The Bishop and the devil

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    I see the Bishop of Phoenix has preached a sermon on the devil!!

    Its such a rare thing to hear of a priest, let alone a Bishop talk about the devil that my mouth falls open to hear of it. Come to think of it I can't quite recall the last time I heard a sermon about Our Blessed Mother.

    Saint John Vianney, the Cure of Ars is the Patron Saint of Parish Priests. When the priest conducts and exorcism St John Vianney is often one of the saints that is invoked to try to drive the demons out.

    The cure of Ars had a long running battle with the devil and for that reason they invoke his name.

    The first time the devil turned up making a great racket the poor priest thought it was burglars or local hoods so he recruited a local with his shotgun, an old blunderbuss to stand guard with him in the presbytery. Sure enough right on time the great noise started on the old cobble stoned court yard right outside his window.The noise was a bit like the sound of a large horse and carriage flying about. The Cure engouraged the local guy with the gun to go out and chase away the hoods but as he did so he saw that the man was shaking like a leaf and said to the priest.
    'But look, see father, there is no one there'.

    The poor terrified guard reported that the Cure's face fell as he realised who was at it and he just told the very relieved local guy to go home. It seems Saint John clicked right away what was up.

    I read an interesting discussion on this between a prominent French atheist writer and a Catholic Professor on this. Why, the atheist wanted to know would someone as smart as the devil and so powerful waste his time in childish tricks like throwing stones at a priiests windows to keep him awake? But the Professor said that the devil is not like us. He is a Spirit , a fallen angel. He can put on or off intelligence as we put off and put on cloths so he can be as nasty and hateful as a spoilt child as he so chooses.

    I think its like this with the devil . His one big aim through our lives is to drag us off screaming to hell for all eternity..and yes there is a hell. But if he can't or isn't getting along too well with this he'll big do with causing us to suffer just as best as he can. For instance notice the next time you feel a little down. Pay attention to your thoughts and sometimes you will notice a whole stream of negative stuff pouring in, Like you're useless, you're a failure, no one likes you, what the use....'and on and on. If you really pay close attention you'll notice that these thoughts have a particular 'accent' kind of harsh and foreign to yourself...well thats the devil. Pay closer attention and you'll notice him popping up in more subtle ways. For instance ask yourself about the things you most daydream about. Its often a good clue about the kinda things the devil is tempting you with.

    If you read the stories of the Fathers of the Desert , when they go out there to pray one of the first things they meet out there is the devil. In just the same way that Jesus when he went into the desert met him.

    Here is a sermon from the god priest:


    If I wanted to, I would show you that in all walks of life there have been great servants of the Blessed Virgin. I would find for you, among them, those who begged their bread from door to door. I would find for you, among them, those who lived in much the same sort of state in life as many of you. I would find them for you among the wealthy, and in great number, too. We read in the Gospel that our Lord always treated people with great tenderness, except for one type of people whom He treated with severity; these were the Pharisees, and they were so treated because they were proud and hardened in sin. They would willingly have hindered, if they could, the accomplishment of the will of the Father. What is more, our Lord called them "whited sepulchers, hypocrites, brood of vipers, offspring of vipers, who devour the breasts of their mothers."

    We can say the same thing on the subject of devotion to the Blessed Virgin. All Christians have a great devotion to Mary except those old and hardened sinners who, for a very long time, having lost the faith, wallow in the slime of their brute passions.

    The Devil tries to keep them in this state of blindness until that moment when death opens their eyes. Ah! If they had but the happiness to have recourse to Mary they would not fall into Hell, as will happen to them! No, my dear children, let us not imitate such people! On the contrary, let us follow the footsteps of all those true servants of Mary. Belonging to this number were St. Charles Borromeo, who always said his rosary on his knees. What is more, he fasted on all vigils of the feasts of the Blessed Virgin. He was so careful about saluting her on the stroke of the bell that when the Angelus rang, wherever he was, he went down on his knees, sometimes even in the middle of the road when it was full of mud. He desired that his whole diocese should have a great devotion to Mary and that her name would be uttered everywhere with the utmost respect. He had a number of chapels built in her honour.

    Now then, my dear brethren, why should not we imitate these great saints who obtained so many graces from Mary to preserve them from sin? Have we not the same enemies to fight, the same Heaven to hope for? Yes, Mary always has her eyes upon us. Do we suffer temptations? Let us turn our hearts towards Mary and we shall be delivered.

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  2. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Great post.

    Thanks Padraig. I enjoyed the teaching immensely. It would be great to hear from Darrell since he is from the Diocese of Phoenix as well.

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
  3. Seán

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    Something I don't fully understand - perhaps someone could clarify this - is the devil on Earth or in Hell? I thought that souls in Hell had no escape? So why are some demons roaming the earth?
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    Revelation 12:12 Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short."

    Revelation 12:4
    And his tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child.

    Satan brought down to earth one third of the angels of God (stars of heaven). These fallen angels are called demons and they try to deceive humanity into following the Devil. Satan tried to destroy Jesus at the time of His birth, but God did not allow it Matthew 2:13,16.

    Revelation 12:9
    And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

    They used to call Satan , 'Gods monkey' , Shane. because he serves God's purpose even though he is in rebellion. He serves to try God's people in constancy and serves as a kind pf public prosecutor or attorney.

    No pain, no gain as they say. :wink:

    Reread the Book of Job which explains this perfectly/

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    I hope Terry, Darrell does read this because I am curious to see if this Bishop was appointed by Pope Benedict . The Holy Father seems to be hand picking the bishops at the minute and this in turn us bringing the rebels, the New Protestants out into the open and so schism draws closer.

    It looks more and more like America's nuns are going right into outright rebellion: ... atican.php
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    Well Jane, I can't say for other people but I'll describe a little of what its like for the devil to draw a little closer.

    With the presence of God's Holy Spirit there is a great gentleness, like a breeze or the running of water. A sense of the Holy, of peace of wholeness as if looking at a beautiful tapestry, everything right and in its place.

    With the coming of the devil it is quite the opposite. Imagine, for instance going into a room and everything was upside down. Imagine again you were to walk into a field and all the grass and trees were the other way round so that the roots were all sticking up. Imagine you were to meet a man who had eyes in his belly. Imagine you were to look at a cat or dog and it were to turn inside out before your eyes.

    Well am encounter with the devil is a bit like this. Generally in these later days the devil , like the cunning old dragon he is likes to stay hidden behind the bushes of our often lax or unpresent faith. However now and again when the bushes are not doing him much good he will come right out there out in the open quite as bold as brass. For some reason he prefers to do this at nightime especially round about 3 o' least this is my experience.

    Its always a real shock when he comes but especially the first time. Its because there is such a dissonance between what he is and anything we have ever encountered before, the mouth tends to drop right open and the hairs stand on end. I am a grown man and have faced death on countless occasions, I fear very ,very little but his coming has left me as weak and terrified as a little kitten and sometimes I have even found it very difficult to even pray.

    Its hard to explain this weird, weird hair raising sense of 'otherness' or an entity that is truly horribly different. Hollywood and all the horror books try to get this across but they totally fail. Why do they fail? Well they fail because in order to pprtray the devil they are trying to paint a opicture of him from all they know. The bottom line is they try to put the devil across as a very,very, very, very bad man. But the devil is not a bad man, the devil is a spirit and the precense of total evil, hate, implacable rage and totally merciless.

    Still one thing in the film 'The Exorcist' touched me a little and came near to the truth. You might recall there was a throughly modern young Jesuit in the film Father Karras who had long since , like most modern priests and especially Jesuits long thrown the devil in the bin. However lo and behold try as he might he reached the point were he came face to face with him. I had great sympathy with him hear. There is a shock, horror shock at meeting him, especially for the first time which is indescribable. As well as this he is like a constant shout of rage. an immense total blackness like a vast black hole without stars the total dark emptiness of the lack of the Holy Spirit. One time Saint Bridget of Sweden tells of meeting the devil and asking him who he was,

    'I am darkness itself ',

    Satan replied. Good answer. True too.

    Also there is a certain jumpiness to the devil . He can be whatever he wants to be. Intelligence and personality are something he can put of and put on at will. To me he is like a very old aquaintance now and he reminds me in many ways of a very,very spoilt and bad tempered sulky child. If all he can do is give bads nights of sleeplessness thats what he will give. He is totally , totally implacable, unforgiving. he is maliciousness itself, sneering bitter, vindicative to the 99th degree.

    Oh how I pity poor souls who meet him for the first times on their deathbeds and as he sits, like some old toad ready to drag them off to hell. What a shock they have in store.

    I wish very, very much priests would preach on Satan, hell and the Last Judgement. it is their duty to do so and to preach it often. But how can they preach it when they do not believe it themselves. I might wish they could see what I have seen....but I would wish this on no one.

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    Dusty and I are out the door for an overnighter, so this has to be quick. Yes, this Bishop was appointed by the Pope after our previous Bishop was retired amid disgrace and controversy. Bishop Olmstead was known for previously cleaning up another diocese (in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma?). I remember his first press conference in Phoenix, a reporter asked, “What about all the people who put their trust in these priests? (Referring to those in the sex abuse scandal). Bishop Olmstead replied, “They shouldn’t be putting their trust in men, their trust should be in God.” I knew right then we had a shepherd in Phoenix. Yes I was talking to my friend Pat about all these new-age, renegade nuns just the other day. It’s going to be messy, but a house cleaning is in progress. Praise God!
  8. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Within a month of surrendering my heart to Jesus and asking for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit (1977), I experienced such an encounter. I rarely speak of it; perhaps he was attempting to scare me back into a life of rebellion. Your description is spot on. Ironically, this occurred at night. Perhaps it was 3am! :shock:

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
  9. maryrose

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    I too sleep with my rosary in my hand. If I wake up I have to immediately go and find it. I find its such a comfort.

  10. padraig

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    I have a lot of theories, Terry as to why the devil likes the night so much. In Saint John's writings we see that the children of darkness seek to do their deeds in the dark. Its said that at night time more sins are committed than at any other time. In Catholic legend Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane saw all the sins of the world pass before His eyes.

    Also I remember reading that in the early morning more folks die than at any other time because its then that the human life force is at its weaknest.

    But I think mostly theres a mystical link to this time. Satan likes to turn things topsy turvy. So as Jesus died at 3 ibn the afternoon and won the Final Victory so Satan goes by opposites and the exact opposite is 3 in the morning.

    You see this too in Satanic symbols were the cross is turned upside down. Also in the pentegram or upside down star. I believe the real mystical reference to the upside down star is Lucifer's first title of Star of Morning, the first and greatest of all the angels who fell like a star from heaven. Thus we have ,for instance the Red Star of Communism which hung over the Kremlin which had been a monastery erected in honour of Our Blessed Lady, showing the Triumph of Satan there and the Red Star in North Korea and the People's Republic of China which shows Satan's rule in these sad places.

    ...and in the same vein just as Catholics have our Liturigal Year so Satanists have Saturday night in contravention of Sunday and four great Satanic feasts in contravention of our own:

    Most of these remain with us today in more or less disguised form as the so-called Christian holidays of Christmas (Yule), Easter (Ostara), May Day (Beltane), Thanksgiving (Harvest Home), Halloween (Samhain)
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    Mary and Jane, I am never without my Saint Benedict's Cross. my Holy Water, Blessed Salt, Holy Pictures and a great devotion to the Holy Angels and Our Blessed Lady.

    Prayer to Our Lady Queen of Angels
    Remedy against the spirits of darkness and the forces of hatred and fear
    August Queen of the Heavens, heavenly sovereign of the Angels, thou who from the beginning
    received from God the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan, we humbly beseech
    thee, to send thy holy Legions so that, under thy command and through thy power, they may
    pursue the demons, combat them everywhere, suppress their boldness and drive them back into
    the abyss.
    “Who is like unto God?”
    O good and tender Mother, thou shalt always be our love and our hope!
    O Divine Mother, send thy holy Angels to defend us and drive far away from us the cruel enemy.
    Holy Angels and Archangels, defend us and guard us. Amen.

    Prayer indulgenced by St. Pius X on 8 July 1908. Original text from the prayer dictated by Our
    Lady to Fr. Cestac on 13 January 1864. It is recommended to learn it by heart.

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  12. twoangels

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    Sean, I believe that the devil is right beside us at all times. When I started to say the rosary back in dec-january I was saying it kneeling beside my bed. I remember getting an awful fear. I felt that he was right beside me.If I turned my head to the right he would be looking right at me! He was so close to my face.I diid'nt look obviously!! He is not down in hell at the moment, he is wandering the earth looking for people who are trying to do the right thing.

  13. Seán

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    A couple of weeks ago a wave of intense doubts came over me, and they literally reduced me to tears. I'm fine now, but during the space of about three or four days my confidence in the Rosary and in prayer in general was shattered. I almost swore that I'd never pray it again unless I saw how it benefitted me. I'm fine now, and I'm praying away again as usual! But I have to think that there may have been a certain evil presence at work. The bitterness and anger I felt was something that I had never experienced before. This was the second time in about a month since this has happened. And it may well not be the last.
  14. padraig

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    Well, Shane you can take it as a compliment that Satan is taking a bit of interest on you. But if you think about it , it is scarcely surprising that he is. For, like a General of a great army he knows that you are going down the road of being a leader in the army of his enemies army and so will be in a position do to him very grave harm. He sees too that you are at the beginning of this great journey of faith you are walking on and now is his best chance. He tires to remove the one great weapon that would keep you safe from him , the rosary. Keep the rosary ever near in your hand and you will always defeat him in battle.

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