St. Patrick and the End-Time Flood of Ireland

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    I think there is something spooky and evil going on here. The devil is at his work. It just doesn't seem natural to me.
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    I am so grieved at times! I pray and fast that Ireland will remain with some of the Latin American countries in its stand against this heinous crime!:eek: Your anxieties and frustrations remind me of the last forty years of anguish we have endured in the USA with over 50 million precious babes butchered.:cry: It is a heavy Cross and a laborious battle! O Lord, reconsecrate Erin in Your Mercy, that she might be spared the blood of such poor innocents!

    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle...

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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    I tried to find information on this but have not been successful. Does anyone else have anything?
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    Yesterday when I stood at st Patrick's grave I was awestruck to find that St Colmcille is also burried as is St Bridgid in the very same tomb, I had always knew St Bridgid was burried with him but for some strange reason I assumed it was also St Malachy I guess I need to study more..It also reminded me of a dream I had I was flying over county down and ended up at St Patricks grave I read the inscription on the tomb stone and it was carved Christ before me etc I woke up saying the prayer the thing I noted is that the tomb stone does not have the prayer inscribed on it I cant help but think that my dream relates to what me and the good wife are planning at struell ???
    but to sum up what a great privilege it was to stand at the grave and pray to these three great saints awesome..:)
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    I did find this

    Speaking of this pillar of St. Thomas, Fr. A. Monserrate in his letter to the General of the Society of Jesus, dated January 12, 1579 observes: “The Tradition is, and it is the common saying, that St. Thomas erected at Caulan (Covalam or Cape Comerin) a pillar (marco) on some stones, from which the sea was then about half a league distant, while saying (prophesying) that, when the sea should reach that pillar, white Christians would come, who would reduce them (instruct them) to following the law (religion) which he was preaching.”16
    John Gilmary Shea writes: “Before he died in Meliapour, St. Thomas erected a very large cross and predicted to the people that when the sea would advance to the very foot of that cross, God would send them, from a far-distant land, white men who would preach to them the same doctrine he had taught them. This prophecy was fulfilled when the Portuguese arrived in the region, and found that the ocean had advanced so far as to be truly at the foot of the cross.” 17
    Herman D’souza, getting the mistaken idea from authors like that of the above quoted materials, tries to locate this pillar at the city of Mylapore, but by giving the king’s name of the locality as Gandhappar Raja, he assures without his knowledge that the Pillar was erected within the territories of the Southern Pandian Kingdoms. He writes as follows: “There is a tradition that the sinking of Mylapore was prophesied by St. Thomas. He had been allowed by the local king, probably Kandappa Rajah, to build a church in the locality. ……On a certain occasion, the Apostle is believed to have said that when the sea should come near his Beth (abode), a western nation would come preaching the same doctrines as he himself taught.”18 The locality of Gandhappar Raja definitely not being Mylapore but the province between Thiruchendur and Kanyakumari, it becomes certain that the Pillar of St. Thomas was erected not in Mylapore but in Kanyakumari.
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    Just about end time saw this not even mentioned on news here but it seems that the Israeli air force attacked Russian missile in Syria and it seems putin mobilising about 160,000 troops serious indeed by the way the weather here is really warm for Ireland and its getting hotter towards end of the week don't know if that a sign or not .
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    The voting is rigged, anyone who thinks otherwise is not facing reality. There has been a lot of suspicious deaths among astronomers around the world. Those fortunate enough not to be killed are anonymously blowing the whistle about another solar system similar to our own, which has arrived with another star. Our sun's twin star, some call it Nemesis, and Nasa have known about it since the 70's and have said nothing about it. Most stellar systems are binary systems, but our other star/sun only returns to orbit our sun every 3,600 years. It is not a direct threat to us so much as the planets it has brought with it are. A very brave whistleblower has used a friend on a social video network to tell us that several planets have moved at astonishing speeds into our solar system and have miraculously stopped and came to an abrupt halt, all except one Nibiru/Planet X, (Google search "Ball of Redemption") which is orbiting our own sun. We have all felt the effects of it's presence as a change in weather extremes. Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, sandstorms, extraordinary levels of snow and flooding at times and fierce drought at other times. Nemesis has come to us through a shell of asteroids and comets which surround our solar system called the Oort Cloud and has dragged many along with it as it approaches the outskirts of our system beyond Pluto. I personally believe only God the Father has the power to exert such control and now is His time of Mercy as He oversees the names written in the Book of Life as the final conversions are completed. In the last 500 years there have been only 7 cycles of tetrads (blood moons), each cycle ending with a major purification. This year 2015 will see the 8th tetrad come to completion on the 23rd of September. A catholic woman online said her brother who is a worker at the airport in Puerto Rico saw thousands of caskets being delivered along with waterproof bodybags, and many thousands holy people of the faith are having the same dream of a meteor strike occuring off the coast of Puerto Rico which is basically in the North Atlantic (Mega Tsunami - Ireland covered in one inundation?) Sorry if this upsets anyone, I hope it encourages you to renew your prayers, fasting, acts of Love and acts of Mercy in the Name of Jesus.
    Google D.U.M.B.S these are the caverns the top level freemasons/luciferians will hide in as any space objects approach.

    Peace and blessings on you all...May the Blood of Jesus be upon us.

    PS: Also, check youtube for "2 suns on chinese tv"
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    "Most solar systems are binary systems"
    I'm not so sure Pat.

    Can you cite some examples?
  11. Torrentum

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    Do you mean "most stellar systems"?
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    Here are just a few off the top of my head...

    I'd love to stay up all night, but I'm up for work at 5:30am and I need to stay sharp for the thieves, aggressive patients and visitors of a major hospital, not to mention the patients with mental health issues. Good night and God bless...

    Next time...why the western governments went to such lengths to extradite Julian Assange, when he discovered who killed Jill Dando and why??
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    That date has been popping up at me more and more recently over the past few weeks..It also strikes me as the date for the feast of the conception of John the baptist maybe 2015 will be another call from the wilderness ??

    Info on the conception of John the Baptist here

    also note the 23rd Sept is St Padre Pio's feast day..?? coincidence ??
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    You might find this of some interest:

    "The ocean shall inundate Ireland seven years before the End so that the devil may not rule over that people."(St. Patrick)

    "Seven years before the Last Day the sea shall submerge Ireland in one inundation." (St. Columbkille)

    "The sea will come over Ireland seven years before the day of judgment." (St. Nennius)

    "The sea shall overwhelm Ireland seven years before the judgment." (Leabhar Breac)

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    Yes, yes I did mean stellar system. Apologies...
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    Spirit of Truth, You have mentioned that you have seen this event of Ireland being flooded. Can you share with us what you were shown.
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    If I lived in Ireland I would be buying a life jacket and a snorkel :D
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    Just my luck. I can't swim...;)
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    I'd be a nervous wreck :D
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    I'd have a stroke :D
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