The Future of the United States of America.

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by padraig, May 5, 2010.

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    Lincoln had those Native American chiefs executed because they led raids against settlers, leading to the deaths of American citizens.
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    Here's a scene from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" that (unfortunately) sums things up. In this episode, taking place at Thanksgiving, the Scooby Gang have disturbed a Native American burial site, and those spirits are wreaking their vengeance: Xander has been infected with syphilis (which, since it's supernatural in origin, can't be treated) while Willow wants to find a way to get the Native American spirits to feel good and leave everyone alone. Spike (being British) has a very keen sense of history, here:

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    Did you ever notice in films and on TV series how very, very unhappy people are portrayed? What very complicated and difficult lives they live when totally immoral and Godless. How often do you hear God mentioned even once?
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    If you type, 'Catholic films, 'saints' on utube you can often turn up good stuff.

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    One to discern about what the name Biden means, as the thread is about the future of the USA

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    I would love an update on the icons visions given to Padraig. They were given in 2010 and things are looking clearer. However unless I haven’t been listening, we have only seen six of the promised nine.

    On a more recent post Padraig seemed to be hinting that the man leading a party of people from the hall of government was DJT. I had a feeling in rereading the text that it was Trump. He’s not ‘from the country’ but nor is he a politician. He’s a political outsider.

    Perhaps we don’t need the last three visions as number six is the church of refuge with our Lady at the heart. The triumph?

    I don’t usually take a lot of notice of private revelation but the icons have always struck me as credible prophecy.
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    I was wondering when Joe Biden launched the vaccine mandate thing if we might be approaching the time of folks doing a big walk out from Congress? Of real schism or separating of the ways?

    Even watching the recent school board meetings in the States , its just as though people have had it up to here. That they are just saying, enough is enough. A kind of stop point.
    Actually I have been very,very surprised how patient people have been.

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    I went back to the beginning of the thread to find Padraig's descriptions of the icons. I also ran across maryrose's description of a Catholic church building in the USA that is ready to be opened, but they're waiting for the Holy Spirit to tell them when to do it. (I'm assuming that, even though it is closed at this time, that the Bishop has consecrated the church so there would be no waiting or delays when the time to reveal it is here.)

    I believe it may be possible that, as a church building that was built not as part of any parish, it may fall in those cracks of Traditionis Custodes that allow for the TLM to be celebrated in buildings that aren't associated with any existing parish, provided they weren't built exclusively for the TLM.
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    There may be more of these, perhaps private chapels. Here in Maryland, there is a chapel which was used for Mass during the period when the “official religion” was Anglican. After it was permitted to worship as Catholics, the chapels were used because there were no parish churches. This particular chapel had a room upstairs for the priest to stay in.
    After that, there was only one Archdiocese in the US, and that was in Baltimore. The first Archbishop of the US in the diocese of Baltimore was John Carroll. He was taken by horse and carriage about 20 miles from his birthplace in Upper Marlboro to a place called Boone’s Chapel to be baptized as an parish churches yet.
    Boone’s Chapel no longer stands, but the chapel I’m thinking of has recently been renovated. Hmmm. Good point, Muzhik.
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    in 1936, chapel on the grounds of Compton Bassett, Upper Marlboro, MD.
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    The restorers used the same kind of bricks and wood.
    This chapel is on an old property which is called Compton Bassett after the manor in England. The chapel dated from around 1772. So I think it is still a private residence. I can see it when I drive by.
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    I was listening to a truly wonderful homily this morning. In it the Father refers to a book which I must must get, which was written in the 1930's.


    But one thing the Father mentions is that a result of sin in society bears many fruits one of which is that Government itself ceases to exist. \That people will be just left as individuals with no Government. That the most severe punishment of all is Civil Wars, Social Unrest and Wars between nations.

    This is the End of the USA I wrote of in the Icons.

    You can get this book on Amazon, I think. Really looking forward to reading it.

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    I'd love to see the inside!
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    I’ll post it when I get home. It’s very plain. You have to use your imagination :)
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    It has been a lifelong dream of mine to bring a small chapel/church back to life. I would so love to fill it with sacred art, and music. I have witnessed the sale, or demolition of so many beautiful churches in our area over the past 10-15 years that I could cry. It would take a lottery win to accomplish my dream, so for now it shall remain on the 'back burner'. :)
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