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    It's a small world!

    I've begun reading about St. Stanislaus Kostka (

    Mentioned is St. Hyacinth, also of Poland, 1183-1257. Turns out San Jacinto is his name in Spanish.

    For 28 years I've resided near El Paso, Texas, which has a San Jacinto Plaza. I always presumed named for a Spanish saint.

    I wonder how many people stroll that plaza day in/day out, munching on delicious Mexican food and pastries, presuming San Jacinto hailed from Madrid or Barcelona. :)
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    I didn't know that too, Desert Star, San Jacinto de Cracovia, Polonia. I love this board and everyday I learn about a new saint. Or in this case a saint that is venerated in Spanish, as San Jacinto, but who hails from Krakow, Poland.
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    What a great bit of info.
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    Makes me think of little St Jacinta. Did not know her name was a derivative of
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