The Future of the United States of America.

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    The one he reminded me most of is Ted Cruz, but he did not have a beard. I must see if he ever goes about without a beard. Also thinner.

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    I believe the beard is a new thing.
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  3. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    There was a video somewhere of a nurse from Truro hospital in Cornwall South West UK, and she was saying the very same thing as the nurse in Canada who is speaking on the attached link.

    That is, what the media are telling us is a pack of lies. There was no big overwhelming case load arriving in Truro hospital either.

    I can tell you when in hospital October 2020 for surgery here in South East UK, I asked a nurse if there were many patients with Covid in the hospital, and she told me there were about 20. Our hospital is the big hospital in this area, so I was surprised there were so few being treated at that time. I believe there are at least 23 operating theatres in our local hospital, to give you an idea of it's size. There did not seem to be a big influx of patients as you might expect.

    It is however important not to treat the virus lightly, we need to be sensible as we would with any flu, and avoid contamination especially with age or other conditions that might leave us vulnerable.

    One of my good friends visits a lady of 83 once a week. The old lady had been visited by her daughter in law who did get the virus, and this elderly woman got tested because she had been in contact with the daughter in law. This old lady proved positive with the virus. She did not even have any symptoms. She did however ask my friend to stay away for a few weeks just to be on the safe side in case of contamination. Now it seems just being old will not mean dying if we come in contact with the virus. Thought some might be relieved to hear that. Keep Watch and Pray.
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    I noticed this on the BBC News. It gave me something of a shock as it matches the ICONS so well. I wonder if Ted Cruz and the others are far, far, far more serious about all this than folks imagine?

    Interesting name, 'Cruz'. It means, 'Cross'.
  6. padraig

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    His parents appear to have been very devout Catholics as he appears to be interesting. I wonder if the Hand of God is on him?

  7. Adoremus

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    I think the answer to your first question is below, from page 4 of this thread. I guess we will have to wait and see. It's amazing to read back over this thread now, almost 11 years after it was first begun!

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    I wonder if this is about to come true. It feels like it's on the brink.
  9. Jo M

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    Could be. :(
  10. any name you wish

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    Yeah, and Theodore means 'a gift of God' (edited, I thought it was related to the word for adoration but it's from the Greek word to give - so essentially another Greek form of my name, Matthew). I just googled what his full name is and his first name is actually 'Rafael' and his middle name is 'Edward' (so, not actually Theodore). Rafael does mean 'God has healed' though. A very heavy name: 'God has healed, the Cross'.
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    Those Catholics that fled Cuban communism seem to be really, really hard core? interesting. I must read up...

    ...he's superbly educated so he know what he's doing...
  12. Clare A

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    From Padraig:
    The Fourth Icon.


    I was shown the United States as being like the most beautiful crystal bowl, whole and looking like it will last for ever. However on looking closer I was shown that it had deep cracks running right through its very soul and it was on the very point of fragmenting.

    After the dissolution of the Union, which is shown in the third icon the pace of events and persecution of Christians ..and Catholics moves so quickly from area to area that it seems impossible to keep up with. However alliances between States and regions sometimes remain solid and firm . So between Three States, Seven states and Four states which will for each combination provide a great shelter for those of Faith. One of these alliances however will include non Americans from the Pacific region.

    I know how unlikely this seems, but folks do not realise that the whole world is about to change, from top to bottom.

    So in much of the Future of the USA will be a struggle between Faith and those who have abandoned Faith and turned to outright evil.

    At the end of the day we shall be judged on love.


    This was written in 2010 - extraordinary. Wouldn't have made so much sense back then. In an earlier Icon Padraig said that he saw a man leaving the halls of government who would later be regarded as a hero, with statues raised in his honour. Hmmm... much to ponder and pray about.
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  13. Clare A

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    Summary of first four Icons
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  14. Clare A

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    Interpretation? The future....??
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  15. Clare A

    Clare A Archangels


    Not sure if I've got all the Icons. Maybe Padraig didn't describe them all or I missed some?
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  16. Byron

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    Ted Cruz’s father is not Catholic, he is a Protestant pastor. Although Senator Cruz is very intelligent, his father has a very strange background. So, I’m not sure if he may have worked with the CIA at some time. I just pray his son Ted is on the up and up.
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  17. non sum dignus

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    Ted Cruz's father and mother left the Catholic Church 45 years ago when Ted was 5. They later divorced. Ted Cruz said he is a Southern Baptist.
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    Let's pray harder!
  19. Adoremus

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    This morning my thoughts drifted to the 5th icon Padraig was given, the one with the strange sphere in the sky attracting everything up into it, and I was contemplating what that could mean.

    My thoughts drifted elsewhere, and around half an hour later an advert came up on my phone that caught my eye and gave me a bit of a light bulb moment. The image in the ad was of a large translucent brain floating above what looked like a very technological village or city, and everything in the city was being drawn up into the brain, sort of magnetically. The image seemed very similar to what Padraig described.

    The ad was for something to do with AI, and I thought BINGO. AI, smart technology and the Internet of things, cloud computing, a world where everything is interconnected and all of it is controlled via technology by the big elusive "brain" in the sky.

    It's funny that Padraig mentioned that this sphere moved along a kind of "dull red". I always wondered what that could mean and it occurred to me today that "red" means "net" or "network" in Spanish and is one of the terms used for the Internet. Maybe just a coincidence but interesting all the same.
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  20. Mario

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    It is true already. The Left just has to move a couple of more chess pieces until they can claim checkmate. It's an avalanche about to break. My wife just told me the Left has claimed Lincoln a racist because he reputedly had a large numbers of Native American chiefs executed. If the Left will attack Lincoln, the freer of slaves, there is nothing they won't do to solidify power.

    The question remains : who is the man of the 3rd icon who confronts the Left and causes a split? And will it come as a result of this bogus "trial of Trump"?

    Safe in the Barque of Peter!
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