The decline and fall of the Roman Catholic West

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    The vast majority of Catholics in Italy and Spain, for example, whilst still “Catholic” for statistical purposes, are in fact Catholics in name only and never – or very rarely – attend church services.

    Both in North America and Latin America great numbers of Catholics have converted to evangelical Protestantism since the early 1970s. So enormous has this movement been in Latin America that at least three countries, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, are now predominantly Protestant. Uruguay in South America is also now a majority non-Catholic country, though in this case most Catholics have become secularists or atheists. In 1960, 90% of Latin Americans identified themselves as Catholic: by 2013 that figure had reached 69% and was dropping rapidly. (More recent estimates put the figure at around 63% as of May 2016).

    The Catholic Church in the United States is currently losing almost half a million adherents every year, some to evangelical churches, many to secularism. Altogether, 41% of those born Catholic in the United States have left the church.
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    The Church will continue to hemorrhage so long as it continues to put forth effeminate worldly solutions in dealing with what are spiritual problems. If the Bishops meet and instead of devising a path of endless bullet points put forth a genuine universal call to repentance, of action by it's body to daily prayer and penance, and cried out as a body for God in His Infinite Mercy to heal us from this blight we would witness God's incredible Mercy given time and the discipline to stay the course. I have seen no sign of this from the Bishops on a corporal level. Of course they would also need to root out those who are in positions of authority who are part of this but this could not take place without first as a body seeking God's mercy and grace.
    The Protestants should not kid themselves, they have the exact same problems we do. They are losing members due to embracing the world and not living their beliefs.
    Checking a box as Protestant because one does not wish to associate themselves with Catholicism any longer does not make one a Protestant. No more so than it makes one a Catholic. If all those people who check a different box were praying every day for just 15 minutes they would never abandon the Church or their Faith even if all the Churches buildings are destroyed by communists. If the priests and hierarchy lived their faith we might never be in this position to begin with.
    Practicing ones faith defeats sin, protects us from temptation, builds and fills Churches and produces very great Saints. It is also very challenging and the enemy will do everything to discourage us from it. It takes perseverance and discipline on our part but most of all God's Grace.
    Cultural Christians, all those who simply check the box will not survive the wave of secular humanism or Mohammedanism or communism or scandal that is washing across the Earth. Neither will priests, ministers, or pastors who do not live their calling and draw closer to God through prayer, acts of reparation, and worship.
    Jesus is and was always merciful with sinners when we come to him in sorrow and repentance. There is not a single instance where he was not compassionate towards us. He also instructs us to forgive those who sin against us and not to harden our hearts to them ever.
    He did on the other hand become very angry by those who obstinately and defiantly dictate the law in such a way as to create burdens on others. Those who climb the ladder so to speak and then kick it over or pull it up rather than crying from the rampart encouragement to others to come and climb it as well.
    This will not go away, nor will it be solved by simply disciplining those who break the rules. In fact it will become a viscous cycle which we are experiencing now. We can not put the cart before the horse.
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