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  1. padraig

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    I am really looking forward to the Life of Our Lady, written by Viska and dictated by Our Lady at Medugorje.

    The Mysteries are a bit like boiled sweets we can eat them all our lives, maybe for all Eternity and never get them finished. Sometimes in prayer I see new things gain new insights and am left come all those years meditating on this event you didn't see something so obvious?..and am left wondering.

    Our Lady has a name in the Litany, 'Garden enclosed' and the Mysteries point to this and are like little windows into the Garden of Mary's life for scripture teaches us so little and yet by prayer and mediation so much.

    One thing I have always wondered about are the words of Gabriel to Mary,

    But when she saw him, she was greatly troubled at the saying, and considered what kind of salutation this might be. 30The angel said to her, “Don’t be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. 3

    The immediate instinct is to think that Mary was put out by an angel suddenly turning up in the family home, but the text shows that Mary was .

    greatly troubled at the saying

    What saying? Well the Illustrious greeting:

    “Rejoice, you highly favored one! The Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women!”

    Why troubled? Because Mary was a garden enclosed, full of humility and following the pilgrim path of prayer in hiddeness and now Gabriel one of the seven great spirits, the angel of power, the messenger of God heaping praise on her shoulders. The gates of the enclosed garden is bust wide open as it were and things are seen from the eye of heaven.

    It seems to me that the children of Mary too , in their spirituality and path of prayer are a Garden Enclosed.

    Its a bit like climbing a mountain shrouded in mist, there are so many things, so many workings of the Holy Spirit working in our lives we cannot understand. When the winds of heaven blow and the mists life for a while we can be really humbled by how can has worked in our lives and troubled too . For there is a great joy in hiddeness and secrecy and to see the great gifts of grace the good Lord heaps on our little shoulders can be humbling.

    Jesus compares the Kingdom of God, which lies within as like a yeast growing within. So we are like a wine maturing in the image of Christ down the years.

    For God does not want us to be good, He wants us to be God.

    These are mysteries of the King, a marvel in our eyes.

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  2. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Padraig - like you I can't wait for the book and it is one of the
    reasons why I don't think the Warning will be this Easter. Surely,
    if our Lady has dictated her life-story then the book will come out
    before all the secrets are revealed? That would make sense.

    Although at the same time I am greatly, greatly concerned about
    the apostacy in our midst. In fact apostacy leads to schism, which has
    already occured within many hearts. For me the key event was the
    encyclical Humanae Vitae 40 years ago, which if its critics would actually read they
    would see that it prophecised the current immorality and hedonism that is in
    our midst.

    Many in the Church rejected Humanae Vitae including priests and bishops.
    And this is linked to Garabandal, as our Lady told us that many priests,
    bishops and Cardinals are on the wrong path and would lead many souls
    with them.

    I am also greatly concerned about our young people who are growing up
    in an increasingly hedonistic culture. What chance have they when they are
    bombarded with the 'safe sex lie' on the scale of Nazi propaganda. There
    is also a growing binge and drugs culture - it is crazy stuff.
    And I read on the BBC website that the government plan to allow abortion
    advertisement on terrestrial TV and condom ads before 9pm in order
    to reduce teeenage pregnancy. What a joke. It is acutally the contraceptive
    mentality that has got us in this mess as predicted by Humanae Vitae.

    And the governments of the Western world continue to re-write the law
    of God and are beginning to impose their will on what is now a Christian
    minority. We are unfortunately living in a post-Christian age. It
    is like the says of Noah who continued to build the Ark as the world
    plunged itself into the abyss. And the modern Ark is our Blessed Mother
    the New Ark of the Covenant. We need to take refuge in her Immaculate

    So the book of her life may be a last appeal to this generation - a plea
    from a mother's heart for her children to return to God. Please Mother
    let the book be released soon and draw all your children to your
    Immaculate Heart.
  3. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    And I forgot to add as I have been praying hard recently
    I have felt inspired to pray for the courage to die for the
    faith. I am not a naturally brave person so martyrdom
    is not exactly what I want but I believe it is a Grace and
    God will provide in the time of need. The way the world
    is going headlong into DICTATORSHIP is another sign of
    the times!!
  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I think, Garabandal as I look around the the people I see, especially the young people is a strong feeling of how very short their lives are going to be..of a strong prayerful feeling that most of them will die quite young certainly a very lot younger than the age I have lived to now. Also, even with the older people, I still have the sense that, well their journeys are fast coming to a close.

    As to what event or events will bring this to pass, I simply to not know. But it fills me with the deepest compassion for them, for life is a very, very great gift. It is a great gift because it gives us a chance to love more and become more loving and to loose that chance is very terrible.

    For myself I do not mind. As Pope John23rd said when he was told he had stomach cancer, 'My bags are packed', for , 'how shall I praise the Lord for His goodness to me'. If only people knew how close they are to facing eternity, what a difference it might make. But God has sent the Queen of Heaven and they will not listen.

    As to the abortion advertisements. You know they do something mind shockingly awful and you say to yourself, 'AH well they cannot do anything worse!!' :shock: Then they go and do something like this!!! I also see these things might be on before the 9pm watershed so kids may see them on TV :shock: :shock: Then they wonder why the world is falling to pieces.

    I am just curious, has anyone else noticed when they look at people, say when you walk out on the street a strong feeling of pity, that the people who you see, most of them are going to be called home soon to God?

    I am just curious. :eek:
  5. garabandal

    garabandal Powers


    I think the world will in the not too distant future go through incredible purifications
    and there is no doubt that the secrets of Mejugorje are relevant, especially 4 through
    to 10.
    The seers know the secrets and have stated that without the grace of God they could not
    live with the knowledge of the events that are going to unfold. In fact they have each stated
    that the knowledge of events is a great trial and terrible suffering for them like a mental
    suffering knowing the future as they do [and some of them have children, which must add
    to their distress].

    Hopefully, with the warning people will get a little time to repent. I think many young people
    will benefit greatly from the warning and change their lives. However, the chastisments
    are coming and they cannot be abated.

    Everytime I drive into Belfast from the south [especially at night] and I have a panorama
    view of the city I think of your dream and the great tidal wave rushing towards the city.
    So I say a wee prayer for the people of the city.

    I have been reading Yves Dupont's book 'Catholic Prophecy, the coming chastisement'
    and it is sobering reading. He devotes a whole chapter to 'The Comet' and I can't but
    help think that that is related to your dream that a fragment of a comet landing in the
    Atlantic creating a loud boom and tidal wave that hits Western Europe and Eastern USA.
    And all of these events may lead to millions of deaths [perhaps 2/3rds of humanity as
    in some prophecies and the book of Revelation].

    So we must pray, practise much penance and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently
    to help poor souls.
  6. Seán

    Seán New Member

    I often look at people who live deeply secular lives and I wonder how they manage living such a faithless, shallow and meaningless life. Many persons do not even consider Heaven or Hell at all these days. These kinds of people do not see God in the things in which we see Him, for instance through the selfless help of a friend, or through a warm smile, or through a walk on a sunny day.

    Sometimes I wonder how those around me get to Heaven, when they do not pray or talk about spiritual matters. Then I remind myself that these people may indeed be much holier than I am, and may not need to do as much of the spiritual legwork that I myself do!!! We should not be too quick to judge.

    Imagine a headline like this on the news tomorrow morning: "GOD LOVES US ALL", it would be a welcome change from the usual secular misery.

    Garabandal, you must live a very prayerful life. May I ask you and Padraig and all others who are a considerable age - does there come a point in your lives where you reach a certain level of prayer and contemplation, or does prayer grow and change continually?

  7. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Sean - I suppose I am getting on a bit as I am 45 [a child of the 60s!].

    All I can say is that looking back on my faith journey over the whole of my life
    it has been a real struggle and I am thankful that we still live in the time of mercy and grace.
    But the most important decision I ever made was to say the daily Rosary, which I have faithfully
    done for the past 5 years. This added a Marian dimension to my spirituality and I have received
    many wonderful graces as a result. The Rosary is both prayer and contemplation and I love it.

    Sean - you may not realise it but you are an exceptional young person because you earnestly
    seek the living God. As Padre Pio always used to say, Pray, don't worry and trust. Trust is
    at the heart of faith. Of course all of these things are graces - we need to ask our heavenly
    mother for the graces to love her son the way that she did.

    And to finish, I might add that I find praising God a powerful prayer; there are so many
    reasons to praise God!
  8. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I wouldn't say, Shane I am a 'considerable age'. :D :D :D

    At least not in terms of age.

    I like Saint Terese of Avila's model of prayer in which she says there are seven stages:

    Different people talk of differing numbers of stages but prayer ends up in Spiritual Marriage, either in this life , or the next when we get hooked up to God on a permanent basis. The Eastern Church calls this transforming union.

    My own personal belief is that we never stop growing in love either in this life or the next, death is just a doorway to eternal growth, its not some kind of turnip patch, for God Himself The Blessed Trinity is in eternal embrace with Himself in love, which is to say in endless action of love. Love is to give. God and only God is perfect, their can be no growth in perfection. But we shall always be His children, even the best of us and must eternally grow towards Him.

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  9. maryrose

    maryrose Powers

    I guess I am a considerable age now as I am a grandmother. Mentally I picture myself as about 25. I always get a shock when I see a photograph as the reality hits home.
    Like Garabandal I think the best decision I ever made was to start saying the daily rosary when I got married. We have said the rosary in our home for the past 32 years through good and bad times. I credit that rosary with helping me in my marriage and raising my children as practicing catholics. I think if you have a discipline of prayer it will keep you afloat because I find that there is a continious ebb and flow. I know how difficult it is for young people in college environment. I think its like going into hell sometimes from what I hear but there are many new groups setting up now to help like Youth 2000 and Pure in heart. The constant attempt by the media nd governments to corrupt young people has sadly succeeded in many cases. I pray every day for the conversion of young people and I think many of them will return to the faith.
  10. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    Sean, I believe I'm actually the eldest of the group, 60 in December and I will celebrate coming into the church 11 years ago this Easter, one of the smartest, greatest things I've ever done. Actually God pulled me out of my car, into the church but that's another story all together.
    As Mary says if you have the discipline of prayer it will hold you fast. I early on was on rocky ground and found my only safe haven in the church on my knees. Sometimes I couldn't wait to get inside just so the smell of holiness would go up my nose! I cried at nearly every mass for the first 6 years, I was so overwhelmed with the Love of God. And again there are highs and lows, always are. One thing that really helped was I started talking to the little old ladies in the church. After a long while they kind of took me under their wings and encouraged me to recite the rosary and to investigate the many different devotions and learn which ones God was calling me to. They had already gone through so much of what I was experiencing that they gave me guide lines and great hope. They were like little light houses for me, showing me the way to the safe harbor. They are still my mentors and I love them dearly. The little saints you run into are a wealth of information, you might want to make some connections there.
  11. maryrose

    maryrose Powers

    Im ahead of you hitting the big number in August. Im a 49'r. What you say is so true its the encouragement and support of prayer friends that helps one to keep going. If you havent anyone directly then its very worthwhile finding a prayer group.

  12. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    Maryrose, I find great comfort in knowing you are a '49er, thanks for sharing :D and happy upcoming birthday! What a landmark, huh?
  13. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Mark Malletts new blog contains a lot of what we have been discussing
    in this thread:

    St. Paul teaches that it is God’s will that all should be saved. Heaven, then, is doing everything possible in this late hour to arrange the opportunity for the salvation of the greatest number of souls, as much as freedom permits within the paths that mankind has chosen. Chastisements are coming in which the good and the bad will be taken. But it should bring us hope that, despite the coming darkness, light will be given in ways that we cannot comprehend. Millions of souls might eternally perish if they were to continue on as they have been until now, living out their last days to old age apart from God… but through trial and tribulation, illumination and repentance (even in a "moment"), they may in fact be saved by Mercy in Chaos.
  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

    There is a curious phenomena surrounding the apparitions of Our Lady that I think people need to be aware of and that is the most curious spiritual dumbing down of the messages and culpable ignorance of their import, as Jesus said,

    Mark 4:12
    so that 'they may see clearly but not perceive, and they may hear clearly but not understand, otherwise they might turn around and be forgiven.'"

    I have a friend, an attorney who organises trips to Medugorje and another who has been there more times than I have had hot dinners. Still if you mention to either of them the Secrets of Medugorje they simply turn of and look blank, they don't want to know. Effectively they view Medugorje as some kind of Spiritual Summer Spa, a place to recreat themselves and relax and enjoy in a very uplifting spiritual ambience...its well...its a kind of touchy feelly thing, if you know what I mean...all hearts and roses.

    But as Garabandal pointing out the visionaries at both Kibeho and Garabandal broke out screaming at what is heading in our direction and I suspect the visionaries were not left in too steady a state in Medugorje , either. Also of course the visionaries, even as small children at Fatima, got whisked of to hell, which must have been pretty mind blowing.

    For there is a real steel edged point to these phenomena which his not peripheral, which is not to be ignored,

    ]for it is a warning of what is to come and it is completely central to the message. If we miss this, if we ignore it we miss everything. I repeat we miss the whole point.

    Its just the same, role for Mary as for Jonah, when he warned the city of Niniveh:

    Luke 11:29-32 (King James Version)

    29And when the people were gathered thick together, he began to say, This is an evil generation: they seek a sign; and there shall no sign be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet.

    30For as Jonas was a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of man be to this generation.

    31The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation, and condemn them: for she came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.

    32The men of Nineveh shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.

    I call these people who show such culpable ignorance, the pink, scented rosary beads brigade and this purposeful turning away from the central message is much, much more widespread than many folks realise. If you want to discover for yourself how widespread this error is go to any of the main web sites that deal with apparitions and try to post on the Secrets and what's coming our way. At best you'll get replies gently chiding you to be more positive, at worse you'll get your ass booted off, as I have.

    For they don't want to, know, they don't want to hear they don't want to see?

    Why not? Well I'll leave you to work that out for yourselves, its the very same reason they rejected, Christ, they rejected the apostles, they rejected the prophets. For Mary comes as Queen of the Prophets and just as they rejected the Prophets they reject the message of Mary too. Oh yes, some of them accept but only the touchy felely things they want to accept, the steel edge the prophetic role, the centrality of the message, they dump and ignore.

    I think we have to really fight against this and not , not, not on account to dumb things down.

    I tell you everything, every single thing you see around you in the world at the minute and consider as normal is to be taken from us. Our great nation states and armies, our scientific 'wisdom' out miraculous technology, our Godless societies our entire ways of life are to be taken from us.

    What we shall have left will be simple Catholic communities living lives of great faith in the shadow of Our Dear Saviour.

    Don't let anyone sell you short on this.

    We are going through the great, terrible pains of child birth into a new world, the Triumph of Mary. Mary comes as Queen of Prophets, listen to her.

    Don't dumb down or let anyone else dumb down her messages. Don't let yourself be sold short.

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  15. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I posted this on another forum, were they were arguing that strip joints were a good idea, if people needed the money and to be entertained:

    Well it boils down to this, folks.

    Either there's a God and He handed us down the ten Commandments , as the Judeo-Christian maintains; or there is not.

    For those who do not have this moral anchor of a belief in and objective moral order based on God and God's will for us this is simply the misty, foggy, miasma in of moral relativism in which each individual sets themselves up to be their very own little God picking and choosing what they believe to be right or wrong. Rather like a supermarket customer shopping and picking and choosing at any particular time and place what they 'feel',, what they 'think' what 'guess' is right or wrong. Effectively because there is no real moral basis or bottom to their notions they are rather like ships without anchors, guessing, feeling, touching, guessing their way into complete moral chaos..and well evil.

    For you see at the end of the day there is , if you truly believe in God no room for moral supermarket shopping; there is an objective right and wrong and all you have to do to see it is to look at the ten commandments God gave us. To keep and obey, not to 'feel' about, not to water down, not to ignore, or change if we don't happen to like them; to keep.

    If you look at the bible you see this kind of thing happening time and time again. Folks saying, well these are modern times, we are wiser, smarter folks , more progressive than those who have gone before , we can become our own little Gods and pick and choose what's right and wrong and no prophet is going to tell us any different.

    But, you know , if you look at Sodom and Gomorrah you see were such thinking gets you.

    The bottom line us its that kind of complete moral insanity,or to call a spade a spade, pure Godless wickedness that has us in up to our necks in crap in these present days.

    Things like the credit crunch are not an accident, the flooding, the natural disasters, the wars, they are all part of a great Chastisement such Godlessness..and it is Godlessness, make no mistake about it , that has left us up to our necks in crap.


    Oil and water do not mix. They stoned the prophets to death for telling it like it is. Thats why you're all going into the kind of nasty, name calling, finger pointing, convulsions and knots you show when I tell you the truth. Mocking and jeering at me when I tell it like it is,

    You're on the road to hell with such insane amoral thinking.

    Pick up stones and throw them at me , if you like, as you ancestors did at the Prophets.

    You are all morally insane and with such amoral thinking have brought a great chastisement to our world.

    Come back to the ten commandments and get yourselves right with God or the fate that overtook your ancestors who thought the exact same insane Godless way you do , will overtake you too.


  16. Seán

    Seán New Member

    Well said Padraig. It reminds me of the Mass also, where sermons in general seem to have been pruned to flavour as well. When was the last time we heard a good sermon on Hell and the dangers of sin. Notice how people laugh at the concept of sin these days; it is the subject of humour and ridicule, as something that is not to be treated seriously.

    We had a very good and holy parish Priest a few years ago who used to speak openly about sin and the importance of avoiding it and so on. The result was that many parishioners stopped going to Mass, while some few attended neighbouring parishes. Our 'sense of sin' as the late great JP2 said, is being lost.

    The secrets of Medjugorje do indeed give meaning and depth to the messages and the apparitions in general, as they are a stark reminder that Our Lady is not just appearing for fun of it, but to help prepare us for what is going to come.

    Your reply to the strip club issue was excellent.

  17. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I think , Shane , one thing you will notice about the Tribulation is that folks will get more and livid when they hear a prohetic meesage.

    People will die for calling a spade a spade.

    Many,many, many will die.

    Pope Benedict is an example of this.

    The proper place for the Church in this Darkness is hanging on the Cross, which is were it will hang, wait and see. :shock:

    "And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshipped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years." (Revelation 20:4)

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