TBBT - where does it fit in?

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    TBBT being the super-popular TV comedy The Big Bang Theory, now in syndication after its long and glorious run from 2007 to 2019.

    I ask "where does it fit in," because in retrospect it doesn't so much.

    We didn't have children. All nephews/niece are grown (youngest is 29), and who we seldom see. Mentioning that as I couldn't know how/if truly relatable to younger viewers.

    My impression of TBBT was that it truly reflected the younger generation AND the overall "spirit of America" with its ability of people to laugh at others and themselves, and while I did surmise its characters are actually 1970s/1980s personalities in a modern and high-tech setting, still we have:

    "Tramp" shaming...laughing at a person with autism traits...vehement denial of homosexual traits with cringe and laughter...Barry has a cartoonish speech impediment...

    How could this TV show be SO popular with MILLIONS of Americans in this age of ____ Must Be Cancelled Because ____ Offends Me?? :coffee:

    When mid-2016 rolled around, I became absolutely stunned at the TRUE face of America. :unsure: We live in an America where if you don't just blindly accept everything you're a Nazi, by people who reserve the right to hate you for a, b, or c.

    So I'm still, in early 2021, wondering how TBBT could be so wildly popular. There are definite STARK, plain-as-day, elements throughout the show which should've had the Social Justice Warriors livid with rage, up in arms, screaming for it to be canceled. :eek:

    But it maintained its immense popularity until the final episode.

    I've mostly liked the show, especially the nerd factor, science, astronomy. But I don't understand how SJW's / half the USA also did. (n) Even considering the fact that they're continually contradictory, can spin on a dime, etc.

    If Donald Trump said half the negative things uttered by TBBT characters, the White House would've been stormed by murderous lunatics.

    However -- I should mention that another strong aspect of TBBT is its neighborliness, being kind and understanding in difficult times, they're "there for each other," please acknowledge my feelings, be considerate and compassionate -- and, yes, we can laugh at ourselves. These factors had me convinced it represented an America I still recognized.

    This has been in mind for quite awhile. I think TBBT's popularity is THE indicator of how deeply troubled this nation really is. Because half the country should've absolutely hated it and been yelling for its cancellation, right? :whistle: Yet it had a super-successful 12-year run, with EVERYONE laughing at Sheldon's autistic idiosyncrasies, Leonard's sexual frustration, Howard and Raj vehemently denying they have homosexual desires for each other (they didn't), Penny being "tramp shamed" and her "tramp shaming" others, Barry's speech impediment, Stuart's painful awkwardness, Amy's dowdy homeliness.

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    I never watched that show. Never had the desire to from what I saw. I mean, there would be short clips from it on TV, and maybe a bit as I was surfing channels. But I just never was interested and wondered why it lasted so long. I suppose there were enough people watching it that kept it going. Perhaps part of it was the banter and the "allowed" shaming. Maybe some people saw a bit of themselves in the characters, or just wish they could be that way. I don't know. It wasn't something I would care to see.
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