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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Amazing Grace, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Amazing Grace

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    I have an opportunity to meet Sr Briege at the end of this month. I have found her story inspiring. Just wondering if anyone has met her. She is from Ireland.
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    I have met Sr. Briege on multiple occasions and even named one of my daughters after her. She is a wonderful witness. In particular, her healing ministry and her ministry to priests are inspiring. She also has a keen sense of humor! I hope that you enjoy your meeting.
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  3. Amazing Grace

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    Thank you! I am going for hraling. I have many health issues at the moment. Can I ask if you have witnessed any physical healings from her?
  4. bflocatholic

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    I have attended two parish missions by Sr. Briege over the years and have heard many stories of healings, but I did not witness any personally.

    I will pray for you and your meeting with Sister later this month. If it be God's will, I pray that you will be healed!
  5. Amazing Grace

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    Thank you! I am very excited to meet her. Her book and life story is amazing!
  6. I have met her a few times and was privileged to receive prayer from her once. After the prayer I knew something was different but couldn't quite figure out what... after spending some time alone in prayer I realised an extremely negative voice from my past had been silenced. The strange thing was that I was never conscious of this voice until it was gone!
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    Beautiful Border Collie.
  8. miker

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    Will pray for you that your meeting is good and that God heals you. Peace.
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  9. Sr. Briege is one of my all time favorite people. I soooo appreciate her sense of humor! Glad to know she still is in ministry and hasn't retired.
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  10. Sr. Briege told a story about a couple bringing their very ill child to her. She asked what they wanted. They replied that Jesus would heal the child but only if it was his will. She asked them what would they ask Jesus if he was standing beside them right now? To heal their child they replied. She said that is the way to pray. To add, "if it is his will" makes it a prayer of doubt not faith.

    I used to pray like this for years until I realised I was praying in doubt. God's will is always done but it's not up to me to decide what his will is, he asks me to have faith in prayer. I realised I needed to pray for the gift of faith. Mk 9:22-24, Mt 17:20.
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    Thank you for this, it is very relevant. God bless.
  12. Byron

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    Through Sister Briege my husband was cured. She is a gift from God.
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