'The dogma lives loudly within you'

Discussion in 'The Saints' started by garabandal, Oct 19, 2020.

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    When Sen. Dianne Feinstein grilled federal circuit court nominee—and now Supreme Court nominee—Amy Coney Barrett three years ago, she fretted that “the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of concern.”

    What a great compliment to pay Any Coney Barrett -- that someone can see in you the lived out dogmas of the faith.

    How refreshing to see a Catholic live out their faith with conviction.

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  3. Advocata Nostra

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    Yes. If someone ever said to me that the dogma lives loudly within me, I thank them profoundly and take them out for coffee! :coffee:(y)
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    I think this phrase goes back to the book, 'The Handmaidens Tale'. Have any of you ever watched the series? It is a veiled attack on religion and is quite dreadful. I watched a little of it to see what was going down. It is hateful Radical Feminist anti religious propaganda.

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    I haven't seen it Padraig, but I suspected as much from the way it's referenced and by the people who reference it.

    This week it's being put on my heart to wear some Catholic jewellery. Like most women I love pretty jewellery but find I don't wear it, it gets in my way or has to be removed for washing etc. and then I don't put it back on. Anyway I'm going to keep it simple, nothing expensive or showy. My little Tau cross and wooden beads bracelet from Medjugorje. A simple silver cross necklace. To counteract the rising tide of symbols of evil and paganism in a world going over the edge very fast. In an age when there are people who think you should be ashamed to be Catholic.
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    I get a lot of cheap little gold medal', and chains from the Chinese App, 'Wish' . It takes weeks to get here but is fun . If you type in ,'Catholic' to the search it brings up all kinds of fun Catholic stuff, very very cheap. For instance it is doing a bronze statue of St Michael which is gorgeous but would cost hundreds here. I might get it for Christmas.:):)
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    The original book is horrible too.
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    The really, really strange thing about it is that it just a far out story somebody made up in their head. Just a story like the story about Fairies my grandmother used to tell me as a child. Yet listening to many people talking you would think it was something that is already happening or something that is just about to happen. That it is something real.

    Why do they feel like this? I suspect that it is because they have this deep, deep need to be victims. Why do they need to feel themselves as victims? I am not quite sure. Maybe they are leading empty lives , are bored and need some little adventure to entertain themselves. They have a deep need to complain because they are unhappy.

    We have only to listen or watch the media there are whole vast lines of people, feeling themselves victims and wanting to complain about something or other.

    Hollywood , for instance. They are billionaires. They are famous. They are good looking. They are talented. They are idolised. But they never stop complaining and placing themselves forward as victims.

    Or the NFL.

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    I think of it as the culture of grievance. Everyone has a grievance. And the media encourages this. The commercials. "Go ahead--you deserve this" or "have it your way". We hear this a lot: "I didn't deserve this!" I just shake my head. It is so clear that we have "all sinned and come short of thd glory of God" so there is no question of what is fair. Without God's grace and mercy we deserve hell. Period. This whole attitude of grievance is so diabolical.
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    This is where visits to the Blessed Sacrament are such a stopper. Complain to people and things seem far worse. Take it to the Lord in prayer and hey presto they shrink.
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  12. Advocata Nostra

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    Don’t think I could watch it. I know the things that disturb my spirit and this would be one of those things.:unsure:
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    Elizabeth Moss, the leading actress who plays "Offred" is a practising scientologist.

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