The Discernment Process

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    In the same way God can speak more clearly to us in a single hymn than in a thousand books.

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    This is not unlike the life of Jesus, He was in opposition to the institutions of His time. Matthew 23 lays it all out. But through the lives of saints and prophets, the saints and prophets remain humble, while God gives the correction through them. Sometimes harshly, sometimes not.
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    Yes. Jesus in front of the Sanhedrin.

    We appear to repeating this in our own days with our very own wicked Vatican and evil High Priest.

    People who do not think a Pope can be wicked are just plain silly.
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    I think this is where the confusion lies. Thinking that a Pope becomes defunct once he commits heresy. I think there was some of this kind of discussion that happened in the time of the Maccabees, and after. I might look into it later. The brother of the good High Priest Onias tried to buy the position of High Priest, only to be out done by some other guy who bought it at a higher price.

    Supposedly the Jews in Qumran believed the institutional church was hijacked since then, much like today. It is very possible that St. John the Baptist was the high priest at Qumran. So when Jesus was coming at the institutional church (pharisees, sadducees, sanhedrin), he respected their authority somewhat, but absolutely condemned it and condemned it publicly. There is no question that he condemned it, he pretty much said they were all going to hell.

    So maybe there is some wisdom in this. Seemingly, the people of Qumran recognized and resisted, as Michael_Pio has quoted. They resisted, by forming their own community away from Jerusalem. They recognized the problems with the institutions. They also endured, waiting on the Messiah.
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    Reading what was happening from the accounts of the Mystics of the Old Testament seems so very similiar to what we see today and in fact what has been going on from the dawn of the Church to today.

    A Formal organised Church/ right beside a kind of Faithful Remnant/ Mystical one. Perhaps the earliest example of this was in the Fathers of the Desert versus the Great Patriarches. They were not always enemies in fact usually friends working side by side. But often those in power persecuted the Remnant. Padre Pio was a good example of this.

    Today however more than anytime in the Church's history we see a huge, huge divide. Rome, the Organisational Church, has simply taken a very different road and has turned in great fury on the Faithful Remnant.

    The only time truly like this was I think when they turned on Jesus. We seem to be doing a repeat in this present day.

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    The Spiritual Life and Circumstance of the Seer herself.

    This filter is really crucial but really we see this filter applied so rarely in the present day. I think this is because the internet is very remote and done at a great remove from the seer and so no personal check up is ever carried out. So strange because the very first thing we do if we are considering giving someone a job is to check up on an applicant.

    The kind of questions we would be asking might be:

    Does she or has she ever taken drugs (especially hallucigenic ones)?

    Does she have or has she ever had mental illness (especially those that might lead her into hallucinations)?

    Is she a Catholic in good standing?

    Has she or does she indulge in criminal behavior?

    ...and so on and on...
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    This is quite the wild video. What was most interesting was how at the end the speaker mentioned how the power of creation was unleashed when opposites meet. Like male & female, good and evil and so on. Jesus did this in a non selfish way however, he destroyed himself for everyone else. He met evil with Love, and encouraged this in the sermon on the mount. I wonder if this is the process of sanctification.

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