boy, he doesn't look or sound very good. Prayers for his health are in order.
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    Is he double vaxxed?

    I have a feeling some leaders get a placebo.
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    I have often thought this as well.
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    It's weird the way the Media have not picked up on this. Almost total silence. Only one source, 'The Sun'.

    I thought they'd be going crazy.

    It's like it's not happening. If it were me I would certainly be retiring and booking a right away test. Joe seems to be firing away. If I walked into the hospital like that people would be running away from me screaming.:D:D;)
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