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    Husband, both nervous about tomorrow's dental surgery (thanks for prayers) and being somewhat hard of hearing, lost my debit card (take-away meal purchase).

    I phoned the little restaurant. Waitress said she remembered handing card back to husband.

    We searched (including car).

    Husband went back to the restaurant. Found it lying on the pavement of the parking lot.


    SO grateful it wasn't found and pocketed.

    A donation to St. Anthony's Bread! :love::love::love:
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    Last evening, our elderly cat being "irregular" (despite our trying to keep her otherwise), I prayed that you-know-what be found.

    Twenty minutes ago I began my workday.

    Then it occurred to me that I should make the bed and scramble an egg for Trixie, so I got up.

    I go to move a pillow aside, and what's BIG there on a small coverlet... :) Found.

    Another offering to St. Anthony's Bread! :)
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    Another victory :LOL:
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    :love: And again!!

    Our public library has suspended its interloan service.

    A book I'd like to borrow through interloan goes for $650 to $770 :eek: via online book sellers (my local used doesn't have it).

    So I prayed to St. Anthony to obtain a copy somehow ... then retracted the prayer thinking I shouldn't bother him with it :whistle: ... and today I unexpectedly read a comment that this book has been downloaded for free reading. :D Found the link. Yep.
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