St Faustina feast day

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    A very special saint for me upload_2020-10-5_23-24-44.png ....Today was her feast day.
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    St Faustina pray for us!

    Jesus I trust in you.
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    Thank you, Non sum dignus, she's very special for me, too. Thanks to the determination and perseverance of Saint Pope John Paul II, we can read what Our Lord dictated to St. Faustina. Her Diary, Divine Mercy in my Soul is such a wonderful gift for the soul.

    Jesus I trust in You
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    Divine Mercy: Did St. Faustina visit hospital in Apparition to save a man’s condemned soul? Priest says “Yes” – Powerful story
    October 5, 2020 stephen ryan53 Views 0 Comments
    Today October 5 is Saint Faustina’s feast day.
    Divine Mercy
    “A relatively young priest is in a hospital visiting some of his parishioners. He is walking down the hallway, and a nun stops him and says, “Father, can you go into this room? There’s a man on his deathbed. He’s been here for days. We’ve asked priests to go in, but he chases everyone away. He doesn’t want to talk about Jesus. But he’s dying. Could you please visit him?” The priest goes in and introduces himself to the patient. The guy erupts and starts cursing at him. He is so angry: “I don’t want anything to do with you. Get out of here!” The priest says, “Okay” and goes out into the hall.

    The nun is still there. She says, “Could you go back in?” The priest replies, “He doesn’t want anything I have to offer.” “Just give it another chance,” pleads the nun. The priest reluctantly reenters the room. “I’m not going to ask if you want to go to confession. I’m not going to ask if you want Holy Communion. But is it okay if I just sit here next to your bed and pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy?” The old man replies, “I don’t care. Do whatever you want.” The priest sits down and begins softly praying the words of the Chaplet: “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world….”
    [​IMG] Suddenly the man bursts out, “Stop it!” Startled, the priest looks up and asks, “Why?” “Because there is no mercy for me!” “Why do you think there is no mercy for you?” asks the priest. “It doesn’t matter,” responds the old man. But the priest persists: “Why do you think there is no mercy for you?” “I’ll tell you… Twenty-five years ago, I was working for the railroad. My job was to lower the crossing guard arm when a train would come to prevent cars from going on the tracks. But one night I was drunk. I didn’t lower the crossing guard arm, and a couple and their three young children were on the tracks as a train came, and they were all instantly killed. That was my fault. So there is no mercy for me. I have failed. It is over.” The priest just sits there staring at the rosary in his hands. Finally he asks, “Where was this?” The man tells him the name of the Polish town. The priest looks up and says, “Twenty-five years ago, my mom and my dad were taking my little siblings on a trip. I couldn’t go with them. They were driving through this small town. For some reason the railroad crossing guard arm wasn’t lowered. As they were crossing the tracks, a train came and killed them all. I lost my whole family that night.” The priest gazes intently into the man’s face, and he says, “My brother, God forgives you. Not only that, I forgive you.” The man realizes that God’s mercy is for him. The priest asks, “Would you let me hear your confession and give you the Eucharist?” The man makes his confession and receives Holy Communion. Two days later he dies. Mercy wins. His failure is not final. The story goes on. It’s kind of cool. After giving the man Communion, the priest goes into the hallway in search of the nun. He can’t find her. The administration tells him, “We don’t employ any nuns at this hospital.” For years the priest does not know who this nun is. Eventually he goes to the town of Vilnius, which is where Saint Faustina lived. He goes to the convent to say Mass for the nuns there. He sees a painting on the wall of Saint Faustina, and he says, “I’ve met that nun a couple of years ago.” “No, Father, you did not,” replies one of the nuns. “She’s been dead since 1938.” The priest then realizes it was Sister Faustina who told him to go into the patient’s room, told him to go back again into that room.
    Failure is not final. Not when it comes to Jesus.
    Jesus, is no longer dead. He is risen, and He is ruling over His creation using His almighty power to direct everything in the world to get you safely to that eternal life.” H/T Truth of Catholicism
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    I have to say I have misgivings about this "devotion".it distracts attention from the Sacre Heart of Jesus which has long been recognised by the church. It gives the impression that Our Lord is merciful no matter what we do. Christ is indeed merciful but He is also just. He forgives sinners who truly repent but we must truly repent in order to receive mercy. Christs mercy is abundant but it is not gratuitous. There is no mercy for the unrepentant. I also dislike the femininity of the face in many divine mercy images which is totally in sync with modernity
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    I hope you can overcome your misgivings about the divine mercy devotion. I have a devotion to both the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy. I find there is no usurping or distraction. To me it would be like saying I don't like Fatima because it distracts from Lourdes.

    The Divine Mercy devotion does not say there is no need to repent.

    Some Divine Mercy images are much better than others. This is the artist's impression, and does not reflect on the devotion itself.

    As to the image reflecting some sort of femininity or modernism see the painting below by Leonardo De Vinci.

    Perhaps bring your misgivings to prayer. The Divine Mercy devotion is fully approved by the Church to the point of creating a feast day!

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    A highly indulgenced feast day, I might add.
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    Divine Mercy hour, Divine Mercy Image, Divine Mercy chaplet, Divine Mercy novena, Divine Mercy Sunday.

    Is there any devotion more important for our time? Clearly Jesus wants this for us in a huge way.
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