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  1. Lumena

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    An update on my youngest daughter, Stephanie. All prayers are being answered, she has moved into her new flat which she is sharing with 3 other young ladies. She has recovered from Covid but still feels fatigue if she does too much. She is still paying rent on the flat she moved out of, though, (which means she is paying rent in 2 places )and needs to find someone to take over her old room there so that she can be released from that obligation. Please pray for that to happen as naturally she cannot afford to pay 2 rents. Thanks for your prayers, she appreciates them very much.
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    Prayers to St Joseph.
  3. Katfalls

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    The perfect saint to ask for intercession for this issue.
  4. Jo M

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    Prayers said Lumena. Good to hear Stephanie has recovered.
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    St Joseph is another of those wonderful saints who is ever eager to help.
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  7. Romans 8:28

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    The Unfailing Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots, is my go to ❤️ the version that is prayed with rosary meditation is my favorite.

    I was in a similar position - we purchased and moved into our first house in Nov 2014, but were still bound to our townhome lease/rent until the following May.

    (Was also 8 mo pregnant with a toxic thyroid nodule, a dying car, and our "new" house had a furnace that couldn't keep up and an inoperable fireplace )

    Long story shortened - this was my first time praying this devotion. Began on a Monday. Debated going to Mass b/c I would be late...walked in that Friday just in time for the Gospel. It was the Feast of Our Lady of Guadelupe. Father ended his homily "and let us always remember to give Mary the knots in our lives and allow her to untie them" Sent him an email...and he thanked me, responding that he thought it strange that the devotion had come to mind and that it was a gift from the Holy Spirit to me We are too loved.

    Needless to say, Thanks Be to God, and the prayers of His Mother, all worked out.

    Many, many, many answered prayers have come ❤️

    The Surrender Novena is also a favorite. And can't go wrong with St. Joseph, as others have suggested
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    Thank you, everyone, for your excellent suggestions and your prayers. Its funny, Stephanie actually ASKED that I post her predicament on the MOG forum. She really believes in the power of your prayers, even though she is a 23 year old who does not practise her faith. Im thankful for that small beginning. It is a glimmer of hope.
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    Why is Stephanie still paying on the first flat? Did she sign an agreement that is in effect until a future date?:( Praying!
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  10. Lumena

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    Hi Mario,

    My understanding is that she was responsible to find a replacement tenant to take over her room in her original flat share and then she could stop paying rent on that room once someone else has moved into it. Otherwise the other tenants there who share the property and lease would have to make up the shortfall in total rent paid. So they are advertising for a new tenant and trying to find someone suitable to move into Stephanie's old room.
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    When you rent an apt you sign a lease for a year. If you break the lease you are still responsible for the rent. Some apt owners will let you break the lease for a hefty fee or let you sub lease.
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