The first two secrets of Medjugorje and Alois Irlmaier about the WW3.

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    I quote some sources as puzzles. Who has understanding, he can see the first two secrets:

    Alois Irlmaier (1): Everyone calls for peace, shalom! Then it's going to happen. - A new Middle East war suddenly flares up, big naval forces gather in the Mediterranean the situation becomes hostile and tense. The assasination in the Balkans will trigger the war. But the real spark is thrown in the Balkan powder keg: I see a fall "Great one", a bloody dagger lies beside him.

    Our Lady throught Don Gobi: While all are crying out for peace, all of a sudden a new world war, spreading death and destruction everywhere, could hurtle down upon you. When people are saying "peace and security!", then the greatest upheaval of individuals and peoples could begin. (December 31th 1983)

    Mirjana (2): The first secret will be a severe regional event. People will not race to the place where the first one occurs because surely no one wishes to watch disasters, distress, and misfortune. I don't think that this sort of thing attracts people at all. Why would people go to see something of that sort? It is one thing to go and see a sign, quite another to go and see suffering or a disaster. Who would, for example, go to Italy to see a dam collapse?

    Alois Irlmaier (1): The war starts by the sunrise. It therefore happens quickly. Thefarmers sit in the pub playing cards, as the foreign soldiers look through the windows anddoors at them. All black is an army column coming in from the east, but it all goes very quickly. A threesome I see, but I do not know if it's three days' or three weeks. I see a large bomb falling in the water well then something very strange happens. The water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down hard again, then everything is flooded. There is an earthquake and half the large island will sink. The southern part of England slips into the water.

    Mirjana (3): Then Our Lady showed me, like in a movie, the realization of the first secret. The earth was desolate and there was upheaval of a region of the world.

    Our Lady throught don Gobbi: Wars have multiplied in every part of the
    world, and you are now living in the danger of a new terrible world war which will bring destruction to peoples and nations, a war from which no one will emerge victorious. (May 13th 1993)

    Conchita: Russia will take possession of the whole world... pope will go to the Moscow before the Warning. (I added that few hours before, not days or weeks)

    Baba Vanga (4): Vladimir will one day rule the world after Europe is turned into a wasteland.

    Seers from Dechtice (Slovakia) claim: The first secret will be three days before the second. The second secret contains two events, the first ist the Warning. Before the Warning there will be a flood.

    St. John Paul II (5): On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this: if there is a message in which it is written that the oceans will flood whole areas of the earth, and that from one moment to the next millions of people will perish, truly the publication of such a message is no longer something to be so much desired.

    Alois Irlmaier (1): During the war ... is the great darkness that lasts 72 hours. In this event, I see a large cross in the heavens, and an earthquake will be thunder and lightning that frightens all the world and they cry out: "There is a God!"

    Lucia Constantini from Soleto: I have seen in the West a huge body of water that rises above the earth, the ocean rises with great force and splits the earth so that huge gorges and inlets emerge. Many people are dragged into the depths of the ocean. In the East I have seen a huge star with the shape of a cube that emitted infinitely many other stars that all came down to the earth like a firework, and where they fell they burned everything. Suddenly it became completely dark, a darkness like I have never experienced before. Then Jesus says: "Every one of you will look to heaven, and in the days of darkness you will look before you, and you will see your own spirit, each of you will see his own mind as in a mirror. Transparent or opaque and obscure. This is the judgment of the living If you are in sin, you will see no light in those days, the light that you will see and that will allow you to move, will be given to you by your own mind, according to your state of grace.

    According to many seers,
    the Prag will be desolate by a bomb.



    The first secret will be revealed three days before. So then let those in England, Netherland, Germany, Prague ... flee to the mountains. Let no one on the housetop come down to retrieve anything from his house... (cf. Mt 24,16-17)
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    I just want to mention that I have dealt with the life story of Alois Irlmaier and I think a lot of him and his predictions.
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    LV, You put a lot of work into this, thank you. So we'll see, I am quite convinced that some details could have changed due to prayer. So we should continue to pray to mitigate as much of this chastisement that we can. Thank you again.
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    The chronology of AI's prophecy is: 1. the assassination, 2. a military tension in the Mediterranean, 3. the three day war:

    Behind the Pope is a bloody knife, but I think he escapes them dressed in the robe of a pilgrim. Assassination of a high-ranking official, possibly in the Balkans. Two men will assassinate a third, high-ranking official, they were paid by other people to do so. One of the murderers is a small black man, the other a little larger, with lighter haircolor. I think it will be in the Balkans, but can not say exactly. After the assassination of the third everything will begin overnight. The killers get away from them, but then it turns to dust. I see quite clearly three numbers, two eights and one nine. What that means, I do not know at this time. I can not say. Everyone calls for peace, shalom! Then it's going to happen. - A new Middle East war suddenly flares up, big naval forces gather in the Mediterranean the situation become shostile and tense. But the real spark is thrown in the Balkan powder keg.

    The introductary stage of prophecy is almost fulfilled!

    In 2013 could be pope Benedict XVI. murdered, but he escaped as emerite pope. The assassination took place on January 16th (2018. Then serbian tanks surrounded Kosovo. Today ends the ultimatum for Kosovo ( but Serbians still want to wait 3,5 months . AI saw 88 and 9. He didn't know whether these number are days or week. Now we know, that they are days! Between the assassination and the following predicted event (tension in Syria) in the Mediterranean there were 88 days (January 16th - April 14th). The nine days are not fullfiled yet. But the real spark will be in the Serbia, Kosovo and BIH - the predicted severe regional event.

    The nine days... what could it be... 3 days of preparation+3 days of war + 3 days of darkness? Or 9 days after 14th April (April 23th)? But fra Petar is still silent. Or 9 days after the ultimatum (April 29th)?

  5. Steve79

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    Your attempts to reconcile the predicted with current events leads to interesting thoughts. (Respect that you found out the murder of this Serbian politician)

    At the moment one can not rule out that events will happen quickly one after the other.
    To create a concret timetable is difficult while the things seen are certainly not unchangeable (but such number things are interesting anyway).
    As Irlmaier said (as far as i know) the sequence of events should be something like this : Economic crisis, unrest in France, unrest in Germany, chaos in Italy - Pope's escape, a new Middle East war involving Israel - large naval units in the Mediterranean, peace conference and assassination of the third, start of war ...

    I think it is possible that these events take place in parallel and in a short time.

    A question also is at which point the Warning will take place.

    From my point of view, until now Alois' best hit is his statement "so many foreigners will come to the country as never before". This can be perfectly applied to the current migration (in Europe), which incidentally lasts even if it is not reported anymore. And of course his description of smartphones as “cigarettes boxes with which people play and talk ” (he also predicted the euro etc).

    An economic crisis is not far away as well as unrests.

    I think most people realize that we live in special times and extraordinary events are expectable. Soon. But for God this may also mean 10 years. On the other hand i pray every day for the Warning to come as soon as possible. Hope it works :)
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  7. Michael Rafael

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    I'm Dutch, and there are no mountains in Holland.

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    I translated it in english (sorry for wrong english). Almost the whole prophecy is fullfiled.

    The forgotten prophecy of dedo Gvozden from Rtanj, 2001:
    In the eighteenth year of this new century, everything, that has been raveled until that time, will be unraveled. Russia will be stronger than now and Germans and Englishmen will not want to suffer it. They will try to surround and occupy the Russia and therefore they will cause many wars. But they will not succeed, because the Russians are guarded by God. First they will attack countries associated with Russia. I see one small country and one large country, on which they will shoot, but they will not enter Russia. There will also be crises around the world and powerful people will lose money, everything they have earned for their entire life. Then they inflame the entire Muslim world. Again, they will enter in Iraq and powerful nation will die there. I see people dying every day, but the will not stop there. When they will attack a seaside land near Turkey, Russian will say 'Enough!' and settle down there. Turks will be angry with this and they will try to attack the Russians in an attempt to initiate attacking the Russian by others, but they will not suceed. And then, they will leave from there like wounded beasts, but they will not give up. Then a fire will be initiated in country associated with Russia, but again the Russia will not be attacked. Then Turks will hit again the Russians. And here the Russians will say 'Enough!'. In three days they will destroy Turkey with some weapons they invented with God's help. And whereas in Europe and America major diseases will occur in this time and Muslims will rise at the same time, and their misery will be great, they will not even come to ask what's with Turkey. They will try to help to Turks a bit, but the Russian will immediately occupy them. I see some terrible battle at sea, where Russian weapons will suddenly sink American ships like a lighting bolt. And a vast nation in Europe will disappear due to the Muslims and diseases, and Europe will never again be what it used to be. And then the Imperial Crown again from Russia will shine, the whole world will oversee!

    And about the fate of Serbia, grandfather Gvozden says:
    It's going to be bad with us, I tell you. Very bad. First, they will take us the Kosovo, then the goverments will be changing, but nothing good will be. Then God will laugh at us and give us a peace. When Rus hits the Turks, and when Europe and America start to have fun with their woes, then the Kosovo will also be returned to us, because it is ours. And from then it shall remain ours until the end of the world, forever and ever!
  9. back in 1982, the Virgin told the visionaries that world war III would not take place. Here are some of the messages from those days

    June 24, 1982

    "Thank the people in my name for the prayers, the sacrifices, and the (acts of) penance. Have them persevere in prayer, fasting, and conversion and have them wait with patience for the realization of my promise. Everything is unfolding according to God's plan."

    July 12, 1982

    Concerning a third world war: "The third world war will not take place."

    July 21, 1982

    Concerning Purgatory: "There are many souls in Purgatory. There are also persons who have been consecrated to God - some priests, some religious. Pray for their intentions, at least the Lord's Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be seven times each, and the Creed. I recommend it to you. There is a large number of souls who have been in purgatory for a long time because no one prays for them."

    Concerning Fasting: "The best fast is on bread and water. Through fasting and prayer, one can stop wars, one can suspend the laws of nature. Charity cannot replace fasting. Those who are not able to fast can sometime replace it with prayer, charity, and a confession; but everyone, except the sick, must fast."

    July 24, 1982

    "You go to Heaven in full conscience: that which you have now. At the moment of death, you are conscious of the separation of the body and soul. It is false to teach people that you are reborn many times and that you pass to different bodies. One is born only once. The body, drawn from the earth, decomposes after death. It never comes back to life again. Man receives a transfigured body."
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    The prophecy said to flee TO the mountains
    TO a place that is mountainous
  11. LittleVoice

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    It is not in contradiction. Russians preventative enter the Europe to be fulfilled the Garabandal ("Russians will occupy all world - Europe") and the Fatima secret (quoted by Malachi Martin).
    It is only fault of hateful english government, that Russians will destroy the Southern England. If they allowed Russians to enter the Germany peacefully, the England would still exist. But so the words of Our Lady from Medjugorje will be fulfilled ("there was upheaval of a region of the world") and also the Fatima Secret (quoted by st John Paul II).
    But this is not the WW3. This is only justice for all wars induced by GB. If the Syrians and Iraqis could be killed by english weapons, why should the English people be protected? But this is not the WW3, this is the justice. And who can listen to Little Voice, he will have three days to flee to mountains.

    And in the Netherland was given the prophecy:
    “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now your Spirit over the earth. Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster, and war." But the Netherland is not land of Holy Spirit today. It is heart of Satanic institution.
  12. I know that I shudder to think about those in power and the decisions that they have made to inflict killing, maiming, and life long psychological damage on the innocent. God will hold them accountable, we know that to be true. The Virgin of Medjugorje asks us to pray to have peace between men and peace with God because as she said, she is the Queen of Peace. ....forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us...
  13. Elisa

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    In that same Netherlands where is the "heart of Satanic institution" they play EVERY YEAR in a different town, outside in public, a modern version of The Passion.

    In this scene you hear Judas and Jesus:
    (Jesus trying to convince Judas to stay with Him).

    And after His Resurrection:

    Thousend of persons are present and several persons wear a big white Cross on their shoulders during the entire scene of The Passion.

    Maria close to the Cross:

    Jesus: "Thy will be done":

    Jesus healing the bleeding woman:

    Belgium is the country among all Christian countries where the Faith is the less present. This was told by a little boy called "Reinhard" speaking from Heaven to his mother on earth. And I know it because I live in Belgium where freemaconry is very present everywhere.
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  14. LittleVoice

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    Yes Brussels is the heart of EU. The Hague is only heart of European injustice.
  15. Michael Rafael

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    The Lady of all nations appeared in Amsterdam because it's the city of the Holy Sacrament.
    The Dutch didn't accept her and the majority of the Catholics still don't.

    In Holland you can see what will happen if you refuse Jesus and his Mother.

    They close churches every single week. Once millions of faithful were going to mass every weekend. There are only 150.000 left! 150.000 out of 17.000.000 people! About 1.000.000 people are every week going to a mosque.

    Let it be lesson!
  16. Elisa

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    Instead of judging everyone and everything, we should first watch ourselves: do we pray enough to change all those situations ? Do we really pray the entire Rosary every day with our hearts ? Instead we spend tremendous time in expressing our opinions and trying to convince each other, because we are not humble enough. How did Our Lady behave ? Was She involved in such discussions ? No, She suffered in silence and prayed, loving every single one and hoping that every single one would change. We behave like prophets.... Humility is gone. We loose time and energy to pray.
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  17. heyshepard

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    Amen Elisa,! Humble is where it's at. Mary was truly humble and I know I cannot stand on my own... I will have to ask for mercy.
  18. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    Our Lady gives us again a sign regarding the Rosary:

    It happened on April 14th, 2018 when President Trump attacked Syria.
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    I had heard about this, but seeing this video is another thing entirely. I believe.Thanks for posting.
  20. Michael Rafael

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    The Lord uses often created nature for His miracles. The wind untied the rosary of the statue of Our Lady in Pompei. It's fixed again.
    Of course wants our heavenly Mother us to pray the rosary. I don't say it's not a miracle, but I don't say it's one either.

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