Tapao Mountain, Vietnam

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    The story of Maria in Ta Pao (Vietnam)

    "Hundred people and I saw the sun turn round and round directly at 6 PM on August 12, 2007. At the same time, there had a silver disk which shaded the sunlight so that every people can look at the sun. A remain part around of the sun turn round and round that silver disk. After a few seconds I took my digital camera to record it."

    "What a surprised is! I recorded another scene as you have seen on my video clip. I recognized that it is one of the miracles from the God. That event was happened at the foot of the Ta Pao mountain where had a Maria statue which was placed in 1959, in Dong Kho village, Tanh Linh district, Binh Thuan province, Viet Nam. Now, they get acquainted with calling "Duc Me Ta Pao". It means Maria in Ta Pao."

    "Summarizing, we can see the sun turn round itself when we saw by our eyes. But, When we saw in camera, we can see the sun move forward and move back, and flash."

    "On 13th of every month, that day is the day when Maria appeared, or on Maria holiday people come together to pray. There are thounsands people come there on October 13th every year. Viet Nam Congregation named that place is Pilgrimage Center of Maria in Ta Pao"

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    Nguyen Dinh Quang
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    I am just bumping this up, for it is incredible and am going to watch this once again at tea time tonight.
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    This is well worth watching again in case you haven;t seen it.

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    video not working.:(
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    Its really quite amazing.

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    Oh wow..Speechless..How beautiful.
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