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    This is a wonderful collection of stories from purgatory, of the the holy souls returning to ask for prayers.

    Jimmy was asking me to tell a few stories abut mystical events whilst I was in Medugorje , so I thought I would recount one of an elderly lady who visited me , not from Purgatory but from heaven to console her family.

    I should preface this story by saying I went out there with two friends and did not know anyone else before leaving Ireland in our pilgrimage group.

    So one beautiful evening a bunch of about 20 of us were sitting in a cafe right next to the beautiful St James Church which is the heart of the village.


    Well I was sitting there really just praying and listening to the conversations around me when this I discovered little old lady standing right beside my chair. She explained to me that she the mother of two of the people at the table a lady and a man who were twins. She said that she had died fairly recently but that this son and daughter had not comes to terms with their grief so she had come down to let them both know that she was happy , in heaven and that the pair should get on with their lives.

    Well of course in the usual run of events I would have died rather than passed on what this really sweet little dead lady was telling me for fear of being though a total nut. ;) But something about that wonderful village gave me the courage of a lion so I started passing on what their mother was saying. The whole table finally realised what I was doing and I ended up with a whole bunch of them staring at me with their jaws so far open they were hitting the floor.:) Fun, fun, fun. Well I can see the funny side of it.

    But you know the little old lady left them in doubt at all she was really there by telling them details of their lives that only they knew. For instance the guys childhood nickname , the fact he used not to go to school and hide his school bag at the bottom of the garden , the fact that a brother back home was drink driving (in fact he crashed the car drunk and ended up in hospital a couple of weeks later, his mother warned him through me this was going to happen but he didn't listen) . Also it turned out the old woman had been a great buisnesswoman and she gave a few words of advice about running things. A good but formidable lady in death as in life, I suspect.

    So anyway him and her began to cry their eyes out and told me later it had helped them heal.

    But I caught the guy later sneakily listening outside my bedroom in case it had been some sophisticated hoax. What can you do ; buisiness People.

    But anyway not all souls come from purgatory , they can come calling from heaven too.

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    Now, now jimmyiz. It's not Holy Cow! The Israelites made that mistake back in the desert!;) I like "Inconceivable!" the best! :D (As you can see, I'm a diehard fan of the movie, Princess Bride!) What puts me in stitches about Padraig, and actually keeps the ring of truth about it, is his matter-of-fact way of storytelling!

    Safe in the Father's Arms!
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    It seemed like it wasn't really happening in a way if you have ever been in an automobile accident. Experiencing anything like this is a bit unreal. But it didn't effect me as much as the people watching one of them was an attorney and I thought he was going to fall over backwards.

    But it was funny.

    But it doesn't scare me, no. The devil scares me alright, but that s different.

    The first time I saw a Holy Soul it was my brother Colm. About two years after seeing Our Lady. Colm was 26 when he died and was a complete atheist. I was walking round the park when he appeared walking towards me. he said,

    He was smiling and said, 'You were right and I was wrong' , he paused and said, 'But I know more about all this than you now' Then he laughed and kind of faded out. I made a BIG mistake and told me family who thought I was nuts. I had to go down to see my Spiritual Director for reassurance. He believed me at once and said souls visiting after death is quite common, just that folks don't talk about if for fear of being thought crazy.

    ;) Silly me did talk, quite a bit.
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    Yes some people are open to such things, most people are not. It used to annoy me if people didn't believe. Now I don't mind, it is a big thing to swallow I know. If I hadn't seen it I wouldn't believe either.
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  5. RoryRory

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    Are all these experiences in your book?I want to buy it but don't know anything about LuLu. Is that a book company from Europe? I'm sort of afraid of giving my visa over the internet.
    I believe and have not seen. I find this so interesting. RoryRory
  6. Padraig, you have a book? I would like to buy it. Where can I?
  7. RoryRory

    RoryRory Perseverance

    So do I. Rory
  8. padraig

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  9. RoryRory

    RoryRory Perseverance

    Hi Padraig, I ordered A Catholic Test and Blessed Mother.I'm sure I will enjoy.
  10. I will get all of them. I have a long Christmas list too!
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    There are also two very good books I'd recommend if you're interestedd in reading about the Holy Souls:

    'Get Me out of Here' (Nicky Eltz) - an interview with Maria Simma, the Swiss mystic who during the 20th century was graced with many appearances of poor souls.
    'Hungry Souls' which gives stories of those who gave messages from Purgatory through the centuries.

    Both are good reads, if you have the interest and a few coins to spare!!
  12. padraig

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  13. PotatoSack

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    The fact that your you saw your brother Padraig as a holy soul in purgatory and he died suddenly and was an atheist at the time gives me great hope for my family members who are atheists. I had read some time ago and I forget where, that at the moment of your death you have a last chance to acknowledge God and thus save yourself from eternal damnation. This story of Colm seems to back this up. Or maybe he didn't die instantly and had a death-bed acknowledgement or maybe he talked a lot more atheist than he felt in his heart. I don't know the answer, but given you saw him as a soul from purgatory gives me great hope for some who seem very, very lost.
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    How the Thief Stole Paradise Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

    The two thieves judged themselves. The one asked to be taken down, the other asked to be taken up. There was something material in the soul of the one on the right that responded to that intercessory prayer of our Lord, “ Father, forgive.” Then there came the conviction of sin. This thief on the right said to his brother thief on the other side, “We are suffering justly for our sins. This man has done no wrong.” And then he asked only to be remembered: “Remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Kingdom? In the whole gospel is there any faith comparable to that of this man? Here he looks upon what is seemingly a condemned criminal- and so he spoke of him at the beginning-and he sees a crown of thorns as a royal diadem. The nail in his hand is a scepter. The blood is his royal purple. The crucifixion is his installation and coronation. And he asks to be remembered. The Lord replied, “This day thou shalt be with me in paradise.” On the day we die we go to Christ. “ This day thou shalt be with me in paradise.” I always wonder why our Lord needed to say “in paradise,” because to be with him is paradise. The thief died a thief, for he stole paradise. And paradise can be stolen again.
  15. What a WONDERFUL story. I love Bishop Fulton Sheen!!
  16. padraig

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    Its true we can't really tell for sure how God will judge. he has His own way for adding things up.

    I used to pray for my family all the time ,especially offering up my rosaries. ..and at that tie I suppose I was saying the rosary about 200 times a day. But Our Lady promised me all my family would be saved . I found this hard at first to believe as to be honest some them weren't so much wandering as nose diving.;)

    But Our Lady wanted e to pray for other things so I trusted and I still believe her. Seeing Colm was a big reassurance, no harm to Colm but if he could pass the pearly gates I suppose anyone has a chance.

    But on a few occasions when praying for souls I was asked to stop that they were in hell.

    The first tie this happened was in London. y brother had a graphic pictured books on the American Mafia and it showed a picture of the head of 'Murder Incorporated', Albert Anastasia lying dead in a barbers shop were he had been shot to pieces. (the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn refused to sanction a church burial). I felt sorry for him and prayed for his soul but got the big, 'NO', poor man.



    But we have to remember no one goes to hell unless they choose to be there.
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    I was encouraged to pray and offer masses to the holy souls in purgatory and having amazing experiences of late.
    I was led to pray for them while praying to St Padre Pio and yeah they surely do visit us and listen to our prayers.
    It sounds like they can hear what we say I literally jump off when my wish is granted and yes i do get visitors as well.
    I dont share this with everyone cause not everyone believes and unless im pushed to do it.
    I love to read stories of their intercession sadly many catholics are unaware of this and how powerful their intercession is.
    I offer up 9 divine mercy chaplet and the 1000 rosaries for their relief.
    I also observed from time i started to offer masses for them the number of tragic deaths has startled me this couldn't be a coincidence definitely not.
    Do also pray the De profoundis for them its powerful.
    Check out this link -
    Yeah its true this stuff is true.
    God bless all. Avina Peter. India.
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    Good reminder!
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  19. padraig

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    My Spiritual Director told me one time that the dead returnng in the period immediately after death is quite common. They mostly come back to comfort and reassure. But people these days are not open to talk about such things. Also people tend to think it was their imagination. Being open to such events is not part of our culture.

    I think the most interesting modern mystic visited by the Holy Souls was Padre Pio. He said one time that more Holy Souls came visiting asking for prayers than did real people; which says a lot since hundreds and hundreds of thousands visited his Friary during his life time.

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  20. Agnes rose

    Agnes rose Archangels

    That gives me hope for family away from the Church. Also a mothers prayers
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