The Future of the United States of America.

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    Praying, praying, praying...
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    I'm sitting here, quietly taking it in.

    Safe in the Father's Arms.
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    Yes, it is worth reading this thread again and again and like our Lady 'ponder these things in our hearts'.
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    Interesting Mark Mallett's latest blog is entitled 'The time of grace - Expiring'?
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    I was shown, in prayer another place, another time; it was the South of France, Gaul many centuries ago. I saw a Roman Legion collected with the Standards in front ,very imposing and war like.


    I saw, very clearly the Legate seated in front at a folding down table very clearly. he was a man with a very broad face, graying short black hair, dressed in a white toga and with a very serious, determined demeanour. In front of the Legion were braziers with smoke rising up, ready to receive sacrifices to the Roman Emperors and around them too, dressed in strange garments , priests of the cult , dressed bizzarely ready to witness sacrifice to the God/Emperor. They were assembled on a military parade ground, glistening white, perhaps limestone and large pieces of wood had been set up by the Legion to execute those who refused sacrifice to the Emperor/God.

    Ahead was a large queque of Christians who had been assembled to sacrifice to the Emperor, man women and children, and a few soldiers. I was surprised to hear a few women crying quite loudly as I often read how joyfully Christians went to their death. But I realised that martyrdom was not always such an easy thing for everyone. . They were being invited to sacrifice to the Emperor, ritually three times and when they did not do so they were at once at a nod form the Legate taken to the blocks and killed by soldiers. It was very efficient (as, I suspect everything these Roman troops did} and the line of Christians moved forward steadily to their deaths.

    This may not seem to have anything to do with the future in America at first sight and I was a little surprised on being shown this, but pray about it; it has everything to do with the future there.

    I'll write a little on why this is tomorrow. But Pray about it and you'll see for yourself, if you ask Our Lady for the grace of insight.

    In the 3rd century, the Neoplatonist philosopher Porphyry wrote:

    'How can people not be in every way impious and atheistic who have apostatized from the customs of our ancestors through which every nation and city is sustained? ... What else are they than fighters against God? '

    The Theban Legion

    'In the year of Christ 286, a most remarkable affair occurred; a legion of soldiers, consisting of six thousand six hundred and sixty-six men, contained none but Christians. This legion was called the Theban Legion, because the men were Egyptian Christian Copts who had been recruited from and stationed in Thebias in Upper Egypt. The Theban Legion were quartered in the east until the emperor Maximian ordered them to march to Gaul, to assist him against the rebels of Burgundy. It was the custom of the Romans to move troops from extreme parts of the empire to avoid the problem of Roman-trained soldiers participating in uprisings to free their native lands.

    It should be noted here that the Egyptians or the Copts accepted Christianity so very rapidly to the extent that the Romans had to exercise a series of persecutions in an attempt to suppress the growth of a religion which openly defied the divinity of the Emperor. The Roman Edict of 202 A.D. decreed that Christian conversion should be stopped at all costs. The edict of 250 A.D. decreed that every citizen should carry at all times a certificate issued by the local authorities testifying that he had offered sacrifice to the gods. Those who refused to conform were tortured with unprecedented ferocity. Some were beheaded, others were thrown to the lions and others were burnt alive. All were subjected to even innovated veracious torture regardless of age or sex. The Catechetical School of Alexandria was closed by order of the authorities, though its members continued to meet in other secret places. At one time, the number of bishops was restricted by the State to three. The consummation of the age of persecution is considered by the Copts to be during the reign of Emperor Diocletian (284-305). So severe was the mass execution and the savage torture of the Copts that they took the day of DiocIetian's military election as Emperor to mark the beginning of the era of the Coptic martyrs. That very day marked the start of the Coptic Calendar known in the Western world as Anno Martyrum (A.M.) or the year of the Martyrs.

    The area around Thebes has always enjoyed a reputation for its strong, almost fanatical, Christianity. The first monks in the Christian tradition, known as "The Desert Fathers," contained a majority of Thebans, and Theban Christians celebrate many martyrs who have refused to yield their faith to the many persecutions in the first centuries of the church.

    The Theban Legion passed through the Alps into Gaul, under the command of Mauritius, Candidus, and Exupernis, their worthy commanders, and at length joined the emperor. About this time, Maximian ordered a general sacrifice, at which the whole army was to assist; and likewise he commanded that they should take the oath of allegiance and swear, at the saame time, to assist in the extirpation of Christianity in Gaul. Alarmed at these orders, each individual of the Theban Legion absolutely refused either to sacrifice or take the oaths prescribed. This so greatly enraged Maximian, that he ordered the legion to be decimated, that is, every tenth man to be selected from the rest, and put to the sword. The names of the soldiers were written on papers and placed in the caps of the centurions, for 600 were destined to perish as examples. These embraced their comrades, who encouraged them and even envied their fate. The plain soon flowed with the blood of the martyrs. The survivors persisted in declaring themselves Christians, and the butchery began again; the blood of another 600 reddened the waters of the Rhone. This second severity made no more impression than the first had done; the soldiers preserved their fortitude and their principles, but by the advice of their officers they drew up a loyal remonstrance to the emperor. This, it might have been presumed, would have softened the emperor, but it had a contrary effect: for, enraged at their perseverance and unanimity, he commanded that the whole legion should be put to death, which was accordingly executed by the other troops, who cut them to pieces with their swords, September 22, 286. The Maximian period is known as the Sixth Primitive Persecution in Fox's Book of Martyrs. During this persecution, raised by Maximinus, numberless Christians were slain without trial, and buried indiscriminately in heaps, sometimes fifty or sixty being cast into a pit together, without the least decency. '
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    If babies can be sacrificed in the womb and torn apart and discarded on the altars of the abortuary clinics as a result of the culture of materialism and consumerism then too Christians can be sacrificed upon the altars of political correctness and dictatorship of relativism by athiestic and masonic governments of the near future. satan would love nothing more that to direct a neo-Pagan European empire on the lines of the ancient Roman Empire.
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    Our Blessed Lady explains that I will be shown nine icons or pictures of the future.

    She invites, as each one is revealed, that her children may, themselves interpret and understand their meanings.

    The first six.

    ......and three to a future time.

    The first declared and five more..the three to follow at a time when the entire history of the United States will appear rewritten
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    I stand in a Catholic Church in America.

    It is wooden, clap board and seems small to me. But,I suppose, is no less small than small of the country Churches in Ireland.

    My attention is, at once drawn, to the fact that the tabernacle door is open and the Our Blessed Lord is not, Eucharistically present in the Church.

    I look and see..and I realise, throughout America there is no Eucharistic presence ; I see hundreds of Churches...but Our Lord is not present anywhere......

    I look towards the front of the Church and a lady lies dead..

    she wore a brown dress..I think Paisley or floral design beautiful black hair and holding a golden pyx on her outstretched right hand..............

    The vision changes to another Catholic Church...I am surprised to see a Church in the USA so first I think I am in the country, but I am not, I am in the city and as I look at the Church I realisi ,here, too the Tabernacle Door is open, Christ is not present.....

    I see all over America ..Christ is no longer present...

    ..and as I look at the front of the Church men marching....they look , they claim to be Federal Police....but they are not....
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    I see the Houses of Government.

    On all sides I see the Representatives filled with a bitter , bitter, bitter, killing fury; they hate and despise each other.. They are very,very bitterly divided, no longer brother and sisters they ARE NO LONGER ONE.

    I see them with raised fist , poised to strike.

    I see a very special man...i t seems to me a country man....I see him clearly......he leads a very large part out of the halls........many will call it Rebellion.... but he leads them away........the Union is against brother,, town against town, State against State.

    I see many hands raised to the Stars and Stripes, claim it as their own, but as they reach out the flag is rent..............
    Civil War

    America divided
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    I have shared with you before about a lady who is a friend of mine here in ireland. This lady has the stigmata and lives a life of reperation. She has a church that is completely ready and she is waiting for a time when Jesus will tell her to open it. I think it must be reserved for this time.

  11. padraig

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    Yes, Mary.

    At least the Americans will have the courage to fight. I dot like violence, the older I get the less I like wars, but, then again the Catholic Church does not teach pacifism.

    The gentleman who leads the senior statesmen out of the Hall, one day in the future statues will be erected to him, he will be considered another Lincoln.

    It would be nice to think we might have someone here in Ireland, but I have my doubts...who would we have here like him? A great leader. I wonder who he is? I must have a look on the internet and see if I can find him...but I think he will rise up and is not currently well known, a very good and brave man, as indeed are his fellow States people who walk out of the Hall with him. Its wonderful how God can raise people up for the occasion. May God raise in Ireland, when the time comes folk of similiar stature.

    American will have a name for this occasion when they walk out, it is a divide a parting of the will raise hand against brother, daughter against against town neighbourhood against neighbourhood. ...but you know some times I wonder if the worst thing is to fight...might it not be worst simply to accept things and lie down and not to fight?

    For myself I more inclined to turn to prayer and trust in God. Though it is easy to see , that when people defend that which they hold most dear, their faith and freedom ..well how they could be filed with fury. It is very sad..I think of Lincoln.

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    I didnt make it clear that the lady who has the stigmata and the hidden church is an American living in the States. She is friendly with a close friend of mine here.
    I feel very pessimistic about any kind of moral leadership emerging in Ireland. Our polititians here in the South are wimps. I think you have better leaders in the North. John Hume who is now elderly comes to mind. Unfortunately the spirit of compromise has really taken hold and it seems that there is nothing that causes them to say 'NO'.
    What do you think our future will hold? Are we goint to bellyup and rollover?

  13. garabandal

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    Mary, what do you mean by 'hidden church' - is it in Ireland or USA?
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    I was very interested to read the Third Icon as it relates to a personal decision I was led to make one year ago. I considered sharing this with the forum, but decided the time wasn't right. Now it seems it is...

    I think sometimes a greater sin would be to do nothing. We know our Lord Jesus Christ resorted to physical violence at least once in His life.

    I will have to tell you all about this later as it's time to leave for work.
  15. maryrose

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    Its in USA and is a catholic church building that is ready but they are waiting for the Lord to direct them when to open. This church has been prepared on the direction of heaven. At the appropriate time the church and the stigmatist will become known publicly. This lady has met with Pope John paul and he gave her his blessing. There are at least 2 eucharistic miracles associated with her.

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    Mary and Darrell,

    That's one of the reasons why I love this forum. Its great being able to read about these things, for if it where not for the forum, how would I ever hear them? Mary I would love to hear more about this stigmatist for I am very curious...I especially want to know if,the reason the Church was built and not that because it is to open when the rest of the Churches are closed down?

    If they do this in America I suspect they are bound to do it here.
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    Oh my heart aches for the loss of Jesus in our churches.
    I hope I am "awake" enough to note when your friend opens her church so that I may attend or find one like it.

    Pray, Pray, Pray
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    Padraig- As an American, I obviously listen with keen interest to your visions... My country is such a strange place- so much evil, and yet, so much good... On a national level, I see us quickly heading to "hell in a handbasket", but on a local level, where churches are well-attended and people truly do look out for one another, loving as Christ asked us to love, I find it hard to believe things could get so bad, so quickly... I look forward to the next "icon."

    Mary- Are you at liberty to tell us the location of the church that you spoke of? Or perhaps, if not the specific location, a general one? I wonder if it is in the Northeast? I have always felt Buffalo (and western New York in general) is a special and blessed place. Perhaps because the national shrine to Our Lady of Fatima is here (in Youngstown, NY, not far from Niagara Falls)? By the way, a couple of Buffalo's nicknames are "The Queen City" and "City of Good Neighbors". Food for thought, I guess!
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    I used to live in Los Angeles (the City of the Angels) and now Sacramento ( you guessed it) huh?
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    Yes, Lee. Lots of great Spanish-Catholic names out in California! San Diego... San Francisco... San Jose!
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