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    Will a Purification for humanity begin in Fall 2020?
    Storm clouds develop over protestors
    The prophetic pulse--Is a period of global Purification/Warning beginning this Fall?

    “When you see clouds building in the west, you say at once, ‘A storm shower is coming’; and so it happens. And when you see the south wind blowing, you say, ‘It's going to be hot’ and so it is. So why is it then that you cannot read the signs of the times?" Luke 12:54-56

    by: Glenn Dallaire

    The "Signs of the Times"
    The prophetic world seems on fire lately. Prophets and prophecies abound in Catholic circles, and in the greater christian community as a whole. In the spiritual realm, due to a malevolent virus we have all experienced closed Churches, with the inability for most of the Catholics in the world to be able to receive Jesus in Holy Communion, and even the ability to have one's sins forgiven in Confession has also been prevented in many areas throughout the world up to this point. Thankfully, summer in the Northern Hemisphere seems to be bringing with it a bit of a reprieve from this malevolent virus. And make no mistake--this virus is malevolent and evil at its source. But this is a subject for another time.

    Out on the streets of America and in many other countries we have had fervent protests with quite a bit of lawlessness in many areas. Many business and even some Churches have been vandalized, looted or set aflame, not to mention the toppling of numerous statues and monuments dedicated to various persons once admired and respected.

    Many persons have commented lately that the world really seems to have gone mad. There is seemingly so much division and divisiveness, and we all know who the author and formentor of division is. To this writer it all calls to mind the Scripture quote at the top of this article concerning reading the signs of the times: "When you see clouds building in the west you say at once, ‘A storm shower is coming’; and so it happens."

    Do not the storm clouds really seem to be building upon humanity in these times? What, if anything can we gather from the current signs of the times?

    “For the Lord GOD does nothing without first revealing his secret to his servants, the prophets" -Amos 3:7
    As we can see, Scripture states that nothing significant happens to humanity without God first announcing it first through the prophets. So what are the purported prophets of our time saying? Could we be on the precipice of something significant happening in the world?

    Thankfully in this vein we have a wonderful collaboration of four persons who have recently put together a noteworthy website entitled "Count Down To The Kingdom" ( wherein some messages from purported visionaries and prophets of our time have been highlighted.

    Father Michel Rodrigue (Queen of Peace Media, YouTube)
    One of the more notable persons who has been making some significant waves recently in the mystical and prophetic world is a Catholic priest from Quebec named Father Michel Rodrigue, who is the founder and superior of a new religious Community entitled "Fraternité Apostolique Saint Benoît-Joseph Labre" (The Apostolic Fraternity of St. Benedict Joseph Labre).

    Along with being a founder of a religious Community Fr. Michel Rodrigue claims to receive heavenly visions and messages, and in addition he has also been appointed as an exorcist, and his experiences in this area has given him some very interesting perspectives on the spiritual battles that we all endure.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary Herself has reportedly named Fr. Michel “Apostle of the End Times.” A good deal of information concerning him can be read on the aforementioned website, along with a number of video retreats that he has made which are published here on Youtube

    d fast toWe report, you discern
    As stated here, Fr. Michel's bishop, Rev. Gilles Lemay, does not support Fr. Michel's private revelations; he stated to Fr. Michel, in writing, that he does not support the idea of "...the Warning, the chastisements, the third World War, the Era of Peace, any construction of refuges, et cetera."

    At the same time it is important to also point out that Fr Michel is reportedly in good standing with his bishop, and his private revelations have not been formally condemned. For his part, Fr. Michel has reportedly always sought to be obedient to his bishop and his directives.

    With that said, for the purposes of this article let us now highlight some of Fr. Michel Rodrigue's purported prophecies concerning the Purification/Warning and what he foresees will soon be occurring for humanity.

    In a letter to his supporters dated March 26, 2020 Fr. Michel writes the following:
    "My dear people of God, we are now passing a test. The great events of purification will begin this fall. Be ready with the Rosary to disarm Satan and to protect our people. Make sure that you are in the state of grace by having made your general confession to a Catholic priest. The spiritual battle will begin.

    -Dom Michel Rodrigue, fabl
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    We of course know that the 'month of the Rosary' is October, and he adds that '..great events of purification will begin this fall'.

    In what would seem to be a preparation for what Fr. Michel warns of to occur this fall, in another letter to his supporters dated March 24, 2020 he writes the following:
    "....After this period of compulsory confinement [due to coronavirus -editor], life will resume its course. The summer period will open a window of time where we will be able to prepare well for the coming test … that of being with Jesus on the Cross. We cannot see the Glorious Cross without encountering the cross with Jesus.

    "You must now consecrate your house or apartment to the Eternal Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary if you have not done so. We must regularly bless our places, our homes, with exorcised holy water. During this summer, you need to prepare a food supply for a period of three months, with drinking water, too. You will need to have made your general confession before fall. The prayer of the Holy Rosary, of Saint Michael the Archangel, and that of your guardian angels will be your comfort, your strength, your protection."

    Economic collapse, Revolution, Martial law and World War III?
    Along with a global 'Purification' that Fr. Rodrigue says will begin this Fall 2020, he also foresees the following:
    "...There will be famine. Jesus presented this to me just recently. I was in my room, and when I sat down, preparing to go to bed, I saw a black cavalier coming. This means famine. I heard, “They will have money, but they will have no bread,” which means that you can have money to buy it, but you will find nothing.

    "Then all money will crash, so it is good to give your money away now, as it will disappear. There will be a great uprising. You will see revolution in your streets. People will fight each other openly. The government will have no other choice than to institute martial law. At the same time that martial law begins, so will the war.

    And here is more on the "war" that Fr. Michel was purportedly shown:
    "He [the devil -editor] will start a nuclear war that will be global—the third world war—his war against all of humanity. The devil will kill one third of humanity in this war, and through plagues and abortion, just as one third of the angels were cast out of heaven into hell. Seven nuclear missiles will be permitted to strike the United States as a result of its abominations. Many nuclear missiles will be deflected by the Hand of God because America prays the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I was told this by the Eternal Father.

    "...And I know that the war will come from two countries: One is Korea and the other is Iran. They will come together to face the United States of America."

    Father Michel Rodrigue, 2020 (YouTube, Queen of Peace Media)
    "Fighting against each other for Political reasons"
    And elsewhere he states:
    "The times are urgent. The Tribulation will come, and it will be soon. We are in a time of emergency. When the Father gave me the fraternity, He asked me to build it quickly because it will be a refuge for many priests who will come there. Much of what you will witness will be orchestrated by the devil. You will see people fighting against each other for a political reasons. The persecution of Christians, which has already begun, person to person through ridicule and accusation, will come from laws that are lawlessness. You will not be able to follow these laws in good conscience, so persecution will then fall under civil authority."

    The world wide Warning/Illumination of conscience
    The following is some of Fr. Michel Rodrigue's explanations concerning the Warning:
    ".....Then the Warning will come. I saw this. The stars, the sun, and the moon will not shine. All will be black. Suddenly in the heavens, a sign of Jesus will appear and light up the sky and the world. He will be on the Cross, not in His suffering, but in His glory. Behind Him in a pale light, we will appear the face of the Father, the True God. It will be something, I assure you.

    From the wounds in Jesus’ hands, feet, and side, bright rays of love and mercy will fall onto the entire Earth, and everything will stop. If you are in an airplane, it will stop. If you are riding in a car, don’t worry—the car will stop. If you ask me, “How can that be?” I will say, “God is God. He is the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and Earth. If He put Fr. Michel out in there the universe, like a piece of dust, do you think He cannot stop matter? Do you believe that your small airplane will bother Him? No. This is what God told me; but He has also told such things to others, like at Garabandal, which St. Padre Pio believed in.

    Everything will be fixed in time, and the flame of the Holy Spirit will enlighten every conscience on Earth. The shining rays from Jesus’ wounds will pierce every heart, like tongues of fire, and we will see ourselves as if in a mirror in front of us. We will see our souls, how precious they are to the Father, and the evil within each person will be revealed to us. It will be one of the greatest signs given to the world since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ."

    Elsewhere Fr. Michel has stated:
    "After the Warning, no one left on Earth will be able to say that God does not exist. When the Warning comes, everyone will recognize Christ, and they will also recognize His Body, and the body of Christ is the Catholic Church.

    "...After the illumination of conscience, humanity will be granted an unparalleled gift: a period of repentance lasting about six and a half weeks when the devil will not have the power to act. This means all human beings will have their complete free will to make a decision for or against the Lord.

    "...When the devil returns after six and a half weeks, he will disseminate a message to the world through the media, cell phones, TV’s, et cetera. The message is this: A collective illusion happened on this date. Our scientists have analyzed this and found it occurred at the same time that a solar flare from the sun was released into the universe. It was so powerful that it affected the minds of the people on Earth, giving everyone a collective illusion.

    "The devil fools us even now through the new priests of the world: television journalists who want you to think what they think, so they present only the news that is their opinion. They twist the truth and you are hypnotized, manipulated into believing them."

    Fr. Michel also speaks of "Refuges" along with other matters, which space does not permit here. Those interested can read more at the 'Virtual retreat' here and/or watch his retreats on YouTube.

    Conchita Gonzalez of Garabandal in 2019
    Garabandal and the visionary Conchita
    Once again I would like to reiterate that this article is published under the category of "We report, you discern". This writer makes no claims for or against Fr. Michel Rodrigue's private revelations. It can be noted in the quote above the Fr. Michel mentions Garabandal and that much of what he has stated concerning the predicted world wide Warning closely corresponds to what was purportedly revealed by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the visionary Conchita Gonzalez in Garabandal in the early 1960's (one of the 4 visionaries at Garabandal).

    And speaking of which, Conchita was reportedly given the date of the "Miracle" which she was told by the Blessed Virgin Mary would occur right after the Warning. Conchita was not only told the exact date of the great Miracle, she was told that she would be instructed by heaven to announce the Miracle to the world publicly 8 days before it occurs.

    Now, one of the obvious requirements here is that Conchita must be alive to announce it to the world. Since she was born on February 7, 1949, she is therefore currently 71 years old. With this in mind one could conclude that the time for the Warning and Miracle is likely coming soon.

    As for Fr. Michel Rodrigue, a prophet is judged by his prophecies. Time will tell whether they are authentic, or not. Meantime we would do well to bear in mind the Scriptural directive in 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21: "Do not despise prophecies, but test everything and hol what is good."
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    One thing you can say about Fr. Michel is that he doesn't hedge his bets. I'm not going to evaluate his predictions because the world has turned upside down as of late and October is a mere season away. Summer is upon us and then...we will know soon enough. At least the blackberries have gone bonkers this spring and we'll have tons of those buggers to feast on this fall. (I have never understood the blackberry cycles, but I won't complain of this year's bumper crop!):LOL: I've stated before that a general confession is a grand idea. And I did expand the garden this year, though I notice the bunnies are sitting by in the grass preparing for their own invasion. Rabbit stew, anyone?:)

    Pray, fast, pray, confession, pray, Holy Mass, pray, spiritual works of mercy, pray, corporal works of mercy, pray...

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Yes , this is what I think too. It's either going to happen or it's not, so why argue?:) But I don't doubt for a minute we're heading into a terrible storm. I get this so powerfully in prayer,

    'Prepare, prepare, prepare!'

    I would really encourage folks to go to confession and really, really try hard to live a very good Catholic life of prayer.:)

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  5. I think we're already in the dark clouds that forebode the coming "storm" of this fall....for a lot of reasons.

    The out and out testing of the police defense of the vulnerable is showing us some background for even more types of even stronger insurrections and takeovers....esp. in certain states.....and even more so after the election if Trump wins. But since he would then be a lame duck he can crack down as needed. If not, then it's over really fast. There are now just too many cowards and skunks in those high positions of the swamp who will bend to anything out of fear of ruin, one way or another, by the Illuminati elites who pay off their chosen thugs to do their dirty work.

    This latest ruling by the Supreme Court that gender is anything you want it to be is laying more ground for the stronger persecution of Christians and persons of good will. It will involve numerous lawsuits that will have the goal of bankrupting Catholic and Christian schools....i.e. Little Sisters of the Poor. It will never end, going from case after case after case. And I think this will also be an excuse to close Churches for refusing (in some cases!) to preach otherwise from the pulpit.

    It's really up to the people. God can't work with those who just don't care one way or another. And we were stuck w/ the second term of Obama because people had not awakened enough to care about their souls and the soul of the country before more lawlessness arrived to effect them personally.

    Edson Glauber – Eucharistic Battlefront

    Message of Jesus and Our Lady to Edson Glauber on June 14, 2020:

    I AM is here with you all!

    I do marvels and wonders [in return] for a drop of love from your hearts. My love is great. My love is eternal. Will you deny Me a drop of your love?

    Many will deny Me and will tell you that I am no longer important to anyone. They will say that I am an invention of the Catholic Church and will prevent many of you from receiving Me in the Eucharist. They will exchange Me for a cheap imitation, but I tell you: My Body is real food and My Blood is real drink.* Whoever does not eat of My Body and drink of My Blood will not live eternally and will have no part with Me in the glory of My Kingdom.

    I call you to be souls of Eucharistic reparation. I will be united with everyone in your homes, as it will be in your homes that many of you will find Me and truly worship Me in times of difficulty and persecutions, because in many Churches many will not be worshiping Me, the True God.

    The Blessed Mother told us:

    My Son Jesus is making His cry of warning to the world: wake up, my children, before the agents of Satan take the great Eucharistic treasure from your midst. Do not allow it. Fight with all your strength against all evil!

    Many priests, prepared by my Son and Me, will be united with you so that you will not be left without the true Eucharistic food. You will help them on the material level and they will help you on the spiritual.

    Take care of and welcome these priests as a great gift from My Son granted to each one of you.

    We bless you!
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    As do I. But in the midst of it all, joy and fascination. I had to go down to our camp last night (less than a mile) and had the fun of encountering a large owl who was standing on the ground along the edge of the path. He was as startled as I. He was large- about 20 inches high. He flew off complaining!:cool::unsure:

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    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Did you know that seeing owls were from times unending taken to be a portent?
    Owls are so mysterious!!

    Barn Owl (Scréachóg reilge)
    Tale of the Owl ( Ulchabhán l'esko

    A very short traditional tale....The night they say was still when the voice was heard, calling through the branches of a juniper tree to those that sat in the circle about a fire, kindled with hopes of holding back the hungry hands of winter.

    From under the sheltering arms of the tree arose an owl, feathers silver like the moon, soft as the first breath of morning wind, with eyes like obsidian that caught and shimmered in the flickering flames of the fire.

    “Death is coming” said the owl, with a voice that echoed through the air. “Death is coming...”.

    Those that heard arose to their feet, fear raised, horror was in their footing as they ran away. They ran to the high lands and the low lands, they ran to the burnt lands and to the altars of the stone church. For a day they shook hands, forgive grudges, held each other
    tight, lit candles against their own shadows and sung loud of hopes and the glory of life.

    That night death did not visit but again the Owl came and again the Owl spoke... “Death is coming. Death is coming....”

    Like before the people found the winter chill kiss their bones and fear dance in their mind and once again they held each other tight through the night, speaking words of hope, of kindness, of love...

    Again death did not visit....

    On the third night the ruffle of feathers against the night air was heard and like before the owl arose and spoke to the Pavees as they sat about the freshly kindled fire.

    “Death is coming, death is coming...”

    This time though the Pavee's let the words fall on empty ears, some shouted“away with you owl, we will have no more of you!”, others still threw stones and filled the air with cries of anger. With that the Owl took to the wind and spoke no more to the Pavees by the fire.

    In the days that followed most talked of the Owl as a liar and a fool but as the days turned to years and years to decades those who had the hearts to listen, understood the message of the Owl.

    Death is coming... be it in the coming dawn or in the far off horizon...however kindness, hope and love is already here.

    So, go on, ask yourself... do you need an Owl in your life? Would you listen or throw stones?

    *Lʹesko is thought to arise from the Gaelic 'sgēal'.

    This bird has a reputation for being the wisest of birds and yet it has also developed a bad reputation that stems from the fact that it is a solitary bird that has a nocturnal existence. It has been suggested that it is for this reason that it has been associated with the hours of night time when the darker forces are said to walk the earth. It has even been said that to see one during the day is a sign of bad luck. The Barn Owl is now on the Red List as a threatened species due to many factors such as loss of habitat, road accidents and changes in agricultural practice. They mate for life so the loss of a mate is devastating.

    Should an owl brush its wings against a window pain or be seen perching for a considerable length of time on a roof then it is
    traditionally believed that illness and even death is present within.

    To look into an owl's nest is reputed to leave the observer with a sad and morose soul.

    According to an old Welsh tradition if you hear an owl hooting amongst a densely built up area then a female in the locality is said to have just lost her virginity! (must be awful quiet these days)

    A dead owl has served many purposes including mixing some of the flesh with boar's grease as an ointment to ease the pain of

    Owl broth was once used to feed children to avoid whooping cough according to tradition.

    The eggs were also once thought to help prevent epilepsy, bad sight (for obvious reasons) and to bring drunks back to their

    An Owl that enters the house must be killed at once, for if it flies away it will take the luck of the house with it.

    To counter evil owl power put irons in your fire. Or throw salt, hot peppers or vinegar into the fire, the owl will get a sore tongue, hoot no more, and no one close to you will be in trouble.

    When you hear an owl, take off your clothes, turn them inside out and put them back on. You might not want to do this if you are in public.

    Any man who eats roasted owl will be obedient and a slave to his wife. Be sure to check the turkey??

    Many people used to believe that owls swooped down to eat the souls of the dying. If they heard an owl hooting, they
    would become frightened. A common remedy was thought to be turning your pockets inside out and you would be safe.

    Due to the Barn Owls eerie appearance, its habit of screeching and nesting in old abandoned buildings and churches
    people believed it was associated with ghosts and death.

    Witches were thought to transform into owls and suck the blood of babies.

    It was believed you could discover a person's secrets by placing a feather or part of an owl on him while sleeping.

    The Custom of nailing an Owl to a barn door to ward off evil and lightning persisted into the 19th century.

    I Talk With the Moon.

    I talk with
    the moon, said the owl
    While she lingers over my tree
    I talk with the
    moon, said the owl
    And the night belongs to me.
    I talk with the sun, said
    the wren
    As soon as he starts to shine
    I talk with the sun, said the
    And the day is mine.

    ~ Anonymous

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    A little creepy. The owl is a very occult symbol. On a lighter note I have to quote a comment an old Mainer i knew said regarding a school teacher who was an old fashioned strict demanding teacher who had taught for over 40 years. "She's tougher than a boiled owl."
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    :pMight have been my algebra teacher
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    In the Irish Tradition the sound of the seagulls was the sound of the Holy Souls in Purgatory begging for prayers.

    I always liked this, praying for the Poor Holy Souls is never, ever , ever a bad thing.:)

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    I always think that the Irish Tradition of Spirituality is always unexpected. Rather like getting hit on the head with a baseball bat.

    I delight in this.:)
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  13. Mario

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    Oops! If only I had known!:barefoot::eek::LOL::coffee:

    Safe in the Father's Arms!
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    This Celtic Tradition was transported into the New World in very, very, gentler and far , far more kinder music, such as this::):)

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  15. Watch "The Time for Detachment is Now" on YouTube

    Fr. Robert Altier
    June 13, 2020

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  16. Mario

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    :LOL::LOL::LOL:! And your teacher's sister taught me chemistry, though I must say I don't have a mind for the sciences!:ROFLMAO:
  17. padraig

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    I'd really,really love to go and be with you physically and be with you the next while. I really , really would.:):)

    Where I can I will bless you all.:):)

    These are the times that the Mother of God Forum was t up for... I would love to leave Ireland to help my sisters and brothers in the USA.

    anyway I love you very, very , very much. Blessings from Ireland.

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    Padraig do you speak Irish?
  19. padraig

    padraig New Member

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    ...Any man who eats roasted owl will be obedient and a slave to his wife. Be sure to check the turkey?? :LOL: :ROFLMAO:
    "Honey, would you care for some gravy with your owl?" :rolleyes:
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