The Emmaus and Damascus event

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    The Emmaus and Damascus event

    There is the Emmaus experience that many Christians have. The story in the New Testament is an interesting one. Two men, followers of Jesus, walking away from Jerusalem, leaving behind a life that was filled with hope in their expectations about Jesus and what they thought he would accomplish. They were discussing what just happened, no doubt with great sadness and maybe even despair over the dashing of their hopes that they placed in Jesus. They also heard of the sightings of two of the women at the tomb, but obviously did not believe them. Who in fact would?

    They lived in an enclosed world, one in which dead men did not rise from the dead, at least on their own accord as what the women said seems to point to. They may have both been present when Lazarus was brought forth from his tomb, revived, but doomed to die again.

    So as they walked, a stranger joined them and asked them what they were talking about in such an animated tone. Both of these men were amazed that he did not know, so they informed him of the event. According to the Scriptural story, the stranger was amazed at their lack of faith. I am not, of course, surprised, being human I understand how difficult it is to believe, how doubt, and a fresh commitment is needed to deepen one's relationship with the Infinite. He shared a meal with them and it was in the breaking of the bread (Eucharist) that he was revealed.

    I believe that all believers will have their Emmaus event when they need it, and possibly not understanding the depth of their need when it happens; hence the surprise. There is always something deeper going on that we may not be aware of, but none the less a break though from the ‘larger reality’ needs to be experienced. Perhaps it is needed because the reality of the Risen Lord is being slowly forgotten and what is prescribed is an experience that will bring this reality home. I believe that we get what we need, not what we want. Also from modern-day studies, these kinds of experiences are a common event in the overall populace. They are just not talked about, for they are outside the expectations of ‘consensus reality. They as well can’t be measured or brought into being by an act of the will.

    Just so for those who do not believe, who seek, but can’t grasp on to anything or give and their accent man need a non-rational event to shake them up. I believe that just as St. Paul had his experience of the Risen Lord on the road to Damascus, so will those who are open, will also have their day of revelation. Each human being must be presented with the truth so that they can respond to it. Even before this happens, the heart is seen at a depth that only God can access and knows if the heart is open or not, or if open if it is ready for the experience. The experience comes at the best possible timing I believe…..just as it did for St. Paul on the road to Damascus.

    God is infinite; no tradition can dictate to this reality how the Eternal--BrMD
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