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    I agree Padraig - I had a dream last night but I can only remember a part of it - it was like a TV chat show and on it one person who argued the traditional orthodox Christan perspective on moral issues was vilified as an extremist and a danger to society. One sign of the times is political correctness - straight from the bowels of Hell - it so reminds me of Orwell's thought police. Most people now carefully watch what they say in case they cause offence., thus the Christian perspective in silenced.

    Words that Christians should never use
    1. Termination - it is abortion
    2. Gay - it is homosexual behaviour
    3. Living together - it is living in sin
    4. My partner - it is wife or husband
    5. Pro-choice - it is pro-death

    I could go on and on but these are just some of the ways in which sinful behaviours are masked as 'choice'. Adam and Eve had a 'choice' in the garden of evil 'the choice between knowing only Good or the choice of knowing both Good and Evil'. We live in a culture that reminds me so much of the garden of Eden- people feel free to choose good and evil in equal measure and the governments of the world enshrine evil in their legislation as a right. Society has so lost its bearings that it is in great darkness - it has created a 'garden of evil'.

    To kill babies by abortion is never a right it is murder of an innocent unborn babies
    Choosing to live with someone before marriage is not a trial marriage it is living in sin.
    Practising euthanasia is not mercy killing it is murder.
    To practise safe sex is not a mantre of sensible behaviour it is fornication.
    Homosexual partnersrships are not 'marriages' or even civil unions but un-natural sinful life choices

    I may write about these issues again but want to pray first and ask for God's guidance. We need to hear what the Bible has to say about fornication, homosexual behavior and abortion.

    Some people are coming to this forum as readers seeking help to get free from the sinful choices that they have made and here they will hear the truth and not the propaganda that is peddled by the 'media'. Most of the world has swallowed the lie of political correctness.
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    Thanks Padraig! :D
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    I want to share what the Holy Spirit has been encouraging me to pray about in recent months indeed for the past year. At times in my prayers I have been led to think of persecution and martyrdom and asking for the strength of the Holy Spirit to help me to hold firm to the faith, as in the spirit I sense I will be asked to give an account for what I profess to those who hate Jesus. When this will happen I do not know but I only share what I have been praying about. You might consider that it may be from an over-excited imagination or some fanciful notions that I have in my head - if you do then please ignore this post and if this is from me then I ask God's pardon. But these thoughts are real to me and I have prayed before posting this so it is in God's hands as I take a risk in revealing inner thoughts [and I am conscious of people who have lost loved ones through violent death that they may find the desires of my heart repulsive]. I am reticent to post this and did not propose to do so but - I post this now in this thread because of Padraig's post on the great coming persecution and his vision of icons on the future of the USA match exactly what I have been thinking and praying about.

    Here is synopsis of the prayers or conversations I have had with Jesus in the spirit over the past months:

    'Dear Lord, if you give me the strength then I can endure persecution' and maybe even martyrdom. In fact, if I have to go to trial I will rely on your Holy Spirit to confess with my lips that Jesus Christ is Lord'. I think I am brave enough to face a court and trial by those who hate you and certainly I know I will proclaim the greatness of your name in any civilian court or religious court.

    'Are you prepared to die for me'? Yes, Lord you know that I love you enough to die for you. Sure don't I die every day to my own selfish needs and desires in service of others because you have inspired me to do so.

    Are you prepared to be martyred in my name? Yes, Lord I am prepared to be martyred like St Stephen [one of my favourite saints] who loved to the end even those who were firing the stones at his death. I am prepared to die for you for you know I love you with all my heart, mind and soul. Give me the strength of your love and I can do anything!

    Then what kind of martyrdom are you prepared to offer me? Well, Lord to be honest I don't fancy crucifixion - it's way too slow for my liking although I am very attracted to your wounds of love - I love the perfumed wounds of your hands and in your feet and side but the longevity of a slow death certainly does not appeal. Hanging is quick but rather brutal so I will give that a miss. I think Lord I would prefer beheading because that is fairly swift and I could praise your name to the end and give witness to those who hold the sword of execution. But to be honest Lord I am not that brave and ask that I don't get tortured too mucn for I am not sure I can endure that as I am not particularly courageous so I need your grace to endure persecution and martyrdom for it is all by grace.

    As if to confirm these thoughts [and this post], the Lord gave the following verse this morning:

    Luke 19 v43
    'For the day will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment around you, surround you
    and close you in on every side'

    Persecution can come swiftly and the signs of the times indicate that there is a time coming soon when the Orthodox Christian position will be considered to be extremist and dangerous for society. The only people who will not be tolerated are those who hold and believe in authentic Christian morality.
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    Hi Kathleen and all,
    I am trying to catch up on the forum tonight, my mom and I have just returned from our wonderful trip to Medjugorje...more on that later, but I wanted to comment on this post of yours...I too have studied Martial Arts, Tai Kwon Do specifically, offered through our local YMCA - (a Christian association also). Our school would expel a student if they used their art to beat up anyone or for any other reason than tournament play or defense. They also required children to present their school report cards and required at least a C average to be in the class as a child. I liked that. I respected our teachers very much, and they were good Christians.
    I stopped when it became too much to do with also trying to raise my two young children. I continued through both pregnancies and for about a year after my son was born. I was two belts away from my black when I stopped training. At that point, it really requires more than the twice a week classtime and I just didn't have the spare time to increase my studies to get to black belt status. I would have had to add another night at the Master's classes in Rockford and to attend more tournaments and the like. So, I took the wonderful training and knowledge it gave to me and moved on with my life as a working mother of two. To this day though, I am confident walking down the street alone, and I am sure that my instincts would kick in if I ever needed them. I also would never own a gun however. I hate guns. But I am not beyond a good swift side-kick in the you-know-what if I had to...!!! So, though I am very pacifistic in nature, I could step up to the plate if I was called to do so, and I guess I am prepared for battle if it is needed of me. However, the rosary is still my best weapon and I have reloaded my arsenal! (i bought a bunch more of them in Medjugorje...)

    I did get a special rosary for you, and a few other things. As you said, I let our Lady lead me...and now that you mention again your friend and clients...I will tell you I was compelled to buy a small handful of St. Benedict medals for you also. I can't get down to where you are for a week or so - we should figure that meeting out offline I suppose. But I really felt you could use the medals as well as a rosary or two. I am sure you will find good uses for them. And in addition, they were not only blessed at St. James, but also were blessed in a special healing service done for our group by Fr. Mike Lightner and he used Holy Water blessed with the exorcism prayers (I made sure) to bless all of us and all of our articles. So they will be packed with God's power! :)
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    You are wonderful!
    I really appreciate this and the extra attention to the blessing with the exorcism prayers. I'll try to send a person to person message? That should connect us outside of the forum. I'm looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your trip :)

    I've been on vacation myself up in the Wisconsin Dells- not as wonderful as Medjugorje by any means but it was refreshing and I found time to pray.
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    I love the Dells too! We go there regularly. What a coincidence, Just today I actually had a conversation where I compared Medjugorje to the Dells in how it has exploded over the last 30 years. Once the Dells was a quiet, natural wonderplace, now it is full of waterparks and tons of attractions. Of course there are no waterparks in Medjugorje yet (lol) but in reference to the explosion of shops and hotels...there were more hotels open there since our trip in March! Crazy! Still great peace reins there though, and the path to town from Apprition hill is still natural and gives you a sense of how it was everywhere before. And the old women on that path making their crochet rosaries and selling strawberries and honey and tablecloths make me smile. And yes, I buy their things. Some of them actually remembered me from March! That feels neat to have people there remenber in some small way I belonged!
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    You do belong! Its God's family that is recognizing you! How wonderful to feel remembered by them. I'd love that. Kath
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    I took my youngest son Dusty up to Boy Scout camp this last weekend. I spent the first night and day with him. I always love being out in nature, in God’s creation. It’s been 33 years since I myself finished with scouting, and the weekend brought back a flood of memories. I was thinking just now about what scouting is about: making friends, camping, having fun and learning skills; but more importantly, Scouting is about building character and devotion to God. Faith is a vital part of the core of scouting: “a scout is Reverent”, “to do my duty to God and my country.” Thank God our ever-increasingly secular and relativistic society hasn’t managed to strip this. As we sang “God Bless America” before dinner, I couldn't help but feel great hope for the future of our nation.


    God Bless America, and the whole world...
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    That was much more meaningful than what we did (just splashed in some indoor waterparks, but I did get out for a walk in the hills on my own to pray). :) I think we may join a church camping group and go this fall just up the road to a place called Starved Rock to enjoy nature, canoeing, hiking, etc. Since you shared, I'm more convinced I want to do that. :) I love nature and being in it really pulls me towards God. I want my kids to experience that too.

    :) Blessings, Kath
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    Now Kathleen, you will probably have to explain to all these wonderful non-illinoisian folks what Starved Rock is!!! LOL

    Our air conditioner is not working so we have had our windows open more than usual this summer, we live in a country area so lots of birds are here (besides the ones inside my house!). It sounds every morning like when we are camping. Beautiful to wake to. I also love to camp. My son was in Boy Scouts too, and our family has always been campers. Tents only, please! (although my hubby is working on me to get a camper now...I don't want to admit it would be more comfortable these days...!) We love to canoe also. Darrell, our children will make up our future, and if we believe in them, we must believe in our future as well! (Is that profound or what?)
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    I have so much to share and yet I know how I easily meander and become unfocused. Dear Lady, guide my thoughts and words. So... what I believed would be a simple request as I walked two miles the other night (see my last post in the Icons Thread.) has turned into much more. For me, discernment requires a firm effort to set aside pre-conceived ideas, prejudices, and preferences. And though Our Lady did not confront my spirit in a direct or tangible sense, I believe that she has planted what inspirations I've received in prayer.

    I do concur with the substance of your icons. The most difficult of the icons to accept was the fracturing of the nation, but it makes sense to believe that true lovers of the Republic will prevail in various regions, for instance, the Plains States. Unfortunately, I live in a state which will not remain true.

    This first response of mine, however, must yield to my intense love for the backdrop of history. After all, Our Lady did have a part in the formative years of the Republic. This brief look over the shoulder ties in with your thought that the USA holds central stage at this point in time.

    Of all the old colonies, it was Pennsylvania which proved the most tolerant of Catholics. Old Saint Mary's Church of Philadelphia opened in 1763 and played an important role during and after the Revolutionary War. On July 4, 1779, members of the Continental Congress attended the first public religious commemoration of the Declaration of Independence at Old Saint Mary's. George Washington heard a Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving there on November 4, 1781 for victory over the British.

    On May 10, 1846, the one Archbishop and twenty-two bishops of the United States were meeting in a plenary council in Baltimore, MD. They agreed to petition Rome to have the Blessed Virgin, under the title of the Immaculate Conception, be named Patroness of the United States. This was granted by Pius IX in 1847, a full seven years before he proclaimed that title as a dogma.

    I believe it was this loving consecration that prepared the way for Our Lady of America, for nothing is simply coincidental. Not that I presume its eventual approval, but the more I examine Jesus' and Our Lady's reported messages to Sister Mary Ephrem, the more they ring true. My country was commissioned for such a noble cause, but... I'll save this thought for another post.

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    I'm really glad you posted this Terry. Our Lady asks us to read the Signs of the Times, but I think we sometimes have to go and have a real wrestle with the Holy Spirit to see things. I went out from work at break time, tired and lay down on the grass and stared up at the clouds in the sky. I forge how long it is since I have done this, it must be many, many years..for who has time to do this..and who would think of doing it? But as I stared up at the white clouds I noticed that as they drifted like pure white snow they faded one by one into the blue as the air changed. was very beautiful . But then , I thought to myself how many people have ever noticed this and it goes on all the time? How many folks today have lain down on the ground and seen what I saw?

    I think maybe its like that with the SIgns of the TImes we have to lay right down on the ground and stare upwards and downwards like and eagle taking flight. We must pray for God to give us the Wings of Eagles, so that , like the angels we can look down at this poor suffering Earth of ours, like th angels with a real spiritual objectivity. For our true country, our true home lies not on this poor suffering Earth but in the world to come.

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    As a fellow New Yorker, your quote above concerns me... However, I like to think of New York as 2 states, New York City... and the rest of us! I agree that NYC will not be true, but don't underestimate Upstate!

    And you had to leave us hanging didn't you! I look forward to the next post!

  14. Mario

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    I love Upstate NY, too! When my daughter, Rachel, visits from Virginia she says the people are so authentic around here and they don't put on airs. I guess she lives too close to Washington, DC. :roll: The only time a state split in two was at the beginning of the Civil War when the western, mountainous region of Virginia broke away. That fracturing, however, was encouraged and supported by the Federal Government. No such support would be coming from the Feds this time around. Just the opposite. My beautiful wife, Geralyn, sympathizes with you. She always thought Weschester Co. and south should be a separate state. :D

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    Well thank goodness I am of work on Monday on holidays. It has been really crazy in work, on Friday I turned up 40 minutes early, worked through my morning and afternoon breaks and worked like a madman and still did not get finished!! I also had to go up to the boss of bosses office a few times, which I hate doing, she is a really nice lady , I like her, but ,really she takes no nonsense from anyone, including me and wants the work done. I have dark thoughts of going to the Union. :?

    Anyhow, I have time to post a lot more the next few days, so I will post the 5th icon now. I saw this a while back, but couldn't understand it.. oh a visitor I have to go.
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    What Michael Voris says fits right in with this.

    I won't be off work in time to watch this episode. Perhaps someone else could watch and fill us in.

    I've taken the liberty of briefly outlining the icons so far.

    First Icon
    Citizens are required to sacrifice to the “Emperor/God” and those who refuse are martyred.

    Second Icon
    Throughout America, Jesus is missing from the tabernacle – there is no Eucharistic presence.
    “I see all over America...Christ is no longer present...and as I look at the front of the Church men marching....they look, they claim to be Federal Police....but they are not....”

    Third Icon
    The government is divided. A “special man” leads rebellion. Civil war.

    The Fourth Icon
    Fragmentation…dissolution of the Union…the pace and persecution of Christians quickens…an alliance “between Three States, Seven states and Four states which will for each combination provide a great shelter for those of Faith. One of these alliances however will include non Americans from the Pacific region.”
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    Well anyway Darell thanks for the post, and the expression of confidence.

    Darell is is right and Michael Voris is right there is a very active conspiracy against the USA and her people by Satan and his children and it has its deepest roots in the Catholic Church itself in her Bishops and Cardinals.. This is true, I now it sounds incredible, but it is true

    But before I post the 5th icon just a few words.

    Before I left the Monastery, many years ago the Abbot, a very Holy and good man himself, said I needed to see a psychiatrist as I had, 'Very deep problems'.

    Also well he commented that I seemed to be , 'Obssessed with God'......that I prayef too much and with too much urgency. I guess , in a way he was right, for in the monastery I never stopped praying..and in fact I was just never out of the little chapel chapel were the sick were..and to be even more honest I pray all the time, it never stops with me, God is never out of my heart and mind, I just pray , pray, pray...and if that counts me as nuts, nuts I am.

    As well as this I do regularly have mystical experiences....well pretty well every time, well no, now, pretty well all the time, now, to be honest. Which again, I know makes me sound like the nut of the nuts...

    I will not really defend myself, folks will ever believe or not as they want...

    But as Darell says what I write about is mirrored in USA media at the minute and I can only say as Darrell wrote ..and others this is a Sign that the 5th Icon is true.

    Finally another problem; I am not an American; I am Irish. Why then am I publishing on the Future of America? Would it not have been better if God had Chosen an American? In fact are not these icons anti- American?...and am I not myself anti- American, leading folks to worry and despair?

    I have no answer as to why Our Blessed Lady chose me for this, these icons will , as they are realised become very, very, very famous. But they ARE icons they do not invite comment , only prayer. Our Lady has explained to me that those who wish to understand should simply kneel at her feet. The 5th Icon has two parts, both related and requires deep prayer for discernment.

    5th Icon.

    I stand above a freeway looking down. All the automobiles are stopped in place it looks like a car park. I go down. The automobiles are covered in dust it reminds me of a car I saw in the scrap yard years ago...these vehicles have stayed here many, many years....decades....I go inside one..the tapestry inside it is so old it is very, very brittle, so old everything I touch crumbles.

    I look outside the windscreen which is just green with age and see the city far down the road... I do not of course recognise it..but I hope someone will , there is the most unusual tower but it is a bit like a onion on t[p flattened , very tall.

    The second part of the icon is extraordinary. I have thought about it for weeks , but cannot understand, however I think this is how the automobiles got stuck.

    I see a very wide valley and above it a sphere in the sky. It travels very slowly and majestically along a kind of dull red. But as it travels everything, trees bits of ground, people are attracted up to seems to be an agent of great, great, great destruction...
  18. Mario

    Mario Powers

    I'm not ignoring you, Padraig; just picking up where I left off last. I'll eventually catch up to you. :D


    In the apparitions of Our Lady of America, the USA was bequethed a special calling from God:

    Spoken to Sister Mary Ephrem:

    My child, I entrust you with this message that you must make known to my children in America. I wish it to be a country dedicated to my purity. The wonders I work will be wonders of the soul. They must have faith and believe firmly in my love for them. I desire that they be the children of my Pure Heart. I desire, through my children of America, to further the cause of faith and purity among peoples and nations. Let them come to me in confidence and simplicity, and I, their Mother, will teach them to become pure like to my Heart that their own hearts may be more pleasing to the Heart of my Son. (9/26/56)

    This was spoken during the time of the construction of the National Shrine dedicated to the Immaculate Conception (see the picture at beginning of thread). Obviously, the Lord, anticipating the impending corruption of sexual mores that we witnessed beginning in the 1960s, sent his Mother to awaken our nation to the danger. That is why the following year Our Lady implicitly warns that repentance and reparation are necessary to fulfill the mission of purity.

    My beloved daughter, what I am about to tell you concerns in a special way my children of America. Unless they do penance by mortification and self-denial and thus reform their lives, God will visit them with punishments hitherto unknown to them. My child, there will be peace, but not until my children are purified and cleansed from defilement and are made ready to receive this peace. (10/7/57)

    We not only failed to respond to her request, but as a culture embraced the very opposite! Notice, however, the beautiful promise of peace embedded in the second message. It will come now, not through mercy, but through justice will it come. God is faithful; the era of purity and peace will come. Love always finds a way.

    As a country, we are merely following the example of our spiritual forefathers, Israel. They were called to be God's unique people, revealing his holiness to the nations. They too, rebelled and failed.

    From 2 Chronicles 36:

    15 The LORD, the God of their fathers, sent persistently to them...his messengers, because he had compassion on his people and on his dwelling place; 16 but they kept mocking the messengers of God, despising his words, and scoffing at his prophets, till the wrath of the LORD rose against his people, till there was no remedy.

    Remember, the Exile came; but, the Lord did restore them to the land. So too, Padraig's Icons image the dawning justice of God, but it is not his final word!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    The tower with the onion on top...first thought that came to mind was immediately the revolving resturaunt at Niagara Falls - Skylon Tower, I say this because of the large valley...could be that area if the falls were no longer "falling". There are other towers like this too, the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas for one, the space needle resturant in Seattle, Washington...maybe there are more? These are the three I know of off the top of my are pics:

    The sphere sounds pretty terrible...a little ET sounding! :shock:
  20. Kathleen

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    I read somewhere that if a nuclear bomb were exploded in our upper atmosphere ( or maybe in a layer just above this one-I'm not sure exactly how it was explained) that all of our electrical componants would fry as a result, affecting an area much larger than if the bomb just hit the earth (an area described like 2/3rd's of the US). That would cause cars, phones, etc. all to die. The place to do that would be Niagara as New York, much of populated Canada, Chicago etc. would all be affected.

    Padraig- I wish I had your diagnosis. Were I but half as obsessed with God! I envy your connection and I am actively working towards it.
    I am so sad that a man of the church would not understand the basic way to become a saint. He really had little faith in God, if he thought you were ill. I really thought that was what monestaries were for?
    Occassionally I do reach a point of prayer "obsession" that is amazing, but I lose it (demons are plagueing me, praying on my weaknesses and I cave to temptation I suppose). I love that feeling of obession, as the feeling itself is the love for God. How wonderful to have that.
    I know that you do carry a burdan for us in the US, Padraig- I thank you for doing that and sharing what you are learning through your prayer.

    Pray, pray, pray
    Bless You, Kath

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