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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by Krizevac, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. Krizevac

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    I didn't get to see Joshua vs Usyk but while searching for it on YouTube I found a couple of Usyk's fights. He comes into the ring wearing what looks like an Orthodox icon on his t shirt, kneels in his corner, blesses himself a few times and.prays.

    After his victory against Joshua he said:

    "The only thing I wanted to do with this fight is to give praise to Jesus Christ"

    I find it heartening when sportsmen give witness to Christ in these times

    Also I think boxing is a great outlet and discipline for lads. What do you all think?

    I've never been able to watch women boxing. Not saying they shouldn't do it just that I can't watch.
  2. Michael Pio

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    We have begun boxing training each Sunday after Mass. This is attended by parishioners only, some men bring their sons (I sometimes bring my son). The group is morphing into a Catholic men's group. We say a St. Michael prayer now every time.
    Yes, boxing is great. It is fantastic exercise and preparation of the body and the mind. It is also great fellowship.
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    Boxing is my favourite sport. I boxed a little when I was younger great sport for kids. Much misunderstood as it is the noble art of self defence the best boxers don't get hit too much.

    I had a little flutter on usyk as I fancied him to win. He is a master boxer with fantastic footwork
  4. Krizevac

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    He is an artist. Looking forward to more of his fights, and to his witness to Christ
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  5. Krizevac

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    Love this. Long may it continue
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  6. theflyingnun

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    After the fight with Joshua, one of the things that I liked about Usyk, is that immediately after the fight he put a shirt on rather than strut around the ring with his shirt off like most boxers do.
    Olexander Usyk on how he came to Orthodox
    "When I was at the hospital, a priest came there. He gave us some sweets. All the kids ran around, not realizing that this tall man, with a black beard and a big cross on his chest just came to save our little sinful souls. I sat near him and asked where God is, how to come to him, where he lives, how he sees and hears us," the boxer recalls.

    "And then he said: you are still small enough, why are you so interested in God? To which I replied that I would see him soon. He said: why did you decide that? I said that I heard my mom's conversation with the doctor, who told me that I was very ill, or something like that. To which he replied that it’s not doctors who decide, but only God will decide whether you live or die. And from that time I began to resort to our Lord Jesus Christ and follow him. He does not follow me, but I go after him. Every day I say thanks to him for an every great day lived," said Usyk.


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