St. Joseph Cupertino, "The Flying Saint"

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  2. My kids and I watched 'the Reluctant Saint' today while we folded laundry! It was as good the second time!
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    I watched it as well such a great movie. Thank you Padraig for listing it! Learning more about the saint as well I guess he is the patron saint of aviators, air travelers and students. I may need him next semester.
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  4. I love this saint. It is said that once he put a squirrel on his shoulder thinking that would keep him from rising to the ceiling in front of people but it didn't work....squirrel went right up there with him. He could be mystically inspired by an image on the ceiling of a church and fly right up to it (often wonder if he was let down easily....ha!). Put him together with "St. Christina the Astonishing" and you'd have quite a twosome!


    St. Joseph of Cupertino (1603-1663) was the son of a poor Italian carpenter. His father died before he was born, leaving his mother destitute. As a result Joseph was underfed and often sick. He was an intellectually dull child who constantly found himself the worse off in every situation. He was awkward, absent-minded, unintelligent, and difficult to be around. Many people thought he was good for nothing–including his own mother, who treated him harshly and considered him a burden. Added to the scorn he received from everyone, at the age of eight he began receiving ecstatic visions for which he was also ridiculed. At the age of seventeen Joseph found work with the Capuchin Franciscan friars, eventually joining their order once they recognized his holiness beneath his irritating demeanor. His ecstasies became more pronounced, and he would often levitate or float as they happened. These ecstasies could be triggered easily through the mention of anything heavenly, or by any mortification. These occurrences became a spectacle and disturbance to others and caused Joseph much suffering; they were a cross he would bear his whole life. For example, as a priest he could not celebrate Mass publicly due to his distracting ecstasies. He was even reported to the Inquisition for fear he was involved in witchcraft. Yet St. Joseph lived a life of deep prayer and severe penance through continual fasting, subjecting himself every year to seven Lents of forty days each. Sometimes called “The Flying Saint,” St. Joseph of Cupertino is also the patron of air crews and aviators. His feast day is September 18th.
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    The visual of St. Joseph floating about with that squirrel makes me smile. :) He may not have been the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this simple yet holy man was certainly blessed with profound spiritual gifts.
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    There is a wonderful movie about him featuring Maximilian Schell. I think it is on you tube

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