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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by Debora G Barbossa, Jul 7, 2021.

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    Excellent suggestion. These were approved by Pope Pius XII.
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    There is no doubt in my mind that private revelation continues to happen. I would go further and say it MUST happen and it MUST happen to each of us. Now that does not mean ( in fact I would say very unlikely) that I would get a vision or locution. But, it does mean that if I pray to Holy Spirit to open my ears, heart and mind, I WILL hear a Word from God specifically for me in my life and where I find myself today. God’s Words and His Spirit are alive. The Bible is not a “historical” book but alive today…. Speaking to us with life so that we can continue to convert. To me everyday is an opportunity to convert even if I’ve been a cradle Catholic. So, no doubt , God continues to privately reveal himself to each of us. And some people get supernatural revelations that over time and through the testing St. Paul recommends becomes public and fully accepted.
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    Well said. And God is always on time. :)
    Yesterday I was shopping at Walmart. As I left the store, I almost ran into a lady I have known since 8th grade and who had moved away about 20 years ago! She had just moved back into the area. Just think about the timing on that one. And I really wasn’t sure I was going to Walmart, but I did. One of the family members in this area is suffering from dementia so all are needed to help out.
    I’m sure we will continue our friendship now.
    Also, the Lord pointed out to me that I needed to forgive one of their family members. Ahem.
    All in a day’s work for the Lord.
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    You know originally in the Church, from the very earliest days the blessed Sacrament was kept in the Sacristy of the ancient Churches , reserved for the sick and dying , for emergency situations where the hosts were really needed.

    When did this all change?

    Well it changed in around the 19th century in France (yes as late as that) when through a whole series of Private Revelations to a whole group of Mystics Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament emerged and from this country and time spread to the Church Universal. So the Tabernacle became placed front and center in the Church and Devotions like Benediction emerged.

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    Pretty well all our saints have Private revelations of one kind or other.

    I was just listening to the most beautiful ones form st Phillip Neri just this morning.

    It is astonishing to me that someone, who calls themselves by the proud name , 'Catholic' , could suggest anything otherwise. Private Revelations are part of the very Spiritual air we live and breath.

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    Well Padraig, let us remember that you did discern that Mother of God Forum was going to be attacked, and what makes this forum unique is that we do discuss private revelations, and it is dedicated to the Mother of Our Lord, the Blessed Virgen Mary. Since you posted that request that we pray for the forum, it is noteworthy that we are getting attacked particularly in the area of private revelation. This thread for example is such an attack.
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    Yes, Debora needed to define what she means by private revelations,

    Does it pertain to modern visionaries and those who receive locutions? Does it pertain to the messages of Fatima? She probably didn't mean it to be so open-ended but it's almost too broad of a statement.
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    Given her previous messages, she is giving the impression that it's all private revelations, except when she mentions a certain servant of God who is a prophet in her discernment. Take a look at her initial message in this thread at MOG:

    The Revelations Will Not Be Proclaimed
    The Revelations Will Not Be Proclaimed | Mother of God (

    "I know a man who has been studying private revelations for over 30 years. He is a lawyer and he has a very private life. He went to a prayer group last week where a servant of God was ministering healing and prophecy all in the presence of the Blessed sacrament.

    He had never seen this woman and she did not know him. She simply came to him and said, "the revelations will not be proclaimed". live your life in peace and rest in God.

    I think that God's mercy is unfathomable and I think it is better for everyone to accept the idea that nothing escathological will happen in our lives, especially prophecies about warning and other extraordinary things."

    What does that tell you?


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