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  1. garabandal

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    What age was Jesus when St Joseph died?

    Any ideas?
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  2. Jason Fernando

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    probably 29?
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  3. Christy Beth

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    Well, it was after he was 12, when he was in the temple for three days before Mary and Joseph found him, but before he was 30 and started his public ministry. The bible doesn't say anymore about him. So he was fairly young.
  4. padraig

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    I am concerned because the Holy Father seems to be linking the Year of St Joseph with the totally dreadful Amoris Laetitia.

    I smell a rat

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  5. Te Deum

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    I would say St Joseph died before Jesus began his ministry, as there is no mention of him at wedding at cana so 29 or 30yrs old maybe .....
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  6. padraig

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    'The most fortunate of men, Saint Joseph reached an age of sixty years and a few days. For at the age of thirty-three he espoused the blessed Virgin and he lived with Her a little longer than twenty-seven years as her husband. When Saint Joseph died, She had completed the half of her forty-second year; for She was espoused to Saint Joseph at the age of fourteen (as stated in the first part, book second, chapter twenty-second). The twenty-seven years of her married life completed her forty-first year, to which must be added the time from the eighth of September until the death of her blessed spouse. The Queen of heaven still remained in the same disposition of natural perfection as in her thirty-third year; for, as already stated in the thirteenth chapter of this book, She showed no signs of decline, or of more advanced age, or of weakness, but always remained in that same most perfect state of womanhood. She felt the natural sorrow due to the death of Saint Joseph: for She loved him as her spouse, as a man preeminent in perfection and holiness, as her protector and benefactor.'

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  7. AED

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    :cautious: yup.
  8. garabandal

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    Oh dear -- I fear for Pope Francis I really do. He is so lost in his own quagmire of ideologies.
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  9. josephite

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    After listening to many scholars I personally believe St Joseph died either shortly before or shortly after Our Lords bar mitzvah (at age 13 or 14 years); because at this time Our Lord attained His human independence as a man and it would be fitting that St Joseph, having completed his earthly work of Guardian and protector of Jesus and Mary would be rewarded by God and (taken to the bosom of Abraham) where all the prophets and kings of the old testament awaited the Messiah redemption!
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  10. josephite

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    IT is a fundamental law of the household of God, that when the Almighty makes choice of a man to accomplish any great work, He endows him with all the graces necessary to acquit himself with dignity and perfection of the office confided to him by infallible Providence. This principle is laid down by the Angelical Doctor, and is borrowed by him from St. Paul. Now, the Holy Trinity had from all eternity destined St. Joseph to be the spouse of the Mother of God, and the supposed father of the little Saviour, and to fulfil towards Him all the obligations of real paternity: hence it follows that St. Joseph was endowed with all that was necessary for this double office.

    Oh that I were eloquent enough to give you a faint idea of the qualities necessary to be the worthy spouse of the Queen of Angels, the adopted father of the King of Earth and Heaven! Truly, in him, as St. Gregory of Nazianzen says with St. Basil, nature had transformed itself into grace?

    When the first Joseph of the Old Testament, drove out of the palace of Pharaoh in a royal chariot, Scripture tells us that the people pressed around as he passed, to contemplate the magnificence of his person, and the beauty of his countenance. Indeed, Joseph appeared to be more like an Angel than like a man.

    Now, St. Bernard establishes a parallel between the two Josephs, which is entirely to the advantage of the second; and this cannot surprise us, because the latter, being appointed to an office infinitely more honourable than that of the former, must consequently possess far superior qualities and virtues.

    What virginal modesty appeared in his venerable countenance! what sweetness in his eyes! what gravity in his words! what wisdom and discernment in the manner he governed God's family, composed of only two persons, but whose value outweighed that of all creation!

    When it pleases the King of kings to call a man to authority, He imprints on his brow a character of majesty which commands respect and obedience.

    We read in the first Book of Kings, that in the tribe of Benjamin there was a man called Cis. He had a son named Saul, a chosen and goodly man, and there was not among the children of Israel a goodlier person than he; from his shoulders and upward he appeared above all the people. Such was the man whom God chose to be the first king of the Jewish nation.

    Tell me, then, what must have been the Majesty of St Joseph, to whom was given authority over the King and the Queen of the universe?

    St Joseph pray for us, Amen
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