St. Margaret Clitherow

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    Discovered this lady during a search for vintage TAN titles (below).

    "Saint Margaret Clitherow was born Margaret Middleton in 1556. Not much is known about her early life other than her father was a wax-candler, and they lived in York. At the age of 18 she married John Clitherow, a butcher, and they had three children together. At the age of 21 Margaret converted to Catholicism. Her husband, although supportive of her, remained Protestant.

    Because Margaret lived in England after the Reformation and Henry VIII’s split from Rome, her being Catholic meant she was considered a traitor because the Roman Catholic Church refused to accept the validity of Elizabeth as Queen.

    For the most part, it is believed that Margaret led a normal family life raising her children, but she also became increasingly involved in the secret world of Catholicism; she regularly harboured and maintained priests and held Masses in her home. In 1586, Margaret was arrested for the crime of Harbouring Roman Catholic Priests. She refused to plead to the case so there could not be a trial, which meant her children would be free from the risk of being tortured for information. As a result she was executed by being crushed to death."


    I must read this book. :love:
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    I think she was expecting a baby when she was crushed to death.:cry:
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    Poor St Margaret, such a terrible, terrible death to give anyone but especially to a woman.

    I think women can be much , much braver than men and with much more sticking power.

    Margaret helped priests escape the authorities by giving them shelter. She must have known in her heart that it could only end in one place.

    I see the Chinese Government are currently demolishing 40 Catholic Churches. They said in a public statement that they have the support of the Vatican in so doing and cited the Chinese/ Vatican accord arranged by Mr McCarrick.

    How strange to think of Catholics and Protestants who burned people to death in the name of Jesus. Where was the love, what were they thinking? So sad. It reminds me of the words of Jesus;

    Matthew 7:21

    A Tree and its Fruit
    …20So then, by their fruit you will recognize them. 21Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’…

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    Margaret was arrested and called before the York assizes for the crime of harbouring Roman Catholic priests. She refused to plead, thereby preventing a trial that would entail her three children being made to testify, and being subjected to torture. Although pregnant with her fourth child,[4] she was executed on Lady Day, 1586, (which also happened to be Good Friday that year) in the Toll Booth at Ouse Bridge, by being crushed to death by her own door, the standard inducement to force a plea.[9]

    The two sergeants who should have carried out the execution hired four desperate beggars to do it instead. She was stripped and had a handkerchief tied across her face then laid across a sharp rock the size of a man's fist, the door from her own house was put on top of her and loaded with an immense weight of rocks and stones so that the sharp rock would break her back. Her death occurred within fifteen minutes, but her body was left for six hours before the weight was removed.
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    I hope I personally never find out. :unsure: I'm highly allergic to pain, and honestly can't comprehend such cruelty (to anyone, for any reason).

    I blame illiteracy, and corrupt clergy who kept torturers ignorant. The persons kindling fires or subjecting people to "the rack" couldn't possibly have known the words of Christ; to have read His words for themselves.

    Thank you! I'm currently working (in my home office) so hadn't checked Youtube. I'll definitely watch.
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    I was shocked to read that children, even of that time, could be tortured in England.

    I'll presume they had a modicum of decency.

    Who thinks up particulars like that??? :unsure: Thinking up brutal methods of killing is thankfully not part of my psychological makeup - at all. :coffee:
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    You know I have often wondered about Jesus and the way they treated Him. He was of course the Lamb of God, perfectly sinless, in other words He never put a foot wrong. Yet so many people hated Him so much.

    It is easy to understand people hating us poor sinners. But to hate someone who was perfect and sinless and with such a perfect hate.

    I thought this came across so well in the film, 'The Passion of the Christ'.

    ..and of course Jesus foretold we would follow in His blood stained path.
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    Well you know if you look at the Shoah, the Holocaust ; they incinerated poor little Jewish children alive as a matter of course.

    ..and of course many of the guards doing this were baptised as Catholics too. All this in living memory.

    I would say many people at the moment in the West would have a similar hatred for Catholics and would do it in a heartbeat if they had the power.

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    I watched this last evening.

    Very well acted, especially the role of St. Margaret.

    Tears shed.

    I don't have a solid "working history" of the Reformation, that time period, etc. But I'd always presumed it was ministers or priests (either side) who were killed. Not a person such as St. Margaret; a young married mother.

    p.s. - it's so ridiculous that the Catholic Church was considered heretical by the church of England...having been founded on lust and murder (Henry the 8th). :cautious:
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    However it would never ever have happened if the Church herself had not become shamefully corrupt herself. It is a bit like the animal Kingdom. The Lions tend to eat only the sick and elderly animals. Evidence of this corruption was shown that only one Bishop on the whole of England stayed Faithful when the time of trial began. Heresy will only consume those who are already corrupt.

    The same is true of our present age. Heresy would gain no ground unless there was already huge corruption in the Church.

    Our Lady has spoken so well on this. She said that the flames of persecution will cleanse the Church.

    I believe Pope Benedict has spoken of this , of how the Church will be much more smaller and mystical, more holy.
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    Again it is like the animal Kingdom. Imagine a large beautiful lion. It looks Strong and beautiful from the outside but inside is eaten up by parasites and disease. The only was for the lion to get rid of its attackers is for it to die. Then when the lion dies that have nothing more to eat and so they flee it leaving only the bones..

    So too for the Church. She must die and be reborn. Smaller, leaner, holier healthier again. In this we resemble Christ Himself who died on the Cross and Rose Again on the Third Day.

    At the moment the Church Dies on the Cross. (The Great Apostasy).

    Then she will be buried in the Tomb (The Tribulation/ Great Persecution)

    Then she will Rise again (The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart)

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    What a great explanation! Words of wisdom.
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    Several years ago a sister of mercy Sister Doris who had a staunch devotion to Our Lady and still wore her habit even as many of the mercy sisters were going off the rails--told me that Fr Roux of MMP told her that the Church was going through her own passion and that the Church would appear to be dead before returning gloriously. She and Fr Roux were close friends and he had heard this from JPII who Fr Roux often spoke to. This was in 1982. She said according to Fr Roux Pope JPII knew his task was to carry the Cross of the Church up Calvary. Who can doubt we are at the summit of Golgotha. The Church is so infected only this purification can effect a cure but I am very sad and apprehensive even knowing all of this. Thanks be to Jesus He has given us His Mother and the Rosary to guide us through this purification.
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    Yes I feel so much for Priests and nuns who remained and remain faithful. I read a comment by the late American Jesuit Fr Hardon (whose cause I think for canonisation is going forward in Rome) than when he was a young priest in Rome several of the older priests who were annoyed at him actually slammed the doors in his face when he tried to enter a room!! So nasty.!!

    Blessed Archbishop Fulton Sheen comments that he went through a real total agony for years and years the way he was treated.

    There is a story of Padre Pio in the period around Vatican 2 that they were at recreation and one friar made a joke that they were doing away with the Franciscan habit and the old saint started to cry at the very idea.

    We lay people get it so easy, really.
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    A little off-topic here, but is Mel Gibson making a follow-up movie to his Passion of the Christ?

    ...and to go even further off-topic;×Mel was persecuted in Hollywood; was that coincidence? Or his own doing? (I mean, as a result of some anti-social behaviour he may have been involved in). Or was it because he bucked the trend and made one if the few, truly meaningful movies about Our Lord?
    From afar, i tend to feel it was as a result of the latter, but then, i suppose I'm really far removed from Hollywood, living here on the Western-windswept-shore of Ireland....
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    I think Mel was targeted. Having said that I also think his magnificent film The Passion put him in the devil's cross hairs and every possible trap and lure and deceit to play upon his all too many weaknesses was employed and he fell with a crash. I think a lot of prayer goes up for him and I expect Our Lady wont allow him to be lost. According to Jim Caviezel he is producing and directing a sequel to the Passion.
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