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    One thing I think about folks who follow Mary and who's spirituality is distinctively Marian in hue is that in all that they are, in all that they write in that they say and so consciously or unconsciously they begin to resemble the bledd Mother of God herself.

    For me great distinctive characteristics of Mary is firstly that she was and is very much a 'back seat' lady. She always takes the back seat and lowest place at the table. If you were to go to a party you might never know she was there. For instance at the wedding feast of Cana I doubt very, very much any of the guests knew who it was turned in all the beautiful wine that made things go with such a swing....


    To encounter Mary in the scripture is a great lesson on the workings of scripture is to encounter humilty itself, when, for instance the angel Gabriel told Mary she was to be the Mother of Jesus she nearly fell of the chair and Gbnriel had to hasten to reassure her not to be afraid:

    Luke 1:29-30

    29 Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. 30 But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God.


    So this utter humilty and taking the back seatedness of Mary makes her difficult for big people to see; only very little children who walk through the forest can see the little Forget-me-not so much a flower of Mary in its coulour and size ....


    Big people ignore or even stamp on the little but little children, the littlest of Children can spot the Forget me not because they are so small and near the ground and so they notice this little flower and learn to love her.

    .....and the great path to seeing this flower..this littlest of flowers is through prayer and being close to the ground.

    I think we notice this so well at apparition sites. For instance the three children of Fatima. When Mary appeared only the two girls saw her the lttle boy did not. Our Lady told the girls that he should pray the rosary and he would see her, he prayed and he did....he became little enough to see the back seat lady..the little forget me not....

    Matthew 18:3
    And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.


    I saw the most beautiful video lately which I must see if I can find again...

    It was of a very old lady who was present at the Great Miracle of Fatima ,when the sun danced ; but she mentioned one thing I never knew before. At his last apparition of Mary all that huge crowd of people did not see Mary, BUT THE LITTLE CHILDREN DID.
    The old lady said she saw the small ones pointing to the sky and shouting out that they saw Mary coming down form heaven ..and so they alone saw the Royal Forget-me-not.


    It seems to me then that this quality, this totally God centred quality of the For get me not is the accent we must see in puroprted visionaries and in their messages.

    The devil and personal pride cannot fake this, for the aroma, the spiritual aroma of the very little Forget me not is unmistakable

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    This is a really insightful post. I too am glad you pulled it out of that "other" one. Sorry I didn't acknowledge it there. Frankly, I didn't really read through it as I was bent on answering the other posts. Mary is utter humility...and a role model for us all in being the littlest servant of God. This is a very good reminder. Sometimes we exhalt her so much that we forget what she really wants to show us to do for God. And how to do it.

    You know, though I dearly love the Sunflower, oftentimes the flowers I love most in my garden are the littlest ones...the tiny blue ones specifically. I have one wildflower that grows that I dearly love, but after the flowers you get the little round burrs...tiny ones that stick to EVERYTHING! My poor long-hair cat's tail collects them like a magnet, so does my shirt sleeves and pant cuffs. But the flowers are the sweetest the little forget-me-not. Perhaps there is a lesson in the sitcky burr-seeds of this little flower, if you think about it. The seeds of the little flower are carried on the coattails and sleeves of all who encounter it...Hmmm... :)
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    The photos aren't showing up again....???

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