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    'The , 'Princess of Heaven'.


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    Philomena used to be a very, very popular name in Ireland years ago. I think what first drew my attention and devotion to her was the awe in which St John Vianney , the Cure of Ars had for her. The writers on the life of the saint placed this devotion down to the fact that, out of humility, the saint was covering up the miracles he himself worked by fobbing them off on Philomena.

    But I think this is only partly true. Sometimes saints partner up (such as St Clare and St Francis or St Benedict and St Scholastica. As far as miracles go I think they were kind of dancing together as a pair. :)

    Vatican 2 meant that poor Philomena like several other saints , such as St Christopher got dumped, the powers that be reckoning that she there was not even enough proof that the girl saint even existed.

    But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I think. I have asked St Philomena to help me out and been amazed at how quickly and well she has sorted things out.:):)

    You can't ask better than that ,can you?

    Padre Pio was also a huge fan.

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  3. Yes

    Yes, it was through St. Vianney that I also got to know about St. Philomena.
    Thanks for the info padraig that St. Padre Pio is also a huge fan of St. Philomena!

    just want to add this video for more resources on St. Philomena

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  4. Sainted devotees of St. Philomena

    • St. John Marie Vianney, Curé of Ars (1876-1859). It was Pauline Jaricot who talked to him about the Saint of Mugnano and introduced her to him. It was she that gifted him with one of her relics. There is not a biography of the Curate of Ars where our Saint is not mentioned. In France he was the greatest promoter of the devotion towards the Saint of Mugnano. He had a statue of St. Philomena placed in his parish church, and then built a Basilica in her honor in Ars. This Basilica, built in the same style of the one in Fourvière, which dominates over Lyon, was terminated after the death of Saint John Marie Vianney. The Saint Curate attributed to the intercession of our Saint, all the numerous miracles performed in Ars.
    • St. Peter Louis Marie Chanel (1803-1841). He was missionary and first martyr (April 28, 1841) of the mysterious and wild Oceania. His mutual devotion for St. Philomena came from the Curate of Ars. When he embarked in 1836 for the Archipelago of Tonga, he had in his breviary three pictures: Our Lady, St. Joseph and St. Philomena. To the young St. of Mugnano he would turn in the difficult moments of his apostolate amongst the mistrustful and hostile indigenous. Although not expert in constructions, he started building, trustful in “a Saint for whom he harbors a great devotion”. In honor of the Saint he recited a novena every year in the period of her feast. To one of the first baptized he gave the name Marie Philomeno.
    • St. Peter Julian Marie Eymard (1811- 1868). His greatest merit was the foundation in 1856 of the Congregation of the Most Blessed Sacrament. He was a very close friend of the Curate of Ars whom he visited regularly. He had a great devotion towards St. Philomena. He loved to kneel down in front of the Saint’s reliquary. In 1854 he was cured by the martyr, after a novena recited in her honor.
    • St. Madeleine Sophie Barat (1779-1865). She founded in 1802 the Society of the Sacred Heart. In the difficult times of her life and her religious order, Mother Barat invoked with faith the Saint of Mugnano. In her biography she states that on the 11th of September 1846 Barat placed her hands on a surgery patient who was instantly healed. She attributed her healing to St. Philomena, whom she had invoked.
    • St. John Nepomucene Neumann (1811-1860). In 1840 he joined the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, founded by St. Alfonso Maria de Liguori. He dedicated himself to the missionary activity in the States of New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and in Christian education for youth, founding many parish catholic schools. In 1846, trustful of the help of the Martyr, “to whom God denies nothing for whomever invokes her” and without worrying about the money, he completed the building of the new Church of St. Philomena.
    • St. Frances Xavier Cabrini (1850-1917). On her numerous journeys, especially the ones from New York to Buenos Aires and through the Andes, she always carried with her a small statue of St. Philomena. We can say that Cabrini, and the Bishop of Philadelphia Mons. Neumann, had the merit of promoting the devotion of the Saint in America more than anyone else. Pius XII declared her Universal Patroness of the Emigrants.
    • St. Pio of Pietrelcina (1887-1968). For her St. Philomena was the “Princess of Heaven”. After the liturgical reform of 1961, Father Pio used to imperatively reply to whoever dared to doubt the existence of the Saint: “for the love of God! It might well be that her name is not Philomena, but this Saint has performed many miracles and it is not the name that did them.” This is the wisest reply: who wants to understand, will understand!
    • St. Maddalena Gabriella of Canossa (1774-1835). She founded the Order of the Canossians (Work of the Charity daughters), an institution of great religious and human advancement. Mother Madeleine continuously urged her religious sisters towards the love of Christ and the Virgin of Sorrows, and she entrusted them to the patronage of St. Philomena.
    • St. Hannibal Marie Di Francia (1851-1927). Referring to St. Philomena he used to say: “St. Philomena has become famous for the great miracles that the Lord has worked through her.”
    • St. Damien de Veuster (1840 – 1889). Father Damien, Belgian missionary of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, spent his life spiritually assisting and curing the lepers relegated to the isle of Molokai in the Hawaiian archipelago. A great devotee of St. Philomena, he dedicated to her the first chapel he built in the leper colony.
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    My 25-year-old brother is named after St. Philomena (his middle name is Philomen-Marie). My mother had a special devotion to her for many years.
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    It is through my mom and St Padre Pio that i got to know st Philomena!! Aug 11 is her feastday and it is etched in my mind. She helps wayward children and has helped mine so much. I am in the Universal Rosary with Pauline Jaricot. One decade a day for intentions of the immaculate Heart of Mary . St. Padre Pio would say go to Philomena so i did!!!!
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    Thank you Padraig, and Jason. We have a relic of St. John Vianney that was given to us by our former pastor. I did not know about the Curé of Ars devotion to St. Philomena. :)
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    Yes, there is a whole big story about Philomena and Pauline and the Shrine in Italy...I think the Passionists were involved...let me see if I can find it..

    I can;t find it, but I think what happened is that there was a storm at sea and a ship with St Philomena's relics on board was washed up at Mugano in Italy and so many miracles happened they set up the main shrine there. It was St Pauline Jaricot organised it.

    ahh found is the whole miraculous story.!!

    So glad I found it!!

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    He never stopped recommending her in his sermons. He actually built a shrine to her.

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    Dear Padraig,
    how did you ask St. Philomena, in what way?
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    Just as I would ask anyone, say a friend for a favour. Just by turning to them and asking.:)

    It's a pity that there are no statues or Shrines or Churches to the Saint in the city. In fact I don't recall seeing any anywhere in Ireland. Such a shame.:oops:

    One Pope described her as the Greatest Saint of the century, which is quite something.

    So young to get so very,very holy. I believe it was because of the sufferings she went through.

    Many who read these will die for the Faith, the way things are going so much is clear. Well then what a great chance to become a Great Saint at hyper speed..through suffering!

    This life is very,very,very passing.
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    I have found with Saint Philomena that it is as if she was standing there waiting, dancing from toe to toe in her eagerness to help. It is as if with her there is this huge dam of graces just waiting to gush forth.

    We can have truly huge confidence in her.

    It's touching, so young, a very young girl, a Virgin. A Martyr. God chooses the weak to confound the strong, no doubt about it.
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    Her trust and faith in God during her trials were incredible. Trust and faith ❤ 2 things i strive for.
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    Dear Padraig,
    Thank you!
    You would be so happy to visit our parish Church here. We have large statues, almost life size, in prominent places inside the Church, including St. Philomena holding her martyrdom-arrows in her hand, Our Lady of Fatima, St. Joseph, etc. So next time I will ask her for a favor.
    Being a saint of purity, how does she relate to someone who struggles with that? Would she despise that?
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    Well I am as impure as it gets and Our Lady, the Purest of the Pure and myself get along like a House on Fire. What Mother would ever get along with her growing Sons and love them as only a Mother can if they were never Tom Cats?;)

    The Good Lord has a Predeliction for sinners. It sounds crazy and illogical but that's the way it is.

    The saints who are his favoured Children walk down the same crazy road.

    It drives the righteous demented. But there you are..

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