The Devotion of Aaron Neville

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    The Devotion of Aaron Neville -

    From the depths of Drug addiction, Aaaon Neville turned to St Jude our Lady in rehab and received great graces to get freedom.

    Visitors to his home in New Orleans can’t help but see a statue of St. Jude peering from the bushes out front, and in the foyer, a statue of Our Lady of Fatima casts a gentle glance at all who enter.

    He is one of the famous Neville Brothers, a brilliant singing family.
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    Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue, Aaron Neville

    Magnificent singing

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    Mary, Don't You Weep- Aaron Neville

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    AVE MARIA - Aaron Neville
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    thank you! I had no idea!!!!!
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    Thanks for posting. I knew Aaron Neville was a devout soul, but i had no idea about his past issues with drugs and recovery. Thanks be to God.
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