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Discussion in 'Spirit of Ireland' started by garabandal, May 4, 2023.

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    I was talking to a colleague/friend at work today about the sign of the times. She is not a regular church goer but is awake to things (didn't take the jabs etc) so I mentioned to her that I had written a book on the Rosary that was available on Amazon so she asked me to send her a link to the book by Whatsap - first she was completely amazed I had written a book and was so chuffed she text another friend in the school about it. So I had spare copies in the boot of my car and decided to give free copies to both girls.

    I took a copy into the class of the first friend and she didn't want to take a free copy and said she would pay for it. I told her I was doing this as a non-profit project and I could see her amazement at this and she gave me the biggest hug (in front of the class lol) she was so delighted it was obvious there was a wee spark there in terms of grace. I proceeded to the next classroom to give the second book away and again was so warmly received with smiles and joy - she said she was going to read my book tonight (and she said her aunt would be open to this so I am bringing in a free copy tomorrow again she wanted to pay for this but I told her it would be free as our Lady is generous and I will get back at least two-fold). I told them both I had written the book to help people to prepare spiritually for the times ahead. Please God this bears spiritual fruit.

    What amazed me was the joy I saw in their faces in receiving a copy of my book on the Rosary I too was pleasantly surprised by this so the faith in Ireland is still there just beneath the surface.
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    I have given away at least 15 free copies of my book this way -

    I get tongue-tied trying to explain the faith to people so I love doing it this way. Much easier lol!!
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  3. Jo M

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    How wonderful. Many blessings received because of your book. :)
  4. Katfalls

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    Love it! Can I have the link to your book? Is it on Amazon?
  5. Mario

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    Oftentimes acts of kindness and generosity related to the Faith, rather than apologetic defenses, better lower defenses and touch hearts. How wonderful to see the fruits of your personal initiative!:ROFLMAO: Thank you, Dear Lady!
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  7. garabandal

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    Yes - this is true - they have known me for years and we have become friends - now they will know me even better as the book is a spiritual testament to to the love of our Lady.
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    she was completely amazed I had written a book and was so chuffed she text another friend in the school about it...

    Being a Yankee from the USA, I had to look up the meaning of this "foreign word": chuffed = very pleased!:LOL:
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    That is wonderful Garabandal! I just bought mine.
  10. Sam

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    Thanks for the translation, the word sounded to me to mean the opposite at first-offended but of course didn't fit in context. o_O:LOL:
  11. Shae

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    Simply beautiful!
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  12. AED

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    This is wonderful Bobby. To see that joy. It confirms what I suspected. Our Lady was behind this "project" from the beginning.
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    I’m so happy for you, Bobby,
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  14. You are very much inspired by the Holy Spirit ;)
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  15. Shae

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    Most definitely agree with you AED!
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    What a wonderfully kind gesture on your part. I’ve been struggling to find the time and energy to pray my rosary so I’m hoping that your devotion will give me the boost I need. I just ordered my copy, thank you for the link!
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  18. RoryRory

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    I bought your book and sometimes take it to Adoration to help me meditate on the Rosary. It is wonderful..
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  19. garabandal

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    Thankyou - what a great idea.

    I actually use it myself sometimes for inspiration when saying the rosary at home.
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  20. DeGaulle

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    Bought your book, Bobby. My biggest problem when I attempt to say the Rosary is keeping my mind from wandering. Any advice?
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